Scottish highlander
Apr 28 '20 13:10

Four Scottish highlanders were killed, possibly by wolves, in the Noord-Brabant town of Someren over the past days. The cows were less than a year old. "They're no bigger than sheep. It happened at three different times," owner Jos Leenders said to NOS.

Leenders has around 150 Scottish highlanders spread over different areas of land. "I didn't know the wolf was so active here in the south. I wasn't prepared for that."

Dutch flag
Apr 27 '20 16:40

Temperatures in De Bilt, Utrecht climbed to 18 degrees Celsius at noon on Monday, making it the warmest King's Day ever. The previous record dated from King's Day 2014, Weeronline reported. While today is the warmest King's Day, it is not the warmest April 27th in Netherlands history.

That record stands at 27.3 degrees in 2007 - before King Willem-Alexander took the throne.

Hundreds of people enjoyed the weather in Amsterdam’s Oosterpark despite calls to stay at home
Apr 25 '20 12:22

This year's King's Day is expected to hit its highest ever temperature, according to forecasts from local weather service Weeronline. The temperature on Monday is likely to exceed 17.7 degrees Celsius, making it the warmest King's Day since 2014, when temperatures topped 17.6 degrees Celsius.

King’s Day, or Koningsdag, is one of the most eagerly anticipated public holidays in the Netherlands. However, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the advice of the government to remain home, this year the holiday has been dubbed Woningsdag, or "Home's Day".

Solar panel installation
Apr 25 '20 08:45

On Friday, Ministers Erik Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate and Carola Schouten of Agriculture presented how they plan to reduce CO2 and nitrogen emissions. One goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 25 percent by the end of this year, compared to 1990, and thereby comply with a Dutch Supreme Court ruling in a case brought by sustainability foundation Urgenda.

Chinook helicopters from the Ministry of Defense helping to fight a fire in National Park De Meinweg near Herkenbosch in Limburg, 23 April 2020
Apr 23 '20 13:00

The some 4,200 residents of the Limburg town of Herkenbosch are still not allowed to return to their homes due to a fire still raging in National Park De Meinweg. On Thursday, the fire brigade is using drones and Defense helicopters to try and get the fire under control.

Brandweer fire department Volkswagen
Apr 22 '20 15:00

By Wednesday afternoon, firefighters were still struggling to get a wildfire in National Park De Meinweg under control. It was therefore still uncertain when the some 4,200 residents of the town Herkenbosch, evacuated from their homes during the early hours of the morning, will be able to return home, a spokesperson for safety region Veiligheidsregio Noord-Limburg said to

Brandweer fire department Volkswagen
Apr 20 '20 19:15

One person was injured after a large fire broke out at a campground and vacation park in Nutter, Overijssel on Monday. The fire was one of several which led authorities to distribute an NL-Alert to warn citizens to stay away from the area, and keep clear of smoke.

Apr 20 '20 08:55

A record number of people participated in the Netherlands' National Bee Count this past weekend. Over 9,500 people together counted 128 thousand bees, considerably more than the some 5 thousand people who counted nearly 54 thousand bees last year, NOS reports.

The increase in participants can likely be attributed to the measures in place against the coronavirus - more people were at home or had nothing else to do and therefore spent half an hour counting bees in their garden or on their balcony.

Sunny day in Amsterdam
Apr 17 '20 11:50

This weekend will be mostly sunny and warm in the Netherlands, with a chance of a few showers in the south and center of the country on Saturday. "Enjoying the nice weather is still best in the garden or on your balcony," Weeronline said. 

Friday is basked in sunshine, with maximums ranging from around 11 degrees in the north to 21 degrees in the south. As the day progresses, some clouds will start forming in the south.

Frans Timmermans
Apr 16 '20 09:29

The European recovery plan for the economy must focus on making the EU economy greener, more circular, more sustainable, according the European Commissioner Frans Timmermans. "We must not return to a carbon spewing economy," he said in an open letter in seven European newspapers, including NRC, on Thursday.

Amsterdam flag
Apr 9 '20 19:32

Residents in Amsterdam will no longer need to separate plastic recycling from their trash once city-owned waste management firm AEB launches a new setup to separate out plastic and drink cartons for them. "If we separate it after collection, we are less dependent on good behavior," the city said in a statement.

The machines used for this task have improved significantly, the city said. "As a result, machines can separate more plastic than we Amsterdammers ourselves."

Pandas Wu Wen and Xing Ya mated for the first time at Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen, 18 January 2020
Apr 9 '20 18:43

Wu Wen, a giant panda housed at Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen is likely to be pregnant, the zoo confirmed on Thursday. While zookeepers are not yet fully able to determine fully whether or not the animal is indeed pregnant, they are nevertheless watching closely at several "hopeful" signs. "Never before has she nestled in a maternity den", caregivers told

"So while it may still be a false alarm, these developments are certainly hopeful."

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 8 '20 11:40

Amsterdam's College of Mayor and Alderpersons presented a set of measures with which the city aims to halve its use of raw materials by 2030 and have a fully circular economy by 2050. The measures range from encouraging residents to waste less food, to promoting repairs and second-hand shops, to increasing the sustainability requirements for construction.

Supermoon reflected in the Zoetermeerse lake in Zoetermeer
Apr 8 '20 09:01

After the supermoon made a spectacular display in Dutch skies on Tuesday night, Wednesday is also set to be a beautiful day in the Netherlands. There will be plenty of sunshine, with maximums up to 25 degrees. Some places in the south of the country may even see thermometers climb to 26 degrees, according to Weeronline.

Moon over Rotterdam, 26 June 2018
Apr 7 '20 09:22

A supermoon will be visible in the Netherlands on Tuesday night, if the weather plays along. A supermoon is when the moon is close to the earth during full moon, which makes it look bigger than usual.

Popular weather website Buienradar predicts partly cloudy skies from 10:00 p.m. through dawn. But Dutch meteorological institute KNMI is more upbeat. Their scientists expect mostly clear skies, with only some patches of cloud, which are more likely to be present in the north and the east of the country.

The supermoon will be at its best at 4:35 a.m. on Wednesday.

A Dutch tourist snapped this photo of thousands of oak processionary caterpillars covering a tree at a campsite in Volstroff, France. June 17, 2019
Apr 6 '20 14:38

The first oak processionary caterpillars of the year hatched in Ede on Monday morning, Arnold van Vliet of the Dutch knowledge center on these poisonous caterpillars said to The biologist previously marked a number of egg clusters on the branches of oak trees. When he went to check them on Monday, "the caterpillars were already walking over the branch in procession," he said. 

Amsterdam street largely abandoned due to coronavirus restrictions, 18 March 2020
Apr 6 '20 10:14

Netherlands residents are divided about how to deal with the coronavirus crisis in combination with the climate crisis. 13 percent think that all attention must now be given to fighting Covid-19, and the fight against climate change should be put on the back burner. But 28 percent see the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to rebuild the Netherlands in a more sustainable way, according to a survey by I&O Research. 

Sunny Amsterdam
Apr 6 '20 08:51

The week will be largely sunny and warm, but with an increasing chance of rain as the Easter weekend approaches, according to Weeronline. Monday may be the first officially warm day of the spring.

Closed sign
Apr 4 '20 12:11

Local authorities across the Netherlands are showing concern over the potential for crowding this weekend and into next week as warm Spring weather arrives in northern Europe. The concern comes in spite of many nature reserve parking lots, dunes, beaches, parks and forests being closed-off to the public in order to prevent an influx of visitors and, by extension, the spread of the coronavirus.

Social distancing in Amsterdam's Oosterpark
Apr 3 '20 17:10

Amsterdam is restricting access to its parks and canals over the weekend. Enforcement officers have also been instructed not to be lenient with people caught breaking the social distancing rules in place to curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema said to Het Parool.

Apr 3 '20 16:20

A wolf was spotted on the Zuid Veluwe for the first time, nature conservation service Natuurmonumenten announced on Friday. Wildlife cameras captured the wolf next to a dead red deer. 

According to forester Andre ten Hoedt, they've been waiting "quite a while" for wolves to show up in Zuid Veluwe. "This area is extensive and has a lot of wildlife. An ideal habitat for the wolf. Cool that he now seems to have found our area, now we have to wait and see if he or she will also settle here."

DNA samples were taken from the cadaver of the deer to identify the wolf. 

Sunny day in Zaanse Schans
Apr 3 '20 12:10

The first weekend of April will be sunny and warm, with maximums up to 22 degrees expected on Sunday, according to Weeronline. But that does not mean we can suddenly ignore the social distancing measures implemented to fight the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, the weather service warned. "Follow the advice of the government even in good weather," Weeronline said in a pop-up warning. "We can protect ourselves and others."

The coal operated power plant at Eemshaven
Apr 2 '20 17:43

Three of the five remaining coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands will see either their production scale back dramatically or their facilities close altogether in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the country. The Cabinet agreed to the measure on Friday, undisclosed sources told broadcaster NOS nearly a week later.

Oak processionary caterpillars
Apr 2 '20 09:50

The outbreak of the coronavirus, and the shortage of protective clothing it entails, is posing a problem for the fight against the oak processionary caterpillar, the association of gardeners and landscapers VHG and various contractors that fight the plague of poisonous caterpillars said to NRC.