Dec 12 '13 20:37

Employees who care for a sick friend or acquaintance are entitled to a leave of absence for that purpose, writes the government in a letter to the Lower House.

Dec 12 '13 04:35

Minister Frans Timmermans (Foreign Affairs) does not want to the "dirty work" for other European countries by prematurely opposing Albany's membership. He will look for allies within Europe to support his position.

Dec 11 '13 04:33

In spite of internal arguments in the past years, the PVV is almost the largest party in the City of The Hague.

Dec 6 '13 13:33

While the world was in grief Friday about the passing of Nelson Mandela, a major newspaper and a politician from a major political party here have found themselves apologizing for racially insensitive public statements they made on Thursday regarding the South African leader’s death

Dec 6 '13 08:54

The Netherlands government plans to allocate €150 million in debt relief to Sudan in its 2014 budget, Sudan Tribune reports.

Dec 6 '13 04:34

GroenLinks parliamentarian, Linda Voortman, presented an initiative Act on Thursday, together with D66, meant to replace the open government Act (WOB).

Dec 6 '13 03:33

In an initial response, Prime Minister Rutte calls the death of Mandela a time to observe a moment of silence.

Dec 5 '13 20:03

Dmitri Borodin, the Russian diplomat who was arrested a couple of months ago in The Hague, for the abuse of his children, left a farewell letter, pinned on a board of the hall of his flat.

Dec 5 '13 18:16

The Public Prosecution (OM) demanded 120 hours of community service or 60 days imprisonment against former Meerssen mayor, Ricardo Offermanns. Offermanns (VVD) participated in violating professional secrecy by receiving confidential information from former Roermond alderman Jos van Rey (also VVD), according to the OM

Dec 5 '13 13:39

The European Commission (EC) and the Turkish government have agreed to launch a visa liberalization dialogue and to sign a readmission agreement.

Dec 4 '13 16:36

Former Commissioner of the Queen of North Holland, Harry Borghouts, repeatedly warned former deputy Ton Hooijmaijers in the past to steer clear of the real estate sector, according to his statement Wednesday morning on a local radio station.

Dec 4 '13 16:03

The CDA and PvdA fractions in Maastricht think mayor Hoes should be more aware of his public function. Pictures serviced in the media, showing Hoes kissing another man, not being his husband, on the mouth, in the lobby of a hotel.

Dec 4 '13 09:46

Socialist and Labour MPs have questioned a ‘rain of bullets’ on a train hijacked by South Moluccan activists in 1977.

Dec 3 '13 15:04

The Criminal Code no longer imposes a ban on more offensive blasphemy.

Dec 3 '13 04:34

The House voted for, Tuesday it will be up to the Senate, but many senators are reluctant to remove blasphemy from the penal code.

Dec 2 '13 04:30

The controversial Russian diplomat, Dmitry Borodin, has left the Netherlands. In a tweet Sunday night, he said his departure "is not entirely of his own accord."

Nov 28 '13 16:14

On Thursday, Australian Greenpeace activist Colin Russell was released by a Russian court in St. Petersburg on bail, Sydney Morning Herald reports.

no image
Nov 27 '13 19:03

Minister Plasterk sees nothing in the plan of the VVD to introduce a modified passport for residents of Curaçao, Aruba, and St. Maarten, as suggested by MP Bosman today.

Nov 27 '13 14:11

An MP for anti-immigration party PVV has revived a plan to deport people from the Antilles and Aruba for criminal acts. The plan from MP Sietse Fritsma is virtually identical to the one proposed by former VVD integration minister Rita Verdonk in 2007.

no image
Nov 27 '13 04:33

Minister Plasterk of Internal Affairs thinks that the unemployment allowance for politicians should not be decreased any further.

Nov 27 '13 04:32

A stricter rewards policy will not result in a dramatic decrease of overall bonuses in the financial sector. If bonuses go down, fixed salaries will just go up, predicts professor of financial economics in Tilburg, Sylvester Eijffinger.

NS Train
Nov 26 '13 18:32

A new proposal to install power outlets in second class train cars gained the support of a majority of MPs today.

Nov 26 '13 18:05

Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans said he is delighted with an agreement signed between Iran and United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China.

Nov 26 '13 11:18

Babycare chain store Prènatal, and clothing chain Coolcat, say they have not refused to sign an accord amongst retailers to commit to better working conditions and safety for textile factory workers in Bangladesh. Along with discount shop Wibra, the two stores were targeted by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen.