Aubergine Twist3
Nov 13 '15 23:19

All the talk in the news lately about bacon being declared "carcinogenic" by the World Health Organization, not to mention Dutch recommendations that people cut back on eating meat altogether, led Guys Love Cooking to post something for the vegetable lovers.

Nov 9 '15 09:36

Animal welfare organization Wakker Dier has announced the five nominees for their misleading advertising awards. The nominees are: KFC, Danone, Friberne, Gouda Holland, Melkunie and Duroc D'Olives.

tres leches
Nov 7 '15 08:48

South America serves as the inspiration for this week's recipe. The Guys Love Cooking guys bring a traditional recipe across the Atlantic to welcome a few friends.

Nov 5 '15 11:54

Cut back on eating meat. Completely stop drinking alcohol, or limit yourself to a maximum of 1 glass per day. Eat at least 15 grams of unsalted nuts a day and have legumes on the table at least once a week.

Oct 30 '15 09:59

The Italian food and product safety authority fined the Dutch pavilion at the World Expo in Milan 3 thousand euros for spoiled food and insufficient hygiene standards.

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Oct 30 '15 09:09

An increasing number of parents are annoyed about the high charges schools demand to look after their kids during lunchtime after the implementation of the so-called continuous timetable. This timetable, which does not allow kids to go home for lunch, is already implemented at about half of primary schools.

Oct 30 '15 08:38

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is very happy as a 48 year old bachelor. Though he finds it "sweet" that people think he can be even happier in a relationship.

Pork fresh spring roll2
Oct 29 '15 22:52

It may not be as warm in the Netherlands as in Vietnam, but it's still a great time for authentic spring rolls. Guys Love Cooking have taken us around the world in our weekly collaboration with them. This time, they tell you how to make 15 spring rolls in under an hour.

Veggie burger
Oct 28 '15 16:40

The meat substitute manufacturing "vegetarian butcher" has raised an astounding 2,5 million euros in just three weeks after the launch of his crowdfunding funding campaign. The campaign was launched to attract funds for the building of a new factory in Breda, with a reported capacity to produce 50 million vegetarian meal components each year.

Oct 28 '15 09:38

Dutch consumers spent 18 percent more on animal- and environmentally friendly produced food in 2014, spending a total of at least 2.6 billion euros. The market share of sustainable foods increased from 6 percent to 7 percent.

Lekker 500
Oct 26 '15 16:00

The Librije restaurant in Zwolle has been voted the best restaurant in the Netherlands by culinary magazine Lekker. The magazine listed the restaurant as number one when it published its top 500 list of restaurants in the country, the Lekker500. Three-star chef, Jonnie Boer, had his restaurant finish in third place last year.

eclair 5
Oct 23 '15 22:38

Chocolate, sugar, pastry, cream, pistachios... what's not to like? Guys Love Cooking take us to Paris, the inspiration for their fabulous Pistachio-cream chocolate Éclair, in this week's collaboration.

Janneke Pieters- Mary-Jane Snelders -Boegbeeld
Oct 21 '15 16:43

Woman-owned microbrewery Boegbeeld has taken the Netherlands by storm. Their Kutbier is so popular that the first batch, consisting of a few thousand bottles, was sold out within days.

Rice noodle salad egg & tofu4
Oct 15 '15 17:48

The delicate balance of Vietnamese food enters the spotlight in this week's collaboration with Guys Love Cooking, their tasty dish consisting of a rice noodle salad with tofu and egg.

Oct 8 '15 20:41

We like homemade food, a lot. Years ago I lived in the UK, and food over there was not as it is now. I recall dreadful trips to the supermarket where fresh food was nowhere to be seen. Local markets were not that appealing, and "organic" or "fresh" produce were words most people could not understand.

Processed with VSCOcam with a3 preset
Oct 8 '15 18:32

Scientists at the Maastricht University Medical Center published new research that demonstrates a combination of flavors including sweet, bitter and umami actually makes people want to eat less. The small-scale experiment, conducted with the Top Institute of Food and Nutrition in Wageningen, included 15 healthy volunteers each receiving five different treatments where the combinations of flavors were infused directly into the duodenim.

Wine Recall
Oct 5 '15 15:03

Two different suppliers have issued recalls of wine in the past four days on reports of glass fragments in sealed bottles. The recall potentially affects customers of ten different grocery stores across the Netherlands.

Oct 2 '15 17:45

Our weekly collaboration with Guys Love Cooking features an interesting take on the "cappuccino," after the guys pick their mom's brain. This 30-minute dish serves four.

Last weekend we had some guests over for dinner and we wanted to create something a bit different, something to impress.

Egg-and-Onion-Pastry 2
Sep 24 '15 18:30

Puff Pastry, called pâte feuilletée or feuilletage in France, is a light, flaky pastry made by repeatedly layering pastry dough and butter to form a thin dough that puffs in the oven (for this recipe we bought an already made version)

Summer is officially over, we can now start thinking what to buy for Sinterklaas and for Christmas. The recipe of today goes absolutely the opposite way, it boasts energy, it has a colorful summer look which brings pleasure to the eye.

Sep 18 '15 12:30

We love cakes, we love cakes a lot! In our blog we have experimented on a few in the last few months and we loved each one of them. However, the one we are writing about today is possibly one of our favorites.

What we do like about it:

Sep 11 '15 15:30

A few months ago we started, a food blog. Our main goal was, and still is, to share our passion for the food we eat and for how we cook it. Since then we reached all corners of the world and connected with amazing people. We reached out to the NL Times to build on another platform and to engage with a different audience. We hope to be able to inspire you to have a great time in your kitchen.

Sep 8 '15 10:37

A group of students calling themselves the Spinhuis Collective has decided to occupy the dungeon space under the Torensluis on the Singel in the center of Amsterdam, where they want to open a new student study cafe.

no image
Sep 4 '15 13:26

Utrecht's first packaging-free food supermarket Bag & Buy opened its doors on Friday. The store is located on Twijnstraat.

Photo: Cafe 't Loosje
Sep 3 '15 14:52

More than 60 percent of cafe- and restaurant owners have been blackmailed with negative reviews from customers. Customers would negotiate a substantial discount or demand a free cup of coffee in exchange for not posting a bad review on influential rating sites like, and