Feb 20 '14 04:31

State Secretary of Environment, Mansveld, adopted the recommendation of the Health Council to issue a large-scale study of health risks of pesticides. In 2015 and 2016 everybody who lives near agricultural areas will receive an invitation for a screening, announced Mansveld.

Feb 18 '14 15:10

The wife of a barge captain was mortally injured this morning when she fell overboard between two ships during anchoring of the ship in Dodewaard.

Sexual theme Kijkwijzer
Feb 18 '14 07:55

High Schoolers have been posed very explicit questions about their sexuality by the GGD, causing outrage among parents.

Feb 17 '14 14:01

The Italian company, Fiorucci, pulled 4,230 packages of 80 gram Salame Milano off the shelves in the Netherlands because they may be contaminated with E.coli. Albert Heijn is the only Dutch supermarket carrying the product.

Feb 17 '14 08:59

Clinics in the Netherlands are waging Warcraft on gaming addicts, which have risen 66 percent in the last two years.

Feb 15 '14 04:34

The Lidl is recalling its trout fillets with garlic of the Ocean Sea brand. The expiration date is incorrect.

Feb 13 '14 09:45

A woman was killed in a collision on the A28 in Putten on Wednesday night.

Feb 13 '14 09:30

Diners will no longer have to envision themselves in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares as new initiative wants to publicize lunchroom cleanliness online.

Feb 13 '14 09:11

police suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than was previously expected.

Feb 13 '14 04:33

The founder of 2theloo, 44-year-old Eric Treurniet, lost his life in a car crash last week Friday on a freeway in Belgium, after barely realizing his dream to expand his creation to all continents. During heavy rains Treurniet lost control over the wheel of his Porsche and crashed into a pole.

Feb 13 '14 04:31

Half of the youth younger than 16, who bought cigarettes in 2013 was never asked for their ID, as evidenced by a survey of TNS-NIPO, one of the oldest market research agencies in the Netherlands.

Feb 12 '14 15:19

The Belgian parliament is debating Wednesday afternoon whether to drop the age limit for an euthanasia request. Young teens are rarely euthanized.

Feb 12 '14 08:40

Children at the Verhoeff-Rollmannschool in Bodegraven aren't allowed to play chase anymore after a safety probe has deemed it too dangerous.

Feb 11 '14 15:41

Men who are overweight are at higher risk of erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, which in turn is a precursor of cardio vascular diseases within 2-5 years, according to Urologist Herman Leliefeld.

Feb 11 '14 07:40

In 2013, more people with a psychiatric disorder have received euthanasia, according to minister Edith Schippers.

Feb 11 '14 06:59

The first day of Q-fever examinations has begun in Herpen, which has drawn a large number of people to get their blood tested.

Feb 10 '14 16:21

Two Dutch men went missing in Ireland, during a stroll in the Southern county of Cork, according to reports from Irish media, Monday.

No image available
Feb 9 '14 23:15

A 26-year-old man is dead following a horrific fireworks accident at a football match in Veendam Sunday evening.

No image available
Feb 9 '14 11:20

The grieving fathers of two girls who died from carbon monoxide poisoning last year have taken to social media to urge authorities to make detectors mandatory.

Feb 7 '14 16:43

A bus with 47 passengers crashed 120 yards down into a ravine, killing 14 people, among whom a 26-year-old Dutch woman from Vorstenbosch, reported police Friday.

No image available
Feb 7 '14 13:33

The man who died Wednesday night during a fireworks mishap in The Hague, has been identified as Mike Vrickx, a 32-year-old former youthworker from Westlandse Monster who jokingly called himself Mike 'Hardcore'.

Feb 6 '14 15:40

A dangerous chemical, Acrylonitril, leaked from an empty railway tank wagon, Thursday, in the "Kijfhoek" railway yard in Zwijndrecht.

Feb 5 '14 16:46

Dutch of Moroccan descent are more likely to be misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, according to psychiatrist Tekleh Zandi who got her PhD at the University of Amsterdam this week.

Feb 4 '14 12:03

Pediatricians, academic hospitals and parents are resisting a law proposal about medical research on children.