Oct 15 '13 00:06

Hunters expect it will be tricky to shoot off wild boar at the Veluwe, because there are many acorns, chestnuts and beechnuts this year.

Oct 2 '13 00:22

Uncertainty drives the Dutch Greenpeace activist Faiza Oulahsen crazy in a Russian cell. She writes this in a letter to a co-worker. The letter was published by Greenpeace on the organization's website.

Sep 30 '13 02:52

The Dutch Greenpeace activists Faiza Oulahsen and Mannes Ubels will stay in a Russian cell for the next two months . The judge in Murmansk extended their detention.

Sep 25 '13 02:40

The Asian fruit fly Drosophila suzukii that damaged crops in North America and southern Europe, now threatens Dutch orchards. The expectation is that the fruit fly may also cause harm in the Netherlands, writes Dijksma, State Secretary of Agriculture, in response to questions from the House.

Sep 25 '13 02:35

The Arctic Sunrise crew, among which two Dutch, was transferred to the office of Inquiry in Russia.

Sep 24 '13 02:03

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, sailing under Dutch flag, is expected to arrive in the Russian Moermansk on Tuesday. This is reported by Greenpeace and the Russian press Interfax.

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Sep 23 '13 20:03

It was remarkably crowded at the Holwerd pier last Sunday the 15th. Over a hundred and fifty people had gathered to participate in the popular Dutch mudflat hiking. Called ‘wadlooptocht’, this recreation is a walk from Holwerd to Ameland, wading in the waters of the mudflats of the Wadden Sea. Mudflat hiking is a unique activity that only can be experienced in a few parts of Europe.

Sep 21 '13 02:08

Greenpeace has not been able to establish any radio contact with the crew of the Arctic Sunrise, since early Thursday evening. The crew of thirty, of which two Dutchmen, are held captive by the Russian coastguard.

Sep 20 '13 02:17

Greenpeace re-established contact with the Arctic Sunrise and reports their ship that has been taken over by the Russian coastguard, south from Nova Zembla. Among the crew are two Dutch activists.

Sep 20 '13 02:10

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, with two Dutch crew members aboard, is being directed to the northern Russian Moermansk. The campaign leader, Faiza Oulahsen, reported this to the NOS. The 30 crew members are under arrest.

Sep 11 '13 04:20

Heavy rainfall caused a bit of nuisance in many parts of the country on Tuesday.

Sep 9 '13 05:33

The use and processing of the controversial biofuel palm oil in the Netherlands has doubled in the past six years, up to 1.3 million tonnes in 2012 . This is stated in a research report published on Monday by the European umbrella organization of Milieudefensie.

Wednesday, the European Parliament will approve a proposal of the European Commission, to reduce the use of food crops (including palm oil) to a maximum of 5 percent in fuel mixes. Milieudefensie calls on parliamentarians to support this plan .

Largest importer

Sep 5 '13 05:23

Elevated sand shoals in the Oosterschelde are disappearing underwater. That is particularly a threat to migratory birds, which are resting and eating at these spots, says Natuurmonumenten. Seals also make use of them to suckle their young.

Cause of the problem is the storm surge barrier in the Oosterschelde (Oosterscheldekering). The coastal defense work is intended to preserve the ecosystem in the estuary, but the incoming water appears strong enough to remove sand from the shoals and mudflats but has insufficient power to deposit sand again.

Sep 4 '13 01:48

The Netherlands still has some sunny and warm summer days ahead. Thursday will even be a superb beach day. The local temperatures can reach 30 degrees.

Aug 27 '13 02:36

The Greenpeace icebreaker Arctic Sunrise leaves the Northern Sea Route. The activists chose to leave the area, because the Russians threatened with violence.

Aug 17 '13 07:11

That is a slogan currently being campaigned by The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to stop elephant back riding.

Jul 25 '13 09:29

Methane release brought by climate change, specifically from melting ice in the Arctic could cost the entire global economy over $60 trillion in the next several years, according to a report published in the journal Nature.

Jul 5 '13 07:55

On Wednesday, the largest living crab was spotted in Scheveningen at Sea Life Center near The Hague, according to live5news.