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Apr 4 '16 13:17

Six teacher training colleges will soon start training teachers specifically on healthy lifestyles. The aim is for every primary school to have, in addition to language-, math- and science experts, also a health expert in house, to watch what the children eat and make sure they exercise enough

Mar 31 '16 10:59

Younger Dutch generations are more unhealthy than the generations preceding them and are at greater risk of morbid obesity and high blood pressure, according to a major study done by the RIVM

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Mar 29 '16 14:15

Staff shortages at the municipal health services GGD could cause problems in the health services' ability to respond to infectious disease outbreaks. And this while the risk of such outbreaks is increasing due to people traveling more, according to a report by GGD umbrella organization GGDGHOR

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Mar 29 '16 13:50

An increasing number of Dutch doctors are concerned that the American "lawsuit culture" is heading towards the Netherlands. Doctors are so worried that a patient, relatives or health insurers will file a lawsuit against them, that they often perform treatments just so the patient can feel that everything possible was done, according to a survey by Stichting Beroepseer and VVaa

asylum seekers
Mar 24 '16 15:40

Health care options for asylum seekers in the Netherlands were below par last year. The large influx of asylum seekers, more than double that of 2014, caused multiple problems for medical care services, the Healthcare Inspectorate reported on Thursday.

Mar 24 '16 13:56

Dutch football legend Johan Cruijff died at the age of 68 on Thursday. He passed away peacefully in Barcelona, surrounded by his family, the Cruyff foundation announced.

Mar 24 '16 10:51

The Dupont/Chemours chemical factory in Dordrecht exposed local residents to serious health risks for decades with its Teflon production, the RIVM concluded in an as yet confidential investigation RTL Nieuws got its hands on.

Mar 23 '16 12:54

The police are increasingly finding empty whipped cream canisters where young people hang out. Young people use the nitrous oxide in the canisters to get high, which could lead to brain damage, infertility, impotence or neurological disorders in the long term, according to the police.

Mar 22 '16 15:40

The Dutch Nutrition Center presented new nutrition recommendations on Tuesday, the first completely new recommendations since 2004. The Center advises more vegetables and less mea

Mar 21 '16 15:25

A group of dozens of famous Dutch people expressed their concerns about the introduction of the NIP-test in the Netherlands in an open letter in the Volkskrant on Monday. The NIPT is a non-invasive test that can determine whether an unborn child will have Down's syndrome, among other syndromes.

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Mar 17 '16 16:15

In an open letter on their website on Thursday, doctors' association KNMG called for a ban on selling tobacco and cigarettes in supermarkets, gas station stores, bookstores and drug stores.

Mar 17 '16 14:35

The Dutch Burns Foundation is concerned about the large number of babies and toddlers that end up in hospital every year because of burns. A massive 26.8 percent of burn victims are kids between the ages of 0 and 4 years, that is more than 200 kids per year.

Mar 17 '16 14:05

The University of Amsterdam issued an internal memo warning of a scabies outbreak at the Science Park. At least one student was diagnosed with the highly contagious, itchy skin infection

Mar 17 '16 10:46

A growing shortage of highly trained nurses has professional associations and healthcare organizations concerned. Sectors such as district nursing, nursing hoes and specialist departments in hospitals, like oncology and dialysis, are particularly affected by the "worrying shortage", Sonja Kersten, director of nurses' professional association V&VN.

Psychiatric Hospital
Mar 16 '16 08:32

Ninety percent of Dutch municipalities noticed an increase in reports about disturbed people over the past five years. In 140 municipalities, the number of reports doubled between 2011 and 2015, according to figures NU received from the police.

Mar 14 '16 10:03

Wealthier people are more likely to visit the dentist than people with money troubles. Last year 70 percent of people in the lowest income groups visited the dentist, compared to 90 percent of people in the highest income groups, according to a survey done by Statistics Netherlands.

Mar 14 '16 09:46

The association of Dutch pilots VNV is calling for peer-operated self-help groups to help pilots suffering from depression or battling with addiction

Mar 10 '16 16:35

Health Minister Edith Schippers recommends that patients record conversations with their doctors. According to her, listening to the recorded conversation at home can help a patient put his thoughts in order an make a decision.

Mar 10 '16 14:05

The Inspectorate for Social Affairs and Employment launched an investigation into working conditions at the DuPont plant in Dordrecht following reports of employees being exposed to toxic chemicals, a spokesperson confirmed

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Mar 10 '16 12:43

For the first time in years the number of tuberculosis cases in the Netherlands increased last year, according to the national institute for public health and environment RIVM. The increase can completely be attributed to asylum seekers coming from countries where TB is prevalent.

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Mar 10 '16 09:27

Peter M., a nurse who was convicted to 8 years in prison in 2012 for injecting men with HIV-infected blood in Groningen, started working as a nurse again after serving his sentence. The Healthcare Inspectorate found out about it last year and took the case to the disciplinary court

Mar 9 '16 09:53

Employees of chemical company DuPont in Dordrecht are demanding blood tests after it was revealed that they worked for years with the toxic substance C8, which is used to make Teflon for non-stick pans. They are concerned about health problems

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Mar 7 '16 13:20

Many doctors and hospitals were difficult or impossible to reach on Monday morning due to a national phone outage. It is not clear how many practices were affected. But E-Zorg, which controls the secure network, stated that it was a national problem.

Mar 7 '16 09:36

Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health is investing 12 million euros into research on women's health problems, specifically mapping the health related differences between women and men, the Ministry announced on Monday.