Mar 17 '14 18:16

Tens of thousands of Dutch websites place cookies on computers of visitors without prior consent, according to a random tests performed by two Dutch entrepreneurs, Taco Dankers and Gijsbert Boon. They violate the law by doing so.

Double decker train in Amsterdam
Mar 17 '14 13:09

Some of the NS double-decker trains will look a lot more modern in two years' time. The 418 cars will become more economical and more comfortable, a spokesperson announced on Monday.

Mar 15 '14 04:32

Vodafone accidentally released data of tens of thousands of customers, due to a combination of technical and human error. The phone numbers have been included in phone books and databases of directory services.

Mar 7 '14 07:41

In one week, the brand spanking new Rotterdam Centraal train station will be finished. It will be opened by King Willem-Alexander.

Feb 27 '14 17:42

The V1 airplane bomb from World War II, found in the fields in Kruisland was detonated on site. The bomb squad had to wait for the area to 'air out,' before going in to inspect the crater in order to declare the 'all safe.'

Feb 27 '14 15:28

An increasing number of girls choses to enroll in a technical study. The Platform Beta Science registered an increase of 20 percent more female students over the past year.

Feb 21 '14 07:57

In October last year, mustard gas was found in the cellar of a deceased physics teacher in Ede. It is now suspected that he made the chemical himself.

Feb 18 '14 04:34

A V1, a flying bomb from World War II, that was found on farmland in Kruisland, Noord-Brabant, will be detonated on Thursday, February 27, on site, announced the City of Steenbergen Monday.

Feb 14 '14 14:06

The Dutch army is creating cybercommando's, a crack team of hackers who will be trained to attack enemy lines, online.

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Feb 5 '14 15:25

It was the Netherlands and not the NSA that collected the data on 1.8 million local phone calls that is in the possession of the American security organisation.

Feb 5 '14 07:35

This week, the province of Groningen felt what was thought to be another earthquake, but this was tuesday evening confirmed more likely to be a sonic boom.

Feb 2 '14 08:13

The Maastunnel in Rotterdam will close for 2 years beginning summer 2017 to carry out large-scale maintenance.

Jan 27 '14 11:47

Groningen is one of six cities shortlisted for the first European Capital of Innovation, or iCapital, awards.

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Jan 20 '14 11:29

The new railway safety system that is under development has placed politicians, national railway company NS and railway operator ProRail on a collision course.

Sep 26 '13 04:43

Weekly magazine Elsevier has announced on Wednesday that the result from their poll, among students and professors, is that the Technical University of Eindhoven is the winner.

Every year the magazine publishes the rankings of universities and other schools. They base there results on a poll which questions 230,000 students and 2000 professors.

The students say that the TU/e has the most satisfied students and 40% of the professors say that the TU/e has the best educational programs.

Jul 10 '13 03:44

A test team reached a maximum speed of 78.8 kilometers per hour with the aerodynamic recumbent bike ‘Velox3’ on Tuesday on the highway between Franeker and Dronrijp (Friesland). For this event, organized by students of TU Delft and VU Amsterdam, the A31 motorway was closed for a few hours.

The bicycle was made to break the world record cycling speed of 133 km/hr. This was a try out, the real attempt to break the world record will be done in the U.S. state of Nevada later this year.

Jun 20 '13 08:46

Maastricht University (UM) can count themselves among the best 'young' universities of the world. This is evident from the annual ranking of Times Higher Education Magazine (THE) for universities that exist less than 50 years.

Maastricht rises in this top 100 from place 19 to the 6th spot. “The Maastricht University is steadily advancing. That is an exponent of the power of the Dutch educational system as a whole,” says the chief editor Phil Baty of THE.

Jun 20 '13 06:19

Some parents would like their child to accomplish their personal aspirations, according to the study posted in the journal PLOS ONE.

Jun 20 '13 06:05

The government plans to limit the level of Campylobacter bacteria on chicken meat through a process called hygiene criterion, according to reports from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands.

Jun 19 '13 04:42

The Power Matching City program in the Netherlands unveils an innovative method of measuring energy consumption by consumers using a smart grid gadget, according to cleanenergyauthority.

Jun 18 '13 06:36

A recent study in the Netherlands shows that there is no real link between weather and the worsening symptoms of fibromyalgia, particularly pain.

Jun 14 '13 07:32

Based on a study by the European Commission, the Netherlands leads in broadband uptake and comes second in usage of Next-generation access (NGA), which includes broadband upgrades.

Jun 12 '13 09:42

Cisco ranks second in Netherland’s largest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services provider after HP, based on revenues

Jun 11 '13 12:35

T-Mobile Netherlands opted for Dublin-based Openet as its billing platform for mobile services.