Apr 2 '14 19:43

Former PVV parliamentarian Roland van Vliet says that the current eleven PVV MPs have remained loyal to party leader Geert Wilders strictly for financial reasons. Van Vliet told Elsevier magazine that the loyalty is bought by the comfortable salaries members of parliament receive.

Apr 2 '14 18:50

A new proposal from SGP party leader Kees van der Staaij could see the Netherlands placing a toll on cars driven into the Netherlands from other countries. The proposal is similar to one approved by the government last year that was expected to raise €260 million.

Geert Wilders
Apr 1 '14 20:40

PVV party leader Geert Wilders continued today to attempt to link all Moroccans with criminal activity, saying, “A locked-up illegal mugs no jeweler.” The statement was in response both to the coalition government’s agreement not to criminalize people who illegally enter the Netherlands, and the recent shootings of two burglars by a jewelry store owner.

Apr 1 '14 19:25

Undocumented people living in the Netherlands will not be treated as criminals, the coalition government announced today. The VVD-backed proposal had been a major sticking point between the VVD and PvdA, the majority parties in the lower house, and ChristenUnie, the party the coalition relies on for support in the upper house.

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Mar 31 '14 12:55

The Netherlands is adding three Chinook helicopters to Mali to the Dutch stabilization forces in war torn Mali.

Mar 29 '14 11:13

"There are no secret talks about the future of 'Zwarte Piet' or Black Peet," said Ineke Schouten of the Dutch Center for Folk Culture and Immaterial Heritage (VIE), in contrast to earlier reports on Friday in Algemeen Dagblad (AD).

Mar 28 '14 19:51

Labor leader Diederik Samsom emailed an apology to many of the local PvdA groups last week after the city council elections on Wednesday, for the historic losses the party suffered.

Mar 28 '14 17:13

At his weekly press conference, Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) continued his criticism of PVV leader Geert Wilders over Wilders' calls to reduce the Moroccan population in the Hague. Rutte told reporters that, "A boundary has been crossed," and the government will not cooperate with the PVV unless Wilders apologizes for his remarks.

Mayor Jozias van Aartsen
Mar 28 '14 10:42

A municipal council member from The Hague who wanted to mention Allah while swearing his oath of office was reprimanded by mayor Van Aartsen.

Mar 28 '14 07:34

Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) has once more distanced himself even further from PVV-leader Geert Wilders' anti-Moroccan comments this week, as he approached the NOS for an interview in which he puts some worries of the Moroccan community at ease.

Mar 27 '14 15:42

Two students Information Security Management, Jesse Frericks and Niek Jan van den Hout, managed to approach President Obama and Prime Minister Rutte up to 5 yards during the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS).

Mar 27 '14 14:28

Huis ter Duin admits to being the place where the incident with Obama's drunk secret service agents unfolded. The staff had initially not reported the incident to management, until after it came in the news.

Mar 27 '14 13:59

The new American ambassador in The Hague, Timothy Broas, has voiced his disapproval of Wilders and his anti-Moroccan rants.

Mar 27 '14 13:39

There appears to be only one direction for a coalition to form in Amsterdam after the municipal council elections. Informateur, or advisor for cabinet formation, Rinnooy Kan has made this public. Kan believes that the only possibility is D66, SP and VVD.

Mar 26 '14 16:15

PvdA alderman, Pieter Hilhorst, leaves the Amsterdam City council with mixed emotions. Hilhorst is mainly disappointed in himself.

Mar 26 '14 15:17

Hotel Huis ter Duin was wrongfully named by the Washington post as the hotel where one of Obama's security personnel was found passed out in the hotel lobby, intoxicated. The hotel wants the paper to print a retraction.

Mar 26 '14 14:16

The Dutch national police are pleased with their performance during the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) so far. There were no major disruptions. 140 Arrests were made so far, most of them protesters.

Mar 25 '14 16:20

A total of 35 countries signed an initiative by the Netherlands, the U.S. and South Korea to improve nuclear safety, announced Foreign Affairs Minister, Frans Timmermans.

Mar 25 '14 15:59

PVV members of parliament (MP) met for the first time today since political leader, Geert Wilders' notorious statement about Moroccans. The members all backed their leader and will continue to move forward, according to Wilders.

Mar 25 '14 13:34

At the conclusion of a day's meetings at the Nuclear Security Summit, delegates were invited for dinner at the Oranjezaal in the Palace Huis ten Bosch.

Mar 25 '14 11:28

The House of Parliament should not ignore Geert Wilders, but should debate with him, Alexander Pechtold has said. The D66 leader thinks that ignoring the PVV also ignores the voters, when a debate with them is more important, he writes in an opinion piece for de Volkskrant.

Mar 25 '14 09:47

The fraction in the provincial state of North-Brabant is standing behind Geert Wilders. The PVV announced Tuesday morning that Wilders' tradition of thought will be stuck with and disseminated.

Mar 25 '14 08:55

On Friday last week, PVV council members from Almere claimed to be taking distance from PVV-leader Geert Wilders' dismissive comments about Moroccans. Now it seems they will stay under PVV denomination, Omroep Flevoland reports.

Hamit Karakus
Mar 25 '14 07:32

PvdA-leader Hamit Karakus stepped down from his position in Rotterdam on Monday due to the heavy blows the party had to take during the municipal council elections. The party dropped from 14 to eight seats.