Aug 19 '16 07:35

The police are now investigating 70 deaths connected to alternative cancer clinic Klaus Ross in Germany. According to German broadcaster WDR, the police suspect these deaths may have been caused by treatment in the clinic.

Aug 17 '16 13:20

The air in Amsterdam is so polluted that residents suffer the same health detriments by breathing it that they would do from passively smoking 6.4 cigarettes, according to calculations by environmental organization Milieudefensie

Aug 15 '16 16:00

Some 450 people living around a former DuPont plant in Dordrecht received a letter inviting them to have a blood test done. These blood tests were serve as a sample for an investigation into toxic chemicals used by the company until 2012

Aug 12 '16 12:10

Kids with overweight parents are more likely to be overweight themselves than children whose parents have normal weights, according to the Health/Lifestyle Monitor by Statistics Netherlands and public health organization RIVM.

Aug 12 '16 10:29

The rat population in Amsterdam seems to be soaring - last year public heath service GGD received 17 percent more complaints about the rodent than in 2014

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Aug 12 '16 09:49

Doctors in the Netherlands do not have to call the authorities if they have a patient with violent ideas in their consulting room - their professional confidentiality only lapses when there is a "concrete threat", according to doctors' federation KNMG in a guide to doctors

Aug 11 '16 15:40

Professional information and advise about health risks and vaccinations for traveling to tropical places often leaves something to be desired, according to a study by consumers association Consumentenbond. Mystery shoppers visited 20 doctors and vaccination centers and something was wrong or missing in every one of the consultations

Achmea Holding
Aug 11 '16 14:10

Achmea will have to increase their premiums, the management said in a press release with their half-year figures. According to the insurer, this "unavoidable" premium increase is necessary to absorb higher damages caused by climate change

Mosquito (Source: Wikimedia/JJ Harrison)
Aug 10 '16 16:00

Professor Willem Takken of the Wageningen University believes that he can eventually completely eradicate malaria using a mosquito trap that smells like a human body. The research into the use of this trap was published in The Lancet medical journal on Wednesday

Aug 10 '16 15:30

Amsterdam hospital AMC launched an experiment with showing patients movies during surgery in order to relax them. The first patient took part in the experiment on Tuesday and found it an "enriching" experience, according to the hospital.

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Aug 8 '16 16:40

Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health wants to put an end to the shortage of stem cell donors in the Netherlands and give all leukemia or other blood cancer patients a proper chance of finding a match. She therefore teamed up with the Dutch center for stem cell donors Matchis to launch a campaign to recruit new donors.

Aug 5 '16 16:20

The Dutch and German authorities are calling on all people who received treatment at the Klaus Ross Cancer Clinic to report in due to a serious and concrete health risk, the Dutch police said in a statement. This follows the recent deaths of three of the clinic's patients.

Aug 5 '16 15:20

A 59-year-old man from Almere was arrested on Thursday for performing careless and unlicensed circumcisions on young boys in the asylum center in Katwijk

Aug 4 '16 11:20

On average overweight people reach about the same age as people with a healthy weight, according to a study done by researchers from Erasmus MC in Rotterdam along with doctors from America

Aug 4 '16 10:41

Over the past five years pharmaceutical companies lost out on about 335 million euros in turnover in the Netherlands because Dutch doctors avoid prescribing expensive diabetes medications, according to research by he institute for responsible medication use IVM

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Aug 4 '16 10:08

The Dutch Ministries of Public Health and Economic Affairs are looking into using blank cigarette packages without manufacturers' logos, a spokesperson confirmed to The ministries hope that this will make buying cigarettes less attractive and thereby discourage smoking.

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Aug 3 '16 12:00

Over half a million cardiovascular patients experience problems after switching to the use of cheaper, generic medicine, according to a study done by knowledge institute Nivel among patients and pharmacists. The most common complaints are fatigue and more side effects

Aug 3 '16 11:30

Health insurer CZ published a list of treatment and procedure rates at different hospitals, thereby also revealing that hospitals charge vastly different prices for the same treatments, sometimes varying by hundreds of euros.

Aug 3 '16 08:30

Joke van der Kolk (43) from WIjk en Aalburg passed away on Saturday after visiting alternative cancer clinic Klaus Ross Center in Bracht, Germany. She received an alternative treatment for her breast cancer at the clinic

Aug 2 '16 13:05

Young people in the Netherlands increasingly deal with back, neck and shoulder pain due to bad posture and too little exercise, numerous physiotherapists said to Dutch newspaper AD. They feel that parents, teaches and doctors pay too little attention to kids' posture these days.

Aug 1 '16 15:35

Supermarket chain Albert Heijn is joining the fight against sugar. From the end of this year, the supermarket will reduce the sugar content of hundreds of its home brand products and launch new products with no added sugar

Jul 28 '16 14:45

A recent study lead researchers from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam to believe that, in addition to already known birth defects in babies like microecphaly, the Zika virus may also cause damage to bones and joints

Jul 27 '16 13:50

Over 30 percent of nurses and caregivers think that an "irresponsible" number of tasks are left up to informal caregivers, according to a survey by the nurses and carers association V&VN among nearly a thousand of its members

Jul 20 '16 08:30

The DuPont Teflon plant in Dortrecht is releasing a carcinogenic substance over residential neighborhoods of Dordrecht and Sliedrecht that threatens the health of nearby residents and workers in the plant, toxicologists said to the Volkskrant.