Feb 6 '14 04:32

Approximately 4,300 Smartwatches were sold in the Netherlands in 2013, mainly in the last few months of the year, according to market research agency GfK.

Jan 31 '14 17:45

Belgian researchers are working on a concept for a flexible smartphone/tablet that leverages engineering principles of the Rubik’s Magic Puzzle.

Jan 31 '14 04:31

The (Universitair Medisch Centrum) UMC Utrecht inserted two extendable corrective rods in the back of a child with scoliosis, making repetitive surgery unnecessary. It's the first time the technique is applied in the Netherlands.

Jan 30 '14 16:45

Ridix has opened the first 3D printer shop in Netherlands.

Jan 29 '14 10:04

The Netherlands has the fastest internet in Europe, surpassing Switzerland, according to the Akamai’s State of the Internet.

Jan 29 '14 09:34

Samsung has officially launched the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo in the Netherlands.

Jan 28 '14 16:04

The Hague court order to unblock The Pirate Bay torrent site will not apply to KPN, UPC and Tele2.

Jan 24 '14 16:38

A new report by the U.S. Defense Department has criticized the performance and reliability of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (JSF) and pointed out some faults in the stealth fighter jets being developed by Lockheed Martin.

Jan 23 '14 15:56

Nintendo, a Japanese consumer electronics company, cannot allow jailbreaking of on its portable DS and fixed Wii consoles and uses encryption software to prevent its devices, Times Live reported.

Jan 21 '14 11:45

In the Netherlands, the number of reports of Internet fraud has tripled in 2013, according to the Fraud Helpdesk.

Jan 16 '14 11:04

A team of researchers is working on a project to develop a network for robots enabling them to work together and share information.

Jan 16 '14 10:43

Samsung has confirmed prices of the Galaxy Note PRO and Tab PRO in Europe, including the Netherlands.

Mobile Computing
Jan 8 '14 10:33

In the Netherlands, use of mobile internet has increased in 2013.

Dec 27 '13 12:58

Police and courtroom officials regularly use data collected from public transportation cards and an organization monitoring street parking, according to De Telegraaf. The newspaper's investigation into investigation practices found that Translink Systems, the company which runs the OV-chipkaart transit cards, releases confidential customer data several times per week.

Dec 26 '13 05:00

Dutch smartphone company FairPhone has begun delivery of their first "honest" mobile phones.

Dec 23 '13 11:02

Apple is planning to build a data center in the port of Eemshaven, Groningen.

Dec 23 '13 10:45

Microsoft plans to build a large data center in North Holland province, the Parool reports citing Reuters.

Dec 18 '13 19:04

A new research shows internet use is widespread amongst the Dutch people.

shopping cart
Dec 18 '13 16:16

A new research by ABN Amro shows that Dutch will likely to spend more than €10 billion this year for online shopping.

cloud computing
Dec 18 '13 09:17

Right Brain has launched its cloud PVR service Bhaalu in the Netherlands, Broadband TV News reports.

Dec 17 '13 16:03

Google has released an annual report of the most popular search terms in 2013.

Dec 16 '13 17:41

In the Netherlands, Twitter use is significantly decreasing, according to a new research by GfK.

Dec 16 '13 15:02

The Dutch police have launched a new mobile app to keep people informed about police news and updates, the Volkskrant reports Monday.

Dec 16 '13 13:40

Delft University of Technology has developed a new a small flying robot, which weighs only 20 grams.