Jan 15 '14 15:40

Parliament chose not to observe two minutes of silence to commemorate Ariël Sharon Tuesday, as Geert Wilders requested. Chairman Anouchka van Miltenburg decided against it, after consultation with the different fractions.

oil well
Jan 15 '14 15:27

A majority of MPs wants reducing natural gas extraction in Groningen, Telegraaf reported on Wednesday.

Jan 15 '14 04:31

Members of Parliament want the minister of Defense, Hennis-Plasschaert, to explain what exactly the purpose is of equipment, owned by the American Defense Ministry, in Burum, Friesland.

Jan 14 '14 18:09

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that no deal was signed between the Netherlands and Russia for the heavyweight Sochi delegation and the release of Greenpeace activists.

No image available
Jan 13 '14 17:20

Police in The Hague manhandled 17-year-old diabetes patient Yosra Aajir because she was caught injecting insulin in a HEMA.

Jan 13 '14 11:40

Diederik Samsom, a leader of Labour Party, said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte should not go to Russia to represent the Netherlands in Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

polling station
Jan 10 '14 11:47

The Amsterdam City Council plans to spend €400,000 to encourage ethnic minorities to vote in the local elections to be held in March 2014.

West Bank
Jan 9 '14 16:55

'Netherlands is against a boycott of Israel and is not in favor of sanctions against that country,' says Minister Timmermans in response to statements by SGP leader Van der Staaij.

Jan 8 '14 10:49

The identities of as many as 150 people were stolen by hackers exploiting a security vulnerability in a government-backed online identification system. Each victim's' identity was stolen through the DigiD programme, where bank account numbers may be changed to reroute money being sent for tax refunds and social benefits, a Ministry of the Interior spokesperson told NOS.

Jan 7 '14 18:05

Reacting to the news of a conspicuous street assassination in his neighborhood, Amsterdam Nieuw-West President Achmed Baâdoud is working with the council there on initiatives to prevent kids from becoming "killing machines."

Jan 7 '14 13:38

Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans, who is visiting Cuba, said that the European Union should look again at its relationship with Cuba, BBC News reports on Tuesday.

Jan 6 '14 10:58

People from the northern province of Groningen are showing anger on the government policies and recent bankruptcy of aluminum company Aldel. The company’s closure was the last straw for Groningers.

Jan 3 '14 04:36

The Dutch Public Prosecution (OM) wants a ban on heavy fireworks. In October 2011 the OM already addressed the issue in a letter to the Ministry of Security and Justice.

Jan 2 '14 11:18

Protesting groups from Groningen announced large-scale protests to demand attention from political Hague for problems in the province. The tremors caused by gas drilling, the deteriorating economy, and lack of facilities, anger the citizens.

Dec 30 '13 21:02

After Google cut-off a Gmail account created by PVV leader Geert Wilders for his Anti-Islam bumper sticker project, the politician registered a domain with Danish webhost One.com and used it to create a new email address for distributing the stickers. The hosting company says they do not have plans to follow Google's lead and shut down the account for offensive content, a company executive said.

Dec 27 '13 13:53

The mother of a Russian asylum seeker who killed himself after being denied refuge in the Netherlands does not blame the Netherlands for her son's death. In an interview with a regional newspaper publisher, Lyudmila Doronina said any anger she might have had towards the country could not bring her son back.

Dec 26 '13 09:31

The Greenpeace activists who received amnesty in Russia will get their visas on Thursday or Friday, Greenpeace Russia said on Twitter on Wednesday.

Dec 25 '13 19:56

On Wednesday, Russia officially dropped criminal charges against Greenpeace activists arrested in a protest over Arctic oil drilling.

Dec 20 '13 17:07

The mayors of 25 Dutch municipalities are increasing pressure on the government to permit experiments with regulated marijuana production, the Volkskrant reports.

wilders office sticker
Dec 20 '13 04:30

A tweet from PVV leader Geert Wilders featuring an Anti-Islam slogan written in Arabic has drawn the ire of many on the social network. Wilders, who last week told the BBC, ”A responsible politician I believe never stirs up any problems in any society,” was showing off a bumper sticker affixed to his office door.

Dec 19 '13 09:56

Maastricht Mayor Onno Hoes may stay in office, is the conclusion of a discussion with the different fractions in the City Council.

Dutch Parliament
Dec 19 '13 04:34

The Senate adopted the housing agreement. The debate focused on the renter's levy, which should yield 1.7 billion in savings. Following objections from Labour Senator Duivesteijn, Minister Block made ​​a number of commitments.

Dutch Parliament
Dec 18 '13 04:36

The renter's levy the cabinet wants to introduce should be of a temporary nature, according to Labour Party senator Duivesteijn to the Senate. He is considering submitting a motion about the subject. The voice of the Labour Party is crucial for the government.

Dec 16 '13 12:08

Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem has been named politician of the year by the Dutch parliamentary press.