Scales of justice and gavel on law book
May 25 '20 15:20

The Dutch State can continue to auction off the frequencies for the rollout of 5G, the court in The Hague ruled in a lawsuit filed by action group Stop 5GNL. According to the court, there is no reason to believe that the government is ignoring public health in allowing this network, which will enable more capacity and faster connections for mobile digital communication. 

A drone hovers above the helipad on the Pioneering Spirit, moored at the Port of Rotterdam
May 24 '20 17:00

The Port of Rotterdam kicked off a trial on Friday to determine how effectively drones can be used to supply cargo ships. The pilot project, jointly set up by Dutch Drone Delta, Allseas and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, is set to test the implications of drone technology in Europe's largest port.

The phased trial, expected to continue for several years, will initially see drone delivery being directly monitored by human observers before a gradual shift to remote handling, the port authorities said.

A close up of a scene in Rembrandt's The Night Watch, part of a 44.8 gigapixel image of the painting
May 12 '20 18:42

The start of the second phase in the restoration of Rembrandt's masterpiece 'The Night Watch' will be delayed from late summer 2020 to early-2021 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Rijksmuseum confirmed on Tuesday. At the same time, the museum announced the release of the most detailed photograph ever taken of the painting.

May 12 '20 11:30

While it will still take decades to come to a definitive answer regarding how harmful e-cigarettes are, "it is now clear that the product is more harmful than initially assumed", according to a study by the Trimbos Institute. E-cigarettes lack many of the toxic combustion products present in tobacco, but harmful substances are still released in the vapor, the Institute concluded.

May 11 '20 10:36

Paul Broer, the new national infrastructure project manager at the police, plans to make use of new technology in the fight against dangerous driving behavior. He is looking into using things like smart cameras and so-called radar cars to catch speeders and people using their phone behind the wheel, he said in an interview with the Telegraaf.

May 9 '20 08:00

The Dutch government appointed a team of experienced developers to create its coronavirus tracking app and hopes to have the first version ready for beta testing by end May, Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health said to parliament. The government also released a timetable to explain the development of the new app.

May 8 '20 15:51

An investigation into how social media app TikTok handles the data of children was launched in the Netherlands on Friday. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) said it was examining the app to determine if it was compliant with both Dutch and EU law as it pertains to handling the data of its youngest users.

May 8 '20 10:06

The city council of West Betuwe decided to halt their online meeting on Thursday evening after a "Zoombombing". Their meeting, held through online video chat service Zoom, was interrupted as racial slurs, pornographic images, obscene drawings, and swastikas appeared on the screen, De Gelderlader reports.

24 Oktoberplein shooting in Utrecht
May 7 '20 17:50

While the coronavirus crisis makes a large-scale terrorist attack in the Netherlands less likely, the possibility of an attack is still "conceivable", the national coordinator for counterterrorism and security NCTV said on Thursday. The terrorism threat level in the Netherlands therefore remains at 3 out of 5.

Jan Daniël Boeke in his office, circa 1900
May 4 '20 18:55

The oldest known recording in the Dutch language was made publicly available by the Alkmaar Regional Archive over the weekend. Over 120 years old, the three-minute piece of audio was discovered on a strip of magnetic tape from the 1970s while the archive team was making an inventory of their sound collection.

Apr 30 '20 15:40

More than  half of Netherlands residents are willing to install a coronavirus tracking app on their phone, provided that the app meets all privacy and security requirements, according to a study by Erasmus University in Rotterdam among a representative group of 900 Dutch people, AD reports. 

Apr 28 '20 09:51

Vodafone is activating its 5G network in over half of the Netherlands on Tuesday evening. Customers who have a Red subscription and a phone that supports 5G should be able to use the faster mobile network within a week. Vodafone is the first Dutch provider to launch 5G. The network should be available to all Vodafone customers by the end of July, reports.

The Randstad, southern Netherlands, and large cities in other parts of the Netherlands will be the first to get 5G. Vodafone is using existing antennas and 4G frequency band to offer 5G.

Euros and cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin
Apr 27 '20 13:10

When a team of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs took a leap of faith and decided to make use of their stay-at-home time by hosting a virtual conference about their industry, they said it was clear what needed to be done. They quickly chose to donate all of the funds raised from the conference to the Dutch Red Cross, and other national chapters, because of their involvement in the fight against coronavirus.

Passengers board a Brussels-bound train at Amsterdam Centraal, 9 May 2018
Apr 24 '20 07:30

The government is considering a reservation app to prevent buses, trains and subways from becoming too crowded once the number of travelers and commuters start to pick up again. The app must help ensure that everyone using public transit can keep 1.5 meters apart, NRC reports.

Hospital OLVG in Amsterdam
Apr 21 '20 09:07

"The Corona Check" app developed by Amsterdam hospital OLVG is available to everyone in the Netherlands from Tuesday. Users can upload what symptoms they have on the app, which will then estimate how likely they are to have Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.

Apr 20 '20 12:50

It will be a while yet before the government decides which of seven apps demonstrated at a so-called "appathon" over the weekend will be used to track who coronavirus patients had contact with. Each of the app designs presented on Saturday and Sunday still have flaws that first need to be worked out, Ministry of Public Health official Erik Gerritsen said to RTL Nieuws.

Apr 20 '20 11:10

Schiphol is very vulnerable to cyber attacks, the Court of Audit concluded after investigating the cyber security of the border control systems the Koninklijke Marechaussee uses at the airport. Two of the three systems are not properly protected against cyber attacks, NOS reports.

Apr 17 '20 13:32

The Dutch data protection authority AP is currently assessing the design and functioning of seven coronavirus apps. These apps are on the government's shortlist to use in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. Over the weekend, the teams behind the seven apps will also participate in an "appathon" - a digital event during which their apps will be tested and evaluated, the Ministry of Health announced. The event can be followed live from here

Marktplaats to warn users if they are sent to an unknown or unofficial payment page
Apr 15 '20 20:02

Human error was the cause of a major malfunction on popular trading website Marktplaats on Tuesday. It resulted in thousands of accounts being blocked on the site after they were labeled as being con artists.

"Our first priority is to inform and assist affected users," the company said. "We deeply regret the events and do everything we can to prevent them in the future."

Artist's rendition of the coronavirus
Apr 15 '20 13:50

The Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen is investigating whether smartwatches made by Google sister company Verily for research into Parkinson's disease can also be sued to detect the coronavirus. The data collected by the watch's sensors may be able to indicate a Covid-19 infection at an early stage, researcher Bas Bloem said to NOS.

Apr 14 '20 07:32

A group of 60 scientists wrote a letter to the government to voice concerns about using apps to track and combat the coronavirus, describing the plan as "invasive". "The use of apps should not affect our fundamental rights and freedoms," they said in their letter, RTL Nieuws reports.

Hardt Hyperloop
Apr 10 '20 10:15

A hyperloop can reduce travel time between Amsterdam and Brussels, Duisburg, Dusseldorf and other places to less than 30 minutes, according to an exploratory study conducted on behalf of the province of Noord-Holland. This means of transport opens up a large number of possibilities, the province said.

Apr 8 '20 08:44

The government wants to track and curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 using special apps to trace who was in contact with a confirmed patient. Parliamentarians from coalition party D66 and opposition party PvdA worry about what this will mean for citizens' privacy.

LUMC coronavirus tracking app COVID Radar
Apr 3 '20 13:00

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) launched an app that collects data about symptoms and human behavior. With this COVID Radar app, the hospital wants to get a good and current picture of how the cronavirus is spreading in the Netherlands.

Users of the app will be asked to answer 15 questions about their health and behavior. A map of the Netherlands will show the answers of other app users in a postcode area. Users will be able to filter this data based on symptoms.