Feb 4 '16 13:45

Assisted suicide will remain illegal. It is not necessary to change the law on assisted suicide, the committee Schnabel concludes in its advisory report. The committee was asked to investigate whether people who feel that their life is done and want to die, need additional legal options

Feb 4 '16 10:55

Many popular children's drinks contain as much, if not more, sugar than soda, according to a study done by food watchdog Foodwatch. Consuming too much sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart problems and strokes.

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Feb 4 '16 07:23

Some 25 tons of the toxic gas ethylene oxide leaked into the the atmosphere from the Shell installation in Moerdijk, the oil giant discovered on Wednesday last week. According to the company, there is no danger to public health

Feb 3 '16 11:24

Football legend Johan Cruijff is dealing with his fight against cancer, which he was diagnosed with in October, in an optimistic way, son Jordi Cruijff said

Feb 3 '16 08:22

The lower house of Dutch parliament on Tuesday approved a proposal to ban smoking on all school grounds by 2020

Feb 2 '16 10:42

Amsterdam man Fabian Cornelissen is the face of a world wide campaign, launched by the Dutch Kidney foundation on Monday, aimed at developing the first portable artificial kidney. The aim of the campaign, called Help Them Escape, is to raise the 10 million euros needed to build such a portable artificial kidney and to help give kidney patients dependent on dialyses get their freedom back.

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Feb 2 '16 09:55

The Hartwig Medical Foundation launched a large cancer database containing DNA information on cancer patients in Amsterdam on Monday. The idea behind the database is that each patient can get customized cancer treatments based on their DNA

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Feb 2 '16 07:55

Dutch abortion service Woman on Web is offering free medical abortion pills to women in Middle- and South America who are infected with the Zika virus. The women will have to go through an online consultation during which they must show that they are less than 9 weeks pregnant and send the laboratory results showing that they are infected with the virus before the pills are sent.

Jan 29 '16 12:20

A 56-year-old Dutch man died in Costa Rica of swine flu (H1N1) on Wednesday, the local Minister of Health Fernando Llorca confirmed. He died in a private clinic, where he was admitted about a month ago

Jan 28 '16 12:41

Dutch parliamentarians are concerned about the increasing use of GHB. According to the CDA, the use of this party drug is especially increasing in "hot spots" in Brabant, Twente and Friesland

Jan 25 '16 15:25

Eight percent of the Dutch population aged 12 years and older admitted to suffering from depression in 2014. That is more than 1 million people. Depression is most common around in middle aged people, and more common in women than in men, 9 percent and six percent respectively, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Monday.

Jan 25 '16 11:26

Between 30 and 40 asylum seekers fell ill in the Arnhem asylum center on Sunday. After investigation, the fire department believes they probably have the flu, with symptoms including fever and nausea

Jan 25 '16 10:55

The Dutch national health authority RIVM is warning pregnant women not to travel to areas known to be infected with the Zika Virus, including Suriname. "We advise pregnant women to think twice about a such a trip", Jaap van Dissel of the RIVM said on Nieuwsuur on Saturday

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Jan 22 '16 14:20

Ten Dutch people are infected with the Zika Virus, the virus that took over South and Central America in mid-December. The virus is generally not dangerous to adults, but can be very dangerous for unborn children

Badr Hari
Jan 20 '16 10:39

Kickboxer Badr Hari's sister Houda passed away after a long illness. Hari announced her death on Instagram.

Jan 20 '16 10:29

On Tuesday the preliminary injunction court in Haarlem tried the case on whether or not 4-year-old deaf failed asylum seeker Kalma had the right to an operation that will make her able to hear. The lawyers' arguments focused mainly on whether the operation on the deaf girl is a "medical necessity"

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Jan 20 '16 10:07

Euthanasia requests from people with advanced dementia are hardly ever honored, even if they drew up a written request when they were still lucid, according to a study done into the records of 26 legally incompetent dementia patients

Jan 19 '16 09:37

The number of medicines temporarily unavailable in the Netherlands increased sharply over the past years. In five years the shortages quadrupled, according to pharmacists organization KNMP

Jan 15 '16 10:45

The Leiden University Medical Center is temporarily not performing any liver and complex kidney transplant operations because of a conflict between doctors "about their mutual work method", the hospital announced on Thursday

Jan 15 '16 10:15

Johan Kieft, the Dutch United Nations official who was seriously injured in the terrorist attacks in Jakarta on Thursday, is no longer in life threatening danger. He will be transferred to a hospital in Singapore once his condition allows it, his family announced

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Jan 13 '16 10:45

Two gynecologists and two judges are advocating for forced cesarean sections on pregnant women if the life or health of the child is at stake. They want a judge to intervene if the mother's refusal to have a C-section puts her baby's life in dange

Jan 12 '16 10:51

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority issued a health warning over Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars with hazelnut. According to the Authority, the chocolate bars may contain traces of peanuts, even if it is not stated on the packaging, which can be dangerous to people with peanut allergies.

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Jan 12 '16 08:59

Christophe Cabibel, father of little Adam who had a heart attack on a KLM flight between Amsterdam and Singapore on January 3rd, reached out to KLM on Facebook to thank the crew and captain for making an emergency landing in Bucharest so that his son could be treated. Little Adam is doing well.

Jan 11 '16 13:55

The fur linings of some children's jackets contain large quantities of toxic substances, particularly the carcinogenic formaldehyde and ethoxylaten known to disrupt hormone production, the German Bremer Umwelt Institute found in a study done on behalf of television program Kassa and animal protection organization Bont voor Dieren, Medical Facts reports.