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Nov 3 '14 13:14

The Amsterdam trade mission in China has come to an end.

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Nov 3 '14 12:19

The D66 commemorated Els Borst during their 100th party congress in Den Bosch on Saturday.

Nov 3 '14 10:21

State Secretary of Finance Eric Wiebes (VVD) and the coalition parties PvdA and VVD have reached an agreement on an adjusted plan for car tax and lease cars.

Oct 31 '14 13:43

Mayor of Midden-Drenthe Jan Broertjes suddenly announced his resignation last night prior to the council debate on the social assistance policy in Midden-Drenthe.

Oct 31 '14 12:26

State Secretary of Finance Eric Wiebes' plan to give an additional tax rate of 25 percent to virtually all lease car drivers, has been scrapped.

Oct 31 '14 08:55

To prevent experience getting unnecessarily lost, the Cabinet wants to make it easier to continue working after reaching retirement. Therefore they want to bring an end to the mandatory dismissal upon reaching retirement age.

Oct 30 '14 14:40

A group of Hague asylum seekers without legal status have to be out of the winter shelter for the homeless by no later than Saturday. The Hague made that emergency shelter available two months ago after the evacuation of the cracked Sacrament Church.

Oct 30 '14 14:01

Germany will definitely not impose tolls on local and provincial roads. With this Minister Dobrindt meets the needs of criticism from party sections in the border region.

Oct 30 '14 09:44

The Integration Barometer 2014 of VluchtelingenWerk shows that less than half of the refugees (46 percent) in the Netherlands have a paying job.

Oct 30 '14 08:56

Henk Krol from Eindhoven is lying about the way he used subsidies.

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Oct 30 '14 08:03

The Malaysian international investigation team has still not had the chance to do an investigation at the crash site of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

Oct 29 '14 13:52

Yesterday King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima arrived in Tokyo and today they were officially received by Emperor Akihito and his wife Michiko at the imperial palace.

Oct 27 '14 10:05

Secretary of State Eric Wiebes' plan to make lease drivers pay more tax, is on its way to the trash.

Oct 27 '14 09:42

The SP, PvdA, Groenlinks, the unions and other social organizations should come up with a propsal together to tax wealth more and to ensure that those on lower incomes go up

Oct 24 '14 13:11

Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced after the EU summit in Brussels that the Netherlands will make a further 5 million euro available for the fight against Ebola.

Oct 24 '14 11:56

The CO2 standards for the tax liability for lease cars are changing in 2016. The percentages are going up.

Oct 24 '14 09:54

The Council of States concluded in an advice to the First Chamber that the elimination of the so-called free choice of doctor is not contrary to European law. It is the citizen's choice to limit the choice of doctor to care providers who have a contract with the selected insurance companies.

Oct 24 '14 08:35

The VVD and CDA want clarification from the Cabinet on the surcharge for the European Commission this year. According to the British newspaper Financial Times, it is an amount of 642 million euro.

Oct 23 '14 14:14

According to the PvdA, residents should have more say over their neighborhoods.

Oct 23 '14 12:38

On Radio 1 Mayor of Hilversum Pieter Broertjes compared the situation around ISIS to the Jewish people who left for Israel after World War II.

Oct 22 '14 09:53

Curacao wants to get rid of the governor that must approve minister appointments by law.

Oct 21 '14 14:16

The Russian state oil company Rosneft and business man Arkady Rotenberg are going to court to fight the European Union's sanctions.

Oct 21 '14 12:00

The government and semi public institutions must be able to pay higher salaries to increase expertise and quality within their organizations.

Oct 20 '14 12:49

The D66 and the ChristenUnie each one a seat in the weekly poll by Maurice de Hond. The 50Plus and the VVD were the only parties to lose a seat.