Nov 8 '16 10:31

Rotterdam and energy company Engie teamed up for an experiment in wirelessly charging electric cars. Together they developed a charging plate, which means that instead of plugging into a pole with a cord, an electric car can charge by parking on the induction plate in a parking lot. The charging is started with an app, NOS reports.

Nov 7 '16 12:35

Starting on Monday Schiphol is launching a test with a new security scanner in Departure hall 3, which scans in 3D. This means that security staff can see more clearly what is in luggage and that travelers no longer have to remove electronics and liquids from their bags. The airport hopes that this scanner will make the security checks go smoother and faster, ANP reports.

Oct 31 '16 11:35

Dozens of Dutch towns still have poor mobile phone reception, according to NOS based on its own study with the local broadcasters. Drenthe and Noord-Brabant in particular struggle with poor reception. 

23 thousand people participated in the study. They were asked to rate their mobile network. In 19 towns and one Lelystad neighborhood, the networks scored below 3 out of 10. Six of the 19 towns are in Drenthe. There were also many complaints in Noord-Brabant

Oct 26 '16 12:45

Japanese car maker Toyota is recalling over 36 thousand cars in the Netherlands due to potentially dangerous airbags. Defects in the airbag inflation system of Takata airbags means that metal pieces can be shot into the car when the airbag is released. This defect has been linked to 17 deaths worldwide, so far none in the Netherlands, ANP reports.

Oct 25 '16 14:40

A special technical installation on the jetty of Zierikzee makes it possible for people to hear the porpoises in the Oosterschelde. The porpoise sounds are captured using a hydrophone, which is attached to a buoy in front of the coast, ANP reports.

"With the push of a button the visitor hears the sounds the aimals emit." initiator Frank Zanderink of Stichting Rugvin said. The porpoise is the smallest species of cetaceans found in the Netherlands.

Oct 24 '16 13:50

For the first time ever a Dutch house pet was cloned. The cloning happened in South Korea for a new BNN program, NOS reports.

Cloning is prohibited in the Netherlands, but importing a cloned animal is not illegal. 

Oct 21 '16 17:26

The Dutch government will soon make a proposal that would allow the police to exploit so-called zero-day vulnerabilities in software and not notify the developers about the weaknesses, the Telegraaf reports based on sources in The Hague.

This means that if the police manage to break into a suspect’s phone and computer through a vulnerability that the developer does not know about, the can leave that “back door” open. And they don’t have to tell the developer about it. This will allow the police to make use of the same vulnerability for longer.

NXP Semiconductors
Oct 21 '16 14:50

American chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. may soon announce that it is taking over Dutch rival NXP Semiconductors NV. The deal for a 35 million dollar acquisition is in the final stages, Bloomberg reports based on sources familiar with the process.

According to these sources, the American company is wrapping u a review of the Eindhoven based company's finances and operations. The announcement may come as soon as next week, when NXP is announcing its quarterly figures. Or may wait until November 2nd, when Qualcomm will announce its results.

Oct 20 '16 19:13

The Tax Authorities' equipment for scanning license plates often don't recognize the new ones. The system is not equipped to recognize plates with the combination two letters, three numbers one letter, according to newspaper AD. 

The newspaper based its article on documents of operations controls from 2013. According to AD, nothing has changed since then.

Due to this problem, tax evaders in new cars are more likely to get away with not paying his taxes than people driving older cars. This creates inequality, employees at the Tax Authorities said to the newspaper.

Oct 14 '16 17:32

Nearly half of diesel cars were found to be using software that manipulated the emissions so they would be granted environmental certification, new research by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) shows. The evidence could trigger massive automotive recalls across the country.

The RDW tested 30 different models, of which 16 were using software that potentially causes fraudulent results, broadcaster NOS reported on Friday.

Oct 14 '16 11:40

A 43-year-old man from Amstelveen is suspected of sexually abusing Filipino children through webcam sex, the Public Prosecutor announced on Thursday

Oct 14 '16 09:34

Over 10 thousand school children in the Netherlands are trying to break a world record for computer programming on Friday. The record they're trying to break is one for most students receiving a computer programming lesson at the same time

Oct 12 '16 11:10

Hackers attacked at least 250 Dutch online stores, through which cyber criminals were able to steal payment information from customers placing orders, according to an analysis by security screening Willem de Groot

Oct 11 '16 12:50

Amsterdam will need a complete overhaul before self-driving cars can be introduced in the city in a big way, according to a study Boston Consulting Group did for the Dutch capital. As it is, the city can't handle the increase in traffic self driving cars will cause

Oct 10 '16 14:30

The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) wants to do an experiment next year in which the police do their own trace evidence investigations with a mobile DNA machine

Capture (1)
Oct 10 '16 12:40

Men in the Netherlands are increasingly blackmailed after online sexting or webcam sex, according to figure from national aid organization Helpwanted. In the first half of this year, the organization received 440 such reports. In all of last year, there were only 370 such cases

Oct 5 '16 12:04

Dutch scientist Ben Feringa was just awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Oct 5 '16 11:44

American game developer Niantic placed an extra Pokestop in seaside resort Kijkduin in The Hague. Pokemon Go fans believe this was done in response to the municipality of The Hague filing a lawsuit against the company for fewer Pokemon in the resort

Oct 3 '16 13:15

Police officers are struggling with the police's new navigation system, especially when it comes to car pursuits or responding to a crime scene. Regular problems with wrong routes and freezing screens can result in dangerous situations, they complain according to RTL Nieuws.

Oct 3 '16 11:40

The Dutch population really does not know enough about the dangers of cybercrime or how to protect themselves against it, according to a study by the Ministry of Security and Justice. To remedy the situation, the Ministry is launching an information campaign.

On Phone
Sep 30 '16 12:08

An Australian tech company called Appen is in possession of the private telephone conversations of thousands of Dutch, according to the Volkskrant. Telephone experts think the most likely scenario is that the conversations were tapped by British intelligence agency GCHQ.

Sep 23 '16 10:02

The video referee was called in to make a decision in the amatch between Feyenoord and FC Oss on Thursday night

Gavel (Source: Wikimedia/Brian Turner)
Sep 21 '16 12:00

School group ROC West-Brabant does not have to cooperate in the investigation into who posted a sex video of Chantal from Werkendam online, the court in Breda ruled on Wednesday. The IP address from which the by now infamous sex video was posted, was traced to an IT company that provides services to ROC West-Branant schools.

Sep 19 '16 10:21

From early next year Schiphol airport will be using facial recognition technology in an experiment on quickly steering passengers to the right gates, Schiphol NeXt innovation manager Christiaan Hen said to the Telegraaf.