Entrance to UMC Groningen
Mar 24 '20 09:26

Virologist Alex Friedrich of the University Medical Center in Groningen thinks that the Netherlands should be testing more for the coronavirus Covid-19. The current testing of only risk groups is not enough and he does not understand the claim that there is not enough capacity to do more, Friedrich said in an interview with De Groene Amsterdammer.

GP post at the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam
Mar 24 '20 08:48

The OLVG location in Amsterdam West is building a large "Corona Care Unit" where patients who think they have the virus can have a CT scan done to check. "These are people who have been referred by a GP or specialist," a spokesperson for the hospital said to Amsterdam broadcaster AT5. "Thanks to the CT scan, we can immediately distinguish."

Covid-19: Sign in Amsterdam's Oosterpark instructing people to stay 1.5 meters apart
Mar 24 '20 07:57

The Netherlands' mayors are pleased with the new packet of measures the government implemented against the spread of the coronavirus on Monday. The new measures give them "clear rules" and the possibility to intervene. 

KNVB football
Mar 23 '20 23:55

With nine match days remaining in the Eredivisie, the top level of Dutch football, the country's football association, KNVB, said it is examining all options for the final 162 games left to play in the season. All matches were suspended as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the country, which included a ban on all gatherings of a hundred people or more, and the shutdown of all sports clubs and their facilities.

Screen showing an elderly patient's vitals in hospital
Mar 23 '20 15:20

The Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is setting up a national coordination center for patient distribution and bed capacity in an empty lecture hall. The center will coordinate how many intensive care unit beds are available where for coronavirus patients. If a hospital is full, patients who can be transferred will be, Ernst Kuipers, board chairman of Erasmus MC and chairman of the National Network for Intensive Care, said to NOS.

Mar 23 '20 14:41

Another 545 people in the Netherlands were diagnosed with coronavirus Covid-19, bringing the total diagnoses up to 4,749, public health institute RIVM said on Monday. A total of 213 people have died from the virus, an increase of 34 from Sunday. They range in age from 55 to 97, with an average age of 82.

Mar 23 '20 13:50

KLM will be flying from Hong Kong to Amsterdam at 1:35 p.m. on Tuesday, local time. The airline has been granted an exemption from the Dutch aviation authorities for the landing ban that applies to flights from the Chinese city, the Consulate General in Hong Kong announced. Dutch and residents of other EU or Schengen countries stuck in Hong Kong are advised to contact the Dutch airline, the Telegraaf reports. 

Dutch police car
Mar 23 '20 13:00

A drug manufacturer from Zeewolde was placed under 24-hour police security on Saturday. Jan Willem Popma's company Ace makes chloroquine, an old malaria medicine that had a positive effect on a number of Covid-19 patients. Now Popma is getting increasing visits from "vague types", not only at work but also at his home, he said to EenVandaag.

Bruno Bruins, Mark Rutte, and Jaap van Dissel at a press conference introducing new rules regarding coronavirus.
Mar 23 '20 12:10

The Ministerial Crisis Management Committee will be meeting again on Monday evening to discuss whether any further measures need to be taken around coronavirus Covid-19. After that the safety offices of at least 25 different regions will meet in Utrecht to discuss municipal and regional measures, NOS reports.

Medical masks
Mar 23 '20 09:02

After calling on Netherlands residents to donate protective gear for healthcare workers on Friday, the Red Cross collected over 125 thousand masks, 36 thousand pairs of protective glasses and 500 liters of disinfectant over the weekend. The items will be made available to care institutions that need them most, the aid organization said to the Telegraaf.

Light the Sky: Erasmus MC in Rotterdam lit up to show support for care and aid workers in the Covid-19 crisis, 22 March 2020
Mar 23 '20 08:33

On Sunday evening, event organizations, audiovisual companies, theaters, and other entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry lit up the Netherlands' sky to show support for healthcare workers and other aid workers during the coronavirus crisis. 

"Our call to colleagues to participate exploded," Cees Scheij of Stagelight in Den Bosch said to Omroep Brabant. 

Mar 23 '20 08:07

American medical group Johnson & Johnson is working with over 100 people in Leiden on a vaccine against coronavirus Covid-19, but this vaccine will likely not be tested in the Netherlands. The rules for clinical tests on humans are stricter in the Netherlands than in other countries, and the group wants to avoid delays, Financieele Dagblad reports.

Ahmed Aboutaleb
Mar 23 '20 07:46

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam wants the government to give municipalities more resources to enforce government measures and advice against the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, he said on Nieuwsuur on Sunday. A contact ban - a prohibition on more than two people being outside together - could be on the table, the mayor said. "It would be a horrendous measure, but if these kinds of calls and measures do not work, this could come into the picture."

People line up to enter DIY shop Praxis
Mar 22 '20 14:17

Some 43 coronavirus patients died in the Netherlands since Saturday, with the nation now mourning the loss of 179 people, public health agency RIVM said on Sunday. The agency also announced that another 573 tested positive for the virus, pushing the total number of diagnosed patients to 4,204, nearly four-times the number of patients recorded on March 15.

Just one week ago, the total number of patients in the Netherlands was 1,077. By that date, a total of 20 people who tested positive for the virus had died, a figure which has increased by 800 percent in the past seven days.

NL-Alert for coronavirus
Mar 22 '20 12:00

After months of gloomy weather and winter storms, the Netherlands finally started a weekend bathed in sunshine. The timing could not have been worse: The country is no exception to the coronavirus pandemic, with politicians and health officials repeatedly telling everyone to stay home as much as possible and maintain social distance while out on the street.

Working from home
Mar 22 '20 08:00

With more people working from home to help slow the spread of coronavirus, many are quickly realizing that their home workspaces are less than ideal. Working on a computer in wonky, awkward positions can lead to a variety of physical ailments, like herniated discs and other back injuries, or sore eyes and blurry vision.

A map depicting the rate of coronavirus infections on March 21, 2020
Mar 21 '20 16:25

A delivery of 690 thousand medical masks arrived at Schiphol Airport on Saturday, the first tranche of millions ordered by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport from organizations in China. The ministry said it also secured another 200 thousand masks domestically, but ran into a snag to take possession of even more when some Dutch businesses tried to charge extortionate prices for them.

A hospital isolation room
Mar 21 '20 14:06

Thirty more people diagnosed with the coronavirus died in the Netherlands since Friday, raising the death toll to 136. The country's health agency said another 637 people tested positive for the virus, which raises the country's total to 3,631 since testing began in late February.

Patients requiring hospitalization also rose by 193 patients, health agency RIVM said. To date, 836 coronavirus patients were admitted to the hospital since testing started.

Dappermarkt in Amsterdam after coronavirus announcement
Mar 21 '20 11:36

Stricter lockdown measures could be introduced in the Netherlands if people do not take the current restrictions and advisories seriously, cautioned public health agency director Jaap van Dissel. At the same time, a total lockdown is unlikely to save the Netherlands from the spread of the coronavirus which has caused a global pandemic, he told

King Willem-Alexander at the presentation of his 2019 Christmas Speech
Mar 20 '20 19:22

King Willem-Alexander addressed the nation of the Netherlands on the situation surrounding coronavirus Covid-19 on Friday. In his address, he stressed the need for people to find it in their hearts to be as compassionate and assertive as possible during the coronavirus pandemic. He also offered his gratitude and praise for many of the hardest working people in the country.

Dutch King Willem-Alexander during the recording of his 2018 Christmas Address. December 2018
Mar 20 '20 19:11

In his minutes-long speech to the nation, Dutch King Willem-Alexander reflected on the sudden changes caused by coronavirus, and expressed his admiration for the nation's healthcare workers, public health professionals, and everyone working hard to keep the country moving forward. He also expressed his concern and empathy for those who feel troubled by the situation personally or professionally.

Children watching videos on a laptop
Mar 20 '20 17:50

Video streaming services Netlfix and YouTube both announced that they are temporarily lowering the quality of videos. This is to prevent too much pressure on the internet as Europeans work from home and spend time social distancing due to the coronavirus, RTL Nieuws reports

Self-Service Passport Control lines at Schiphol Airport
Mar 20 '20 16:10

Over 30 people have already been turned away from the Dutch borders since the entry ban came into force on Thursday at 6 p.m., the Marechaussee confirmed to NL Times. Most travelers who were denied entry into the Netherlands were turned back after landing at Schiphol Airport, while two travelers were turned back at Eindhoven Airport, the military branch said.

So far, no denials of entry have been made at any of the Dutch land borders or seaports.

Entrance to UMC Groningen
Mar 20 '20 15:20

Reserachers at the University Medical Center Groningen are working on a possible medicine against coronavirus Covid-19. They are trying to make two commonly used, safe and cheap malaria medicines suitable for an inhaler, so that the medicine can get deep into the airway and protect against infection there, NOS reports.

The two malaria medicines contain chloroquine. They are currently used in intensive care units around the world on critically ill Covid-19 patients, and appear to have a positive effect.