Aug 21 '15 13:38

Long working hours can increase the risk of having a stroke. People who work 55 hours per week or more have a 1.3 times higher risk of having a stroke than individuals who work standard hours

Aug 20 '15 09:20

Around 150 thousand people are receiving occupational disability benefits in the Netherlands while they are actually able to go back to work, mainly due to a lack of reassessment. Most occupationally disabled people do not see a insurance doctor for years, while many recover during that time.

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Aug 19 '15 11:57

Dozens of Dutch tourists are spending their holiday in Macedonia in the bathroom rather than at the pool or the beach. A mysterious virus from the nearby Skopje has two-thirds of the Dutch tourists in the Izgrev Spa & Aqua Park in Ohrid stuck in their hotel rooms.

Aug 17 '15 12:35

Baby Tim was so excited to meet the world that he could not wait for his mom to reach the hospital. He was born just after midnight on Sunday morning on the A2 highway near Vught, surrounded by police officers holding umbrellas to protect mom, midwife and baby from the rain. Both mom and baby are doing well.

Aug 17 '15 12:11

Leading pulmonologists and pediatricians are calling for a ban on smoking in cars with children in the back seat. According to them, parents underestimate how very harmful nicotine vapors in a small space can be to children

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Aug 14 '15 13:21

Slovenian opera singer Ambroz Bajec-Lapajne has posted a video on YouTube of him singing Gute Nacht by Schubert while undergoing awake brain surgery

Aug 13 '15 14:55

High amounts of essential fatty acids consumed during pregnancy may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in the kids.

Aug 13 '15 14:24

A group of more than 200 programmers, hackers, healthcare professionals, innovators and designers will be locking themselves in to the Blokhuispoort Prison in Leeuwarden for a 30 hour challenge on innovative ways to improve healthcare.

Aug 11 '15 12:25

Gastrointestinal and liver doctors are worried about the ever increasing waiting times for intestinal surgeries. Some patients have to wait up to 12 weeks for a surgery, which can put the patients' health at risk.

Aug 11 '15 10:00

Dutch embassies world wide are having to deal with an increasing number of mentally unstable Dutch people. Dutch people with psychiatric problems are repatriated with consular assistance about 60 times a year - roughly twice as many as 10 years ago.

Aug 10 '15 15:26

The World Health Organization is concerned about the increasing number of artificially induced births in the Netherlands, often done without medical necessity

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Aug 10 '15 15:01

The new HIV inhibitor Prep is in high demand among gay men living in the capital. GGD Amsterdam recently announced a trial on the pill that reduces the risk of HIV infection. Only 370 men can participate in the study, but the number of applications were much higher.

Aug 7 '15 12:19

Animal rights organization Wakker Dier found five cases of spoiled meat and four cases of E-coli in barbecue packs after testing 21 samples, the organization announced on Thursday.

Aug 6 '15 12:29

People who eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day have a lower risk of getting oral cancer than people who do not eat enough fruit and vegetables.

Aug 4 '15 10:44

The Royal Netherlands Society for Dentistry is investigating a case of a dentist practice in Kaatsheuvel refusing treatment for a HIV positive patient. According to the patient, John, he was refused treatment due to his infection. According to the practice, Cosmident, John was refused because he did not inform the practice of his infection himself.

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Jul 31 '15 10:30

A Leeuwarden man ended up in the hospital on Thursday after being bitten by an exotic spider that entered his home in a package from Australia. He is doing well after receiving treatment

Jul 31 '15 09:52

Insurer Menzis often refuses breast cancer patients' requests for a chest bandage for painful fluid retention in their chest, even after a referral from a physician or therapists.

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Jul 31 '15 08:24

Four Dutch people have been placed in quarantine in Sierra Leone as a precaution to make sure they have not been infected with Ebola. They are two doctors, who work in the Masanga Hospital in Tonkolli where a patient died of Ebola last week, and one of the doctors' wife and child

Jul 30 '15 15:45

Loneliness is a major issue in the Netherlands, especially among women between the ages of 30 and 60 years. This is according to annual figures of Sensoor, the 24 hour anonymous helpline for people who need someone to talk to.

Jul 30 '15 15:04

Doctors and pharmacists should wait before installing Windows 10 on their practice computers, former doctor and expert in medical IT systems Wim Jongejan writes on his website. According to him, just upgrading to Windows 10 could cause a substantial number of problems with practice software.

Jul 29 '15 12:23

A massive 40.6 percent of young women between the ages of 12 and 25 years have experienced non-volitional sex. Among young men of the same age group, that percentage is 20.4

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Jul 29 '15 10:49

The vast majority of Dutch people think that young people who end up in the hospital after drinking to much, should pay the bill themselves, either completely or partially. About the same amount feel the same about smokers who need help quitting.

Jul 28 '15 10:51

A large international conference on the psycho-social aspects of HIV and AIDS starts in Amsterdam on Tuesday

Jul 27 '15 11:21

The Salvation Army is taking on an increasing amount of the care for vulnerable people in society due to the cutbacks in mental health care. In the Salvation Army's own words, this mostly involves people who "have no helper" - people who do not have a social network to help them and thus can not function on their own in the participation society.