Nov 19 '13 16:51

T-Mobile Netherlands has decided to sell its broadband business Euronet/Online to the Canal Digital Satelliet Group.

Nov 19 '13 10:46

Dutch company Royal Philips announced that it has teamed up with Desso, a global carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches company, to develop solutions that combine LED lighting with light transmissive carpet.

data center
Nov 18 '13 16:19

The data centres in city of Amsterdam have agreed to reduce the energy use, Telecom Paper reports.

Nov 13 '13 14:09

Vodafone Netherlands announced that it will invest €270 million over the next three years in the Netherlands.

Nov 13 '13 10:57

Samsung wants to help Dutch seniors to learn how to use digital services such as the internet and social networks.

Nov 12 '13 16:10

Huawei Netherlands has mistakenly put customer information online in an open directory.

Nov 12 '13 14:23

For the longest time it seemed science fiction, driving independently, without a driver. Starting today that technology seems a step closer. Minister Melanie Schultz (Infrastructure) made a first test drive on public roads in Amsterdam with auto-piloted cars

Nov 12 '13 09:42

Transport group Arriva is planning to test a new mobile payment system in Groningen and Friesland in the Netherlands, Telecom Paper reports.

Nov 11 '13 13:25

Dutch financial institution Rabobank has partnered with Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) to launch a commercial mobile payment solution in the Netherlands.

Nov 11 '13 13:06

Joris Tinbergen has resigned as the head of Google in the Netherlands, Emerce reports.

Nov 11 '13 06:19

His design of a floating bed was named the best invention in 2006 by Time Magazine, but his home from a 3D printer was also appreciated worldwide. Now the Amsterdam architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars again comes up with an innovative design: terraced houses with a 360 degrees view

Nov 8 '13 17:47

Harris Broadcast and Broadcast Partners announced the completion of the Netherlands’ transition to all digital radio.

The companies deployed the nationwide digital audio broadcasting plus (DAB+) solution in a record three months, which included more than 30 Harris Broadcast Maxiva VAX transmitters with web enabled IP-based control and monitoring from the head-end to the transmission stage, Harris Broadcast said in a statement.

Nov 7 '13 14:54

ABN Amro is facing some problem with internet banking and the service is temporarily unavailable due, Nos television reports.

Nov 7 '13 08:05

In the Netherlands, YouTube reached around 10 million unique users in September, ComScore data shows.

Nov 6 '13 07:27, which arranges home delivery for restaurants in the Netherlands, is now accepting payment in bitcoins.

Nov 6 '13 00:01

T-Mobile has begun turning on its new 4G network. Customers can enjoy faster mobile internet through 4G. Officially T-Mobile offers the new mobile technology starting November 18, but customers already report on social media they have 4G.

Nov 4 '13 15:18

Online department store announced that it plans to build a €100 million automated distribution centre.

Nov 4 '13 13:07

Ben, mobile services provider in the Netherlands, is offering a discount on its Ben vaak with a 24-month contract, Telecom Paper reports.

Nov 1 '13 10:36

Dutch company Holland Marine Technologies BV has developed the Solar-Powerpack for remote hydraulic power-requirements, the company announced Oct. 30.

Nov 1 '13 09:18

The Telegraaf Media Group (TMG) said it will shut down the Dutch social network Hyves, Telecom Paper reports.

Nov 1 '13 08:09

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has opened a new data centre in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, reports Telecom Paper.

Oct 29 '13 09:21

UPC Netherlands is expanding its Wi-Fi network based on customer routers.

Oct 29 '13 09:14

The Netherlands has agreed to expand cooperation with Germany on digital security.

Oct 28 '13 13:41

Mobile commerce is rapidly growing in the Netherlands and mobile e-commerce is expected to be the growth drive for the e-commerce sector in the coming years.