Grenfell Tower in London fire still smoldering after the overnight fire, 14 June 2017
Jan 11 '18 09:58

Rotterdam university of applied sciences has shut down the old part of its complex for prevention measures against fire accidents. Thursday and Friday's classes are canceled.

The post secondary school carried out an inspection on the cladding panels in response to the fatal fire at the Grenfell Tower in London last summer. And it resulted that the panels did not comply with applicable fire safety standards.   

An USAR team builds a new roof for a Sint Maarten home damaged by hurricane Irma, 20 Sept 2017
Nov 30 '17 10:40

A number of Sint Maarten residents will receive hardware store vouchers within a few weeks so that they can get the necessary supplies to repair their homes damaged by hurricane Irma, a spokesperson for the Red Cross said to The vouchers will be distributed to the most vulnerable people on the island, according to the spokesperson.

Nov 14 '17 10:47

Next year the city of Amsterdam will inaugurate a large, internationally-focused virtual reality training center for surgeons and other medical specialists. The Amsterdam Skills Centre for Health Sciences, or ASC, is a partnership between the city's two teaching hospitals to provide VR training for thousands of medical specialist trainees.

Some three thousand AMC and VUmc students will be able to hone their skills on virtual patients in twelve simulated operating rooms.

Plus Pool Project
Aug 9 '17 17:30

Heineken wants to make swimming in polluted New York City rivers a reality again buy helping build a floating pool that filters the dirty water. The 'Plus Pool Project' was already conceived in 2010, but the Dutch beer brewer is breathing new life into it by committing its name to the project, RTL Nieuws reports. 

Part of medieval wall discovered while working on quay wall on Singel in Amsterdam, 27 Jan 2017
Feb 1 '17 14:05

The remains of a medieval city wall was discovered during quay works on the Singel near Kattengat on Friday. According to city archeologist Jerzy Gawronski, this is part of the wall that protected Amsterdam between 1480 and 1603, Het Parool reports.

Oct 14 '16 17:32

Nearly half of diesel cars were found to be using software that manipulated the emissions so they would be granted environmental certification, new research by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) shows. The evidence could trigger massive automotive recalls across the country.

The RDW tested 30 different models, of which 16 were using software that potentially causes fraudulent results, broadcaster NOS reported on Friday.

BPD Rotterdam skyscraper 1
Mar 16 '16 14:50

A panoramic night spot is planned on the roofs of the new skyscrapers set to soon be built on the Wilhelmina pier in Rotterdam

Jun 25 '15 08:09

Hema has recalled its mobile chargers, called powerbanks. The company has determined that pars of the battery can overheat and melt the case it is in. In some cases, the batteries may even explo

Afsluitdijk project begins
May 13 '15 14:56

The government on Tuesday launched an 800 million euro project to rebuild the Afsluitdijk, a dam that connects Noord Holland with Friesland. The Afsluitdijk is both a highway and a crucial structure protecting the Netherlands against floods, forming the barrier between the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer lake.

No image available
Nov 10 '14 10:39

The wreck of a 17th-century Dutch warship has been discovered off the coast of Tobago, a small island in the southern Caribbean. Marine archaeologists believe the vessel is the Huis de Kreuningen, which was lost during a bloody naval battle between Dutch and French colonists.

no image
Sep 25 '14 11:10

Parents of children at the Strabrecht College in Geldrop and the Plus X-College in Bladel have tipped the school heads off about films circulating at the schools in which underage girls perform sexually explicit acts, Omroep Brabant reports.

No image available
Sep 18 '14 09:35

The explosion last June at Shell’s manufacturing plant in Moerdijk that left two people injured, was caused by excess pressure in a reactor, an internal investigation has shown.

Photo: Stephan Peters
Sep 10 '14 14:31

PhD Student Stephen Peters of the University of Groningen has uncovered new research about one of the greatest scientific mysteries in nature and astronomy; dark matter.

No image available
Aug 29 '14 17:39

Schiphol airport dealt with two minor incidents today that could have turned major: a fire in a workshop and a Boeing 747 that landed with a flat tire.

Maryam Mirzakhani
Aug 13 '14 11:51

This year, professor of higher arithmetic, Manjul Bhargava from Leiden, received the Fields medal, widely considered the Nobel Prize for mathematics. This was announced at an international mathematics congress in Seoul, Korea on Wednesday, De Volkskrant reports.

Aug 6 '14 15:57

The European Space Agency's Rosetta probe has been brought to within 100 km of the Chury comet after a seven-minute burn of its thrusters. Orbiting around the comet, moving at 55,000 km per hour, the Rosetta can finally begin the research that it set out into space ten years ago to do.

Aug 6 '14 10:40

In an area two times the size of The Netherlands, Dutch geo-investigation services consultancy Fugro has been allowed by the Australian government to send a second boat to search for the still-missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, that disappeared from the radar on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on the 8th of March, the NOS reports.

no image
Jul 25 '14 11:41

Robot football team Tech United from TU Eindhoven in has sealed a World Cup victory for The Netherlands. The team won 3-2 in the RoboCup 2014 against China's team Water in João Pesso, Brazil.

Lab research
Jun 23 '14 09:26

When we talk about winning money for EU researches, Dutch researchers and entrepreneurs walk hand in hand.

They have managed to receive almost 3,4 billion euro between 2007 and 2013. This is almost one and a half times the amount that The Netherlands pays for via the EU budget, wrote Education Secretary Sander Dekker and Economics Affairs Minister Henk Kamp in a letter to Parliament on Friday.

TU Eindhoven
Jun 5 '14 11:59

To fill the need for new talent in the engineering sector, companies like Philips are going to finance PhD places at Universities. Philips itself is financing 30 places at the University of Technology (TU) of Eindhoven. Head of Philips is calling this the next step in "the war on talent."

no image
Jun 4 '14 14:16

The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) has figured out how to determine the age of a fingerprint. What day a fingerprint was left at a crime scene, for example, can be answered some time next year.

no image
May 19 '14 09:35

The first Dutch astronaut, Wubbo Ockels, died this morning at the age of 68. He had been suffering from renal cell cancer.

no image
May 14 '14 15:46

Archaeologists in Delft have uncovered what may be the world's oldest telescope in the digging works for the new railway tunnel in the city. Specialists from the Boerhaven museum in Leiden have confirmed that it is a telescope, after looking more closely at the rusted tin tube, thinking at first that it was a bullet chamber, the Volkskrant reports.

No image available
Apr 8 '14 15:38

National railway company NS has announced that it is pulling the high-speed service between Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Breda, over technical problems with the locomotives of Intercity Direct.