Rainy day in Amsterdam
Jun 4 '20 15:25

The cold weather that hit the Netherlands on Thursday will last throughout the weekend, with maximums climbing no higher than the mid-teens. The days will be cloudy and windy, with a chance of showers, Weeronline predicts.

Friday will be the coldest day of the week, with maximums throughout the country hovering around 13 or 14 degrees Celsius. Saturday will be a bit warmer, but not noticeably so due to a strong northwest wind that can include gusts up to 75 kilometers per hour along the coast.

A wolf runs off with a sheep in its mouth in Heusden, Noord-Brabant. May 22, 2020
Jun 3 '20 15:40

One single wolf is responsible for killing many sheep in the region of Heusden in Noord-Brabant over the past weeks, according to research by the province. DNA found on the dead sheep showed that they were all killed by a male wolf from a pack in Germany, Omroep Brabant reports. 

On Saturday an independent researcher went into the Eendenkooi nature reserve, believed to be the most likely place for the wolf to hide, with a drone and a heat sensitive camera to search for the animal. According to the province, no sing of a wolf's nest was found. 

The European Mink
Jun 3 '20 12:50

All the mink on Dutch mink farms infected with the coronavirus will be culled in the interest of public health, sources in The Hague said to RTL Nieuws. This involves thousands of animals from six companies with a total of eight locations in Gemert-Bakel, Laarbeek, Deurne, and Sint Anthonis, the broadcaster reported.

Walking path in Dwingelderveld
Jun 3 '20 10:15

Research by citizens' initiative Meten=Weten found 31 different pesticides, biocides and degradation products used in agriculture in nature reserves and national parks in Drenthe. Only 20 of the products found are authorized for use in the Netherlands, RTV Drenthe reports.

Kids playing with water on a hot day
Jun 1 '20 12:40

Water company Vitens is calling on Netherlands residents to be careful with their water use. On Saturday, water pressure in Overijssel and Gelderland had to be lowered due to extremely high demand caused by the warm weather and drought.

According to Vitens, in some areas water use was up to 70 percent more than usual as people watered their gardens due to the drought and filled swimming pools to cool off in the warm weather. This put the drinking water supply under pressure, resulting in the company having to lower water pressure.

Cafe de Tropen in Amsterdam expanding its terrace into the courtyard of the Tropenmuseum in preparation for terraces reopening on 1 June 2020. Sign asks visitors to not move the tables which were organized with social distancing in mind. 29 May 2020
Jun 1 '20 07:32

With sunny and warm weather forecast for the Netherlands today, and catering establishments being allowed to open their doors for the first time since mid-March, the day is expected to be busy throughout the country. But the mayors in the Security Council, comprised of the 25 security regions in the Netherlands, are confident that Netherlands residents will adhere to social distancing rules in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

A common pipistrelle bat, Tirol, Austria
May 31 '20 11:10

The third count of bats in the gardens of the Netherlands concluded last week, with 492 garden owners taking part in a search for the flying chiroptera after the sun had gone down. Bats were spotted in 77 percent of the gardens, with the pipistrelle bat being the most common type seen.

Mammal association Zoogdiervereniging organized the research, with 200 more gardens added to the list of sites involved compared to 2019. The participants managed to witness 2,668 bats as the animals hunted for insects, a primary food source, though about 1,900 were identified.

Biomass power plant
May 29 '20 12:20

In 2019 the Netherlands' energy consumption from renewable sources grew by 16 percent compared to the year before. A total of 181 petajoules of the country's energy came from renewable sources. More than half of that increase was due to more biomass, mainly due to power plants using more biodiesel and biogasoline, Statistics Netherlands reported on Friday. 

Cafe de Tropen in Amsterdam expanding its terrace into the courtyard of the Tropenmuseum in preparation for terraces reopening on 1 June 2020. Sign asks visitors to not move the tables which were organized with social distancing in mind. 29 May 2020
May 29 '20 10:38

A wonderfully summery Pentecost weekend lies ahead for the Netherlands, according to Weeronline. "The sun will work overtime and the temperature can rise to summer values," the weather service said. Perfect weather for the terraces reopening on Monday.

The European Mink
May 28 '20 18:05

Mink can no longer be transported in the Netherlands, nor can people visit the animals on farms, according to a letter by two prominent ministers directed to the parliament on Thursday.

May 28 '20 11:04

Despite 30 years of nature policy and 11 billion euros in investments, biodiversity in the Netherlands is still decreasing. Natural areas are still fragmented, species are still deteriorating, plans to link nature reserves never happened, and measures to farm more sustainably had little to no effect, Trouw reports based on its own research.

Almere Strand crowded, despite coronavirus social distancing measures, on a warm and sunny Ascension Day, 21 May 2020
May 27 '20 14:50

The long Pentecost weekend is expected to be sunny and warm, with no showers predicted. And with terraces being allowed to open at noon on Pentecost Monday, crowds are again expected to gather in popular outdoor areas.

Plenty of sunshine is expected for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, according to Weeronline. On all three days, maximums will range from 19 degrees Celsius on the Wadden, 22 degrees in Amsterdam, and up to 25 degrees in the southern parts of the country. 

May 26 '20 11:01

Over 71 percent of Netherlands residents want to preserve the cleaner air created by large parts of the economy being shut down due to the coronavirus, and almost half are even willing to adjust their own travel behavior to achieve this, according to a representative survey by ABN Amro and Ipsos. At the same time, the Dutch government decided to give the Dutch industry more so-called dispensation rights to spare the sector, resulting in the 300 most polluting companies in the Netherlands barely having to pay any CO2 tax in the coming years, according to Nieuwsuur.

Pollen season
May 26 '20 10:02

The around 2 million people in the Netherlands with a pollen allergy can expect a rough week of hay fever symptoms. After weeks of dry weather, the past weekend's rain promoted the flowering of the grasses. As a result, Wageningen University and Weeronline expect the grass pollen season to peak in the coming days, ANP reports.

Cracked, dry ground
May 26 '20 09:12

While scientists were initially reluctant to link the Netherlands' record dry summer in 2018 to climate change, a study by meteorological institute KNMI and Utrecht University showed that global warming was behind the drought, but only in Eastern Netherlands, reports.

A Rotterdam park encouraged social distancing with circles spray-painted on the grass.
May 25 '20 18:15

With about one week left to go in meteorological spring, the Netherlands has set a new high mark for the sunniest spring since record-keeping began. This year the country has been blanketed with 713.4 hours of sunshine, breaking the record set in 2011 by about six minutes, said

By this date, the country would normally have seen 415 hours of sunshine for the season. On average, the Netherlands gets about 517 hours of sunshine for the March 1 - May 31 spring period.

A wolf runs off with a sheep in its mouth in Heusden, Noord-Brabant. May 22, 2020
May 24 '20 15:00

A video surveillance camera has caught a small flock of sheep being attacked and mauled to death by a single wolf in the Noord-Brabant village of Vlijmen late on Friday night.

The footage, shared by the farmers association ZLTO on Saturday, shows a wolf inside a sheep enclosure chasing down and snapping at the defenseless animals.

Almere Strand crowded, despite coronavirus social distancing measures, on a warm and sunny Ascension Day, 21 May 2020
May 21 '20 14:40

Beaches and other recreation areas in the Netherlands started streaming full early on a warm and sunny Ascension Day on Thursday. Various security regions had to take measures to try and disperse the crowds, including closing roads towards beaches.

Various access roads to the beaches of Bloemendaal, Heemskerk, Wijk aan Zee, IJmuiden, and Zandvoort were closed down to car traffic, Veiligheidsregio Kennemerland announced. The road to Castricum beach was also closed, according to NOS. Veiligheidsregio Zeeland closed down the boulevards in Vlissingen. 

Sun seekers largely social distancing on Almere Strand, 21 May 2020
May 21 '20 10:15

Ascension Day today may be the first official summer's day of the year in the Netherlands. The sunny and dry day will see maximums between 23 and 28 degrees, according to Weerplaza. If thermometers climb to 25 degrees in De Bilt, the official summer's day is a fact.

Boy jumping into a lake
May 21 '20 06:55

With temperatures climbing to the high twenties this week, rescue brigades in the Netherlands are warning people to be careful of going to cool down in the open water. The water temps are still cold, and due to the coronavirus crisis, there aren't lifeguards everywhere. 

"The water is still quite cold at this time of year; about 12 degrees. Swimming and playing in cold water has a massive effect on the body, so these activities can lead to dangerous situations. For example, hypothermia and cramps," the rescue brigades warn.

May 20 '20 09:09

Noord-Brabant is offering farmers so-called wolf-resistant nets to protect their sheep after multiple incidents of wolf attacks on sheep in the province. Farmers who want to can get the nets from the province on loan, a spokesperson for provincial deputy Elies Lemkes-Straver said to Omroep Brabant. The province is currently checking which farmers want to use these nets. 

The European Mink
May 20 '20 08:03

It is plausible that there was a mink to human coronavirus infection in the Netherlands, Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture said. She did not say at which mink farm this happened. The chance of a mink infecting a human with the coronavirus was not considered high, the Minister said, NOS reports.

Greenpeace protesting at the Shell headquarters in The Hague, 19 May 2020
May 19 '20 18:10

A group of protesters gathered at the Shell head office in The Hague on Tuesday to protest against the oil and gas giant's lack of commitment to fighting climate change. The protest was held during the shareholders' meeting at the head office on Carel van Bylantlaan, reports.

May 18 '20 18:07

A large number of wallabies have escaped from their enclosures in several locations across the Netherlands, provoking concern from the nonprofit organization Animal Advocacy and Protection (AAP).

The marsupials, originally from Australia, had been kept primarily in private enclosures and petting zoos. Many of the escaped animals were reported to be roaming around villages in the provinces of Zeeland, Drenthe, Limburg, Noord-Holland and Noord-Brabant, reports, where they have been seen grazing on vegetation.