Jan 28 '14 10:47

A clinic in the northern Dutch city of Hoorn is currently testing close to 300 patients for possible infection with the VRE-bacteria.

Jan 24 '14 16:05

A first report of a fatality due to the use of the NuvaRing, a plastic ring that is inserted vaginally as a means for birth control, has been registered by Lareb, an organization that keeps track of side effects of pharmaceuticals, according to the Argos program.

Jan 24 '14 15:26

Dutch health minister Edith Schippers has entered an agreement with manufacturers and caterers to reduce the amount of salt in food, AD reported on Friday.

 The men behind Wingman
Jan 24 '14 14:11

Two engineers at Delft-based firm Wingman have won a design award for a new condom, Nos reported.

Jan 23 '14 04:32

Breast cancer screening plays an important role in the drop in mortality rate, according to the Board of Health, recognizing however, the screening also has its downsides.

Jan 21 '14 20:17

The "Heart patients" Hotline evaluated the complaints it received in its first year of existence and announced them on Monday. The most common complaint about physicians and nursing staff is that they are "rude" and "arrogant."

Jan 16 '14 21:03

the Netherlands is on the brink of a flu epidemic, with the number of Dutch, home sick with the flu, doubled in one week's time.

Jan 14 '14 11:16

The Institute for Asbestos Victims (IAS) data shows that 38 cases of asbestos cancer in bakers have been reported from 2000 to 2011, according to current affairs TV program Zembla.

Jan 14 '14 04:35

About 24,000 pounds of French horse meat from 200 slaughter horses that did not pass the health inspection, was sold on the Dutch market, reported State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Economic Affairs to Parliament on Monday.

Jan 14 '14 04:31

The Groningen Health Service in Friesland (GGD Friesland) wants the eggs, produced by hobby farmers, to be examined for dioxin in a national study. The GGD has reason to believe the high levels of dioxin are not only limited to Harlingen.

No image available
Jan 13 '14 17:20

Police in The Hague manhandled 17-year-old diabetes patient Yosra Aajir because she was caught injecting insulin in a HEMA.

Jan 13 '14 04:35

The Red Cross wants to supply all Dutch with a first aid card, containing important medical information for first aid responders, states the new CEO, Gijs de Vries, to ANP (Netherlands national news agency).

Jan 11 '14 06:00

The Dutch Healthcare Authority has decided to reduce the fees psychiatrists charge for driver's license checks after many complaints, Nos reported on Friday.

Jan 10 '14 14:43

Dutch health insurance firm Achmea is reclaiming €4 million from more than 1,000 dentists.

Jan 9 '14 11:26

Bakkersland, the largest industrial bakery company in the Netherlands, admitted that asbestos released in ovens at its factories in recent years.

Jan 8 '14 04:31

KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) provides psychological researchers from the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) with a grant of 1.1 million euros for research on mindfulness and behavioral therapy in cancer patients with depression. The research should lead to a tailored, personal advice for cancer patients.

Jan 7 '14 11:10

Some 15,000 are expected to be disqualified for nursing home due to new stricter standards, the AD reports on Tuesday.

Dec 31 '13 04:33

Researchers have developed supplements that stimulate energy usage, resulting in possible weight loss.

Dec 27 '13 04:31

More and more people opt to donate a kidney to a stranger during the course of their lives. In 2007 there were only 6 so-called "altruistic" donors, in 2013 that number increased to 41.

Dec 26 '13 07:13

Three cardiac surgeons from the Netherlands will perform 25 heart operations in Belarus.

Dec 25 '13 04:31

Residents of the Caribbean island St. Martin are called upon to do everything in their power to prevent further spreading of the Chikungunya virus by mosquitos.

Alcoholic Beverage
Dec 24 '13 19:19

A new research reveals that 81% of parents want their younger teens should be allowed to continue drinking alcohol.

Dec 19 '13 12:00

One in ten people in the Netherlands suffered from depression in 2012, according to figures the Central Bureau of Statistics

Dec 18 '13 04:33

The Dutch Burn Centre will gain access to a 3D printer to aid in the recovery of serious injuries. The printer can be used to reconstruct noses and ears, using the victim's body cells.