Apr 14 '20 07:32

A group of 60 scientists wrote a letter to the government to voice concerns about using apps to track and combat the coronavirus, describing the plan as "invasive". "The use of apps should not affect our fundamental rights and freedoms," they said in their letter, RTL Nieuws reports.

Hardt Hyperloop
Apr 10 '20 10:15

A hyperloop can reduce travel time between Amsterdam and Brussels, Duisburg, Dusseldorf and other places to less than 30 minutes, according to an exploratory study conducted on behalf of the province of Noord-Holland. This means of transport opens up a large number of possibilities, the province said.

Apr 8 '20 08:44

The government wants to track and curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 using special apps to trace who was in contact with a confirmed patient. Parliamentarians from coalition party D66 and opposition party PvdA worry about what this will mean for citizens' privacy.

LUMC coronavirus tracking app COVID Radar
Apr 3 '20 13:00

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) launched an app that collects data about symptoms and human behavior. With this COVID Radar app, the hospital wants to get a good and current picture of how the cronavirus is spreading in the Netherlands.

Users of the app will be asked to answer 15 questions about their health and behavior. A map of the Netherlands will show the answers of other app users in a postcode area. Users will be able to filter this data based on symptoms.

Screen time
Mar 31 '20 11:48

With schools being closed and parents working from home due to the coronavirus, kids in the Netherlands saw their daily screen time increase by around an hour. And while most schools and parents are satisfied with how the first two weeks of distance learning has gone, many are also concerned about children falling behind in their school work, according to two different studies, Het Parool reports.

Man on an electric bike
Mar 29 '20 08:00

A growing number of bicyclists using electric-assissted pedelec models find themselves frustrated by traffic lights which will not turn green for them as they wait by themselves at stoplights. The bikes are capable of reaching speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour, and will be allowed to move from the roads back to the bike paths in parts of Rotterdam next week.

Children watching videos on a laptop
Mar 20 '20 17:50

Video streaming services Netlfix and YouTube both announced that they are temporarily lowering the quality of videos. This is to prevent too much pressure on the internet as Europeans work from home and spend time social distancing due to the coronavirus, RTL Nieuws reports

A deliverer in Amsterdam
Mar 19 '20 09:46

DDoS attacks caused food delivery service Thuisbezorgd a large number of problems on Wednesday evening. Customers' orders did not go through to the relevant restaurant after they already paid.

"We are working with all our might to fix the problem," the company said on Twitter. "Online paid orders that have not been completed and delivered will be refunded as soon as possible."

In a DDoS attack, a site is bombarded with so much digital information that the servers behind it get overloaded and the site crashes. It is not yet known when these problems will be resolved.

Electron microscope image of SARS-CoV-2, also known as the 2019-nCoV or novel coronavirus
Mar 16 '20 16:00

Biotechnology company Curetis launched a rapid testing kit for the new coronavirus Covid-19 in Europe on Monday. The German company is registered in the Netherlands and is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange, where its share price nearly doubled on the announcement.

The company is now making the testing kit available to laboratories in Europe - including in countries where Curetis does not yet have distribution partners, "owing to the special circumstances of the global outbreak". 

Formula E race in New York City. July 14, 2019
Mar 7 '20 08:45

Three entrepreneurs in Eindhoven have teamed up with political and academic leaders there to bring the all-electric race car series Formula E to the Noord-Brabant city. The organization Formula Eindhoven plans on submitting a bid for a race to be held at night during the 2021-22 race season, the group tells NL Times.

Mobile communication antenna
Feb 26 '20 12:50

Telecom providers in the Netherlands are having a hard time putting up the extra mobile masts necessary for the 5G network, they said to newspaper AD. Residents are doing all they can to block the installation of these masts due to concerns over radiation, though there is no conclusive scientific evidence that this entails health risks and the radiation seems to be below the limits set by the authorities, the newspaper reports.

ProRail tests self-driving train system ATO, February 2020
Feb 21 '20 14:30

Earlier this month ProRail performed its first tests with travelers on a self-driving train, and with great success, the rail manager said.

For five days, around 60 travelers per day rode the train running on Automatic Train Operation (ATO) between Groningen and Buitenpost and reported their experiences. The rail manager also researched the technology, the acceleration and braking systems, punctuality, energy consumption, and stopping in exactly the right place.

A man and his guide dog on a train platform
Feb 11 '20 18:30

National railway NS is releasing a new app to provide better information and assistance to passengers with a visual impairment. The app takes the most current information available on platform screens and provides in a manner which can be more easily read by those who have difficulty seeing the digital boards.

“I can now determine for myself which train departs from a platform and check whether I am in the right position,” said Peter Waalboer in a press release issued by NS. He was one of the app’s early testers. “This makes my train journey a little more independent.”

View of the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam with the Euromast tower in the background
Feb 7 '20 08:30

Around 20 people spent a large part of Thursday night stuck in the upper part of the Euromast in Rotterdam. A malfunction resulted in the rotating glass elevator refusing to descend, NOS reports.

Those present in the Euromast, were stuck in the tower for nearly six hours, until technicians finally managed to get the lift - which gives  a spectacular panorama view of Rotterdam - moving again.

The fire department said that the people stuck in the tower did reasonably well while they were up there. "Fortunately, the heating had not failed," a spokesperson said to NOS. 

Law Faculty at Maastricht University
Feb 6 '20 13:30

Hackers that infected Maastricht University's network with ransomware were in the network for over two months before they attacked, was revealed in the forensic investigation into the attack. "They first mapped out the network in order to be able to roll out the ransomware as well as possible," security expert Frank Groenenweg of Fox-IT, who was involved in the investigation, said to NOS.

Hacker with laptop
Feb 6 '20 09:19

Companies and institutions reported nearly 27 thousand data breaches to the Dutch Data Protection Authority last year, an increase of 29 percent compared to 2018. Most of the leaks came from companies in the financial sector. The number of data leaks due to cyber attacks also increased, especially in the case of ransomware, NOS reports.

"We are seeing a huge increase in data breaches," Monique Verdier of the Dutch Data Protection Authority said to the broadcaster. "Last year we also saw a quarter more reports of attacks such as ransomware." 

Shayan Meydanshahi & Navid Ardakanian of Fusedbone in Amsterdam
Feb 5 '20 12:40

Iran produces some of the world’s most highly skilled migrants, Bloomberg reporting that many victims in the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 tragedy were doctors, engineers and Ph.D. students on their way to top Canadian institutions. For those graduates pursuing careers in scientific research and tech in Iran, the infrastructure used by their overseas peers is simply inaccessible – meaning they have to do much more with much less.

Smartphone updating
Feb 4 '20 08:17

More than half of people in the Netherlands postpone or simply forget to install important updates on their smart devices, according to a study by Panelwizard on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. Under the slogan 'Do your updates', the Ministry is launching a campaign to actively urge people to make sure their devices are updated and safe against cyber criminals, AD reports.

Subway station Vijzelgracht in Amsterdam, December 2018
Feb 1 '20 08:00

The WiFi networks WeWork offers tenants of its three Amsterdam offices are so poorly secured that hackers can access tenants' computers with out much difficulty, reports based on research the news site did with two cyber security consultants.

WeWork is part of America's The We Company. It rents office space to companies and self-employed. It has offices in 33 countries, including three in Amsterdam.

Philips Headquarters
Jan 28 '20 14:30

Philips is turning its attention even more on medical and health equipment and therefore wants to get rid of the part of the company that makes household appliances like coffee machines and air-fryers, the Dutch electronics company announced with its annual figures on Tuesday.

Jan 28 '20 12:15

There was a serious lack of security measures at TikTok, which affected users who posted videos which were moderated by the social media company’s Dutch and German teams, NRC reports. The office was notorious for drug and alcohol use by moderators on duty, and their supervisor, and private information including deleted videos were easily accessible at their WeWork shared space in Berlin.

Friends and family of the moderators were also welcome at the office and were allowed to screen the private user data with little or no supervision, according to the newspaper.

Law Faculty at Maastricht University
Jan 24 '20 08:18

Maastricht University paid between 200 thousand and 300 thousand euros to hackers who had blocked access to the university's digital systems with ransomware, various people involved told the Volkskrant. The university board was forced to pay because the university's backups were also hijacked. The backups - stored on the university servers - contain research data and data from students and staff from the past decades.

Pete Hoekstra and Donald Trump, Oct 2016
Jan 17 '20 10:20

The American ambassador to the Netherlands confirmed that the United States does not want Dutch chip producer ASML to share its advance chip-making machines with everyone. In an interview with Financieele Dagblad, Pete Hoekstra said that this technology "does not belong in certain places". According to the newspaper, he was referring to China.

Hospital ward
Jan 15 '20 15:20

The Leeuwarden Medical Center stopped all data traffic with the outside world as a precaution after hackers tried to break into the hospital's systems, the hospital said on Wednesday.

As a result of this measure, patients cannot access their electronic records, communication with other hospitals is hindered, and hospital employees are unable to work from home.