Photo: Cafe 't Loosje
Sep 3 '15 14:52

More than 60 percent of cafe- and restaurant owners have been blackmailed with negative reviews from customers. Customers would negotiate a substantial discount or demand a free cup of coffee in exchange for not posting a bad review on influential rating sites like, and

Aug 24 '15 16:00

The sushi found at all-you-can-eat restaurants is often not fresh and not hygienically prepared, according to a study done by the Consumers' Association.

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Jul 23 '15 16:03

The moving train restaurant Panorama Rail Restaurant will be riding through the Randstad once a week from late August, the restaurant announced on its website on Wednesday.

Jun 15 '15 14:15

The number of Japanese restaurants in the Netherlands is increasing, while the number of Chinese restaurants is on the decline. However, a large proportion of Japanese cafes actually have Chinese ownership, according to a report by AD.

Geef Cafe
Jun 4 '15 16:50

A cafe where visitors can decide themselves what they are paying for a meal is planning to open a venue in Amsterdam after summer. Previously the entrepreneurs tested the concept of the Geef ("GIve") cafe for six months in a pop-up restaurant in Rotterdam.

May 5 '15 15:50

Grocery stores are selling more cheap meat of lower quality than a year ago, finds supermarket monitoring organization Wakker Dier. They called the trend surprising, since in January the parliament voted against selling extraordinarily cheap meat in stores.

May 5 '15 15:04

There was a fire outburst in a monumental building in the center of Harderwijk, reports RTL Nieuws. The fire broke out in restaurant ‘t Rookerijtje located in the very center of the city. A spokesman for the fire brigade reported earlier that the fire was under control.

Apr 30 '15 09:42

A suitcase containing letters from World War II was found during the renovation of the French restaurant Walter Benedict on Denneweg in the Hague.

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Apr 22 '15 12:29

Amsterdam's first cat cafe opens today. Kopjes is located on Marco Polostraat in Amsterdam. The cafe has already received a lot of interest - more than 600 cat lovers have already made a reservation.

Apr 7 '15 15:56

The Netherlands' first cat cafe, Kopjes, will open its doors on April 22nd. The cafe is located on Marco Polostraat in Amsterdam.

Disco shopping
Mar 17 '15 14:12

The Dirk van den Broek on the Marie Heinekenplein in Amsterdam has given the go ahead for a Disco Shopping day next month. Registration for the event starts Tuesday at 3 p.m.

making money
Mar 10 '15 11:08

The horeca (Dutch abbreviation for Hotel/Restaurant/Café) sector showed a higher growth in the last quarter of 2014 as compared to previous years, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Over the course of 2014, the industry grew by 5.6 percent, which is the largest output expansion in hospitality since the pre-crisis period ending with 2007.

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Feb 24 '15 13:11

A pricing conflict has driven supermarket chains Jumbo and C1000 to boycott several Douwe Egberts and Ferrero products.

Feb 18 '15 11:23

Muskrat meat should be put on restaurant menus. This is according Henk Lammers, party leader for the CDA Waterschap Reest en Wieden.

Jan 28 '15 08:24

De Librije in Zwolle has won two awards during the Restaurant Awards 2015. De Librije has been labeled as the "Best Restaurant of the Netherlands" as well as the "Best Organic Restaurant".

Jan 21 '15 17:33

Triple Michelin star winner De Librije leads all other restaurants in Amsterdam with six nominations in the Netherlands' first ever Restaurant Awards. The five hundred best chefs in the Netherlands are responsible for selecting each winner.

Jan 19 '15 13:59

Last week hotel chain Van der Valk opened the first Valk Versmarkt (fresh market) next to the Hotel de Gouden Leeuw in Voorschoten. If you like the bread at breakfast, you can now also buy it next door. "Everything we already buy for our hotels, Van der Valk customers can now also take home", says Mark van der Valk, director of the fresh market.

Jan 18 '15 11:29

A twenty-one year old has been named the maker of the Netherlands' best pancakes after results of a hospitality industry competition were revealed.

Jan 8 '15 16:15

Dutch restaurant review site IENS and reservation site SeatMe were bought by American travel website TripAdvisor, the companies announced Thursday. The US based company is specialised in providing reviews of travel related content.

Dec 29 '14 13:59

Another six companies that produce food want to stop the use of cage eggs, Wakker Dier reported today. These companies are Unox, Cup-a-soup, the Wild Bean cafes at BP gas stations, Cntucinnikoekjes of Sapori, ice cream shops of IJscuypje and the liquid egg products of Kweker.

Dec 18 '14 13:12

More than half of the "wild game" sold by supermarkets is actually farmed game. This is evident from the meat benchmark that Natuur & Milieu ( Nature & Environment) and Questionmark published today.

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Dec 1 '14 11:42

The first packaging-free shop in the Netherlands will open in Utrecht. In this supermarket, the customer will be able to "pour" their own rice, nuts, beans and oil.

Nov 17 '14 15:08

On Monday Amsterdam restaurants received a total of 20 Michelin stars, meaning that Amsterdam remains the undisputed culinary capital of the Netherlands.

Oct 31 '14 11:21

The Jumbo supermarkets are going to start selling edible insects.