Dec 16 '13 17:41

In the Netherlands, Twitter use is significantly decreasing, according to a new research by GfK.

Dec 16 '13 15:02

The Dutch police have launched a new mobile app to keep people informed about police news and updates, the Volkskrant reports Monday.

Dec 16 '13 13:40

Delft University of Technology has developed a new a small flying robot, which weighs only 20 grams.

Dec 13 '13 14:44

In the Netherlands, the number of people having a smartphone has surpassed those with a desktop computer for the first time, a new research shows.

Royal Beuk
Dec 12 '13 08:19

Dutch luxury bus company Royal Beuk BV said it will install in its 20 buses a new technology that is designed monitor whether a driver is becoming sleepy, Ventura County Star reports quoting The Associated Press.

Dec 10 '13 11:38

Netflix said in a blog post that the Netherlands has fastest broadband internet.

cloud computing
Dec 10 '13 09:52

T-Mobile Netherlands has selected NEC Corp. to deliver a cloud storage service.

Dec 6 '13 17:29

Hackers have breached almost 2 million accounts on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and other social media.

Dec 2 '13 20:22

A government committee tasked with investigating electronic surveillance recommended that Dutch intelligence agencies should be allowed to monitor internet and telephone traffic.

Dec 2 '13 16:53

CDON Group AB announced that its subsidiary NLY Scandinavia AB has launched its shopping club in the Netherlands.

Nov 29 '13 11:56

A privacy watchdog in the Netherlands said Thursday that Google violates Dutch data protection law by combining personal data from its different online services, Reuters reports.

Nov 29 '13 09:37

In the Netherlands, nearly all households have an internet connection and almost half have a tablet computer, national statistics office CBS said.

Nov 28 '13 12:37

International Card Services (ICS) and Vodafone Netherlands have joined forces to launch a mobile credit card in mid-2014 to support contactless payments by smartphone, Telecom Paper reports.

Nov 25 '13 17:30

Dutch Banking Association, NVB, has signed an agreement with the Consumers Union on new rules aimed at increasing security for users of online banking, Telecom Paper reports.

Nov 22 '13 04:36

A rocket was launched, Thursday, from a Russian launch base, with three Dutch nano satellites on board. According to the Dutch aerospace company, ISIS, the launch was successful

Nov 21 '13 11:44

A new research report reveals that an estimated 1.61 billion people will log in to social networking sites at least monthly this year, up 14.2% from a year ago.

Nov 20 '13 16:03

UPC Netherlands plans to increase its standard subscription rate from €18.20 per month to €18.70, starting January 1, 2014.

Nov 19 '13 17:03

Instabridge plans to open 300 Wi-Fi hotspots in the Randstad, the west of the Netherlands.

Nov 19 '13 16:51

T-Mobile Netherlands has decided to sell its broadband business Euronet/Online to the Canal Digital Satelliet Group.

Nov 19 '13 10:46

Dutch company Royal Philips announced that it has teamed up with Desso, a global carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches company, to develop solutions that combine LED lighting with light transmissive carpet.

data center
Nov 18 '13 16:19

The data centres in city of Amsterdam have agreed to reduce the energy use, Telecom Paper reports.

Nov 13 '13 14:09

Vodafone Netherlands announced that it will invest €270 million over the next three years in the Netherlands.

Nov 13 '13 10:57

Samsung wants to help Dutch seniors to learn how to use digital services such as the internet and social networks.

Nov 12 '13 16:10

Huawei Netherlands has mistakenly put customer information online in an open directory.