Feb 4 '16 10:55

Many popular children's drinks contain as much, if not more, sugar than soda, according to a study done by food watchdog Foodwatch. Consuming too much sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart problems and strokes.

Feb 3 '16 15:45

A woman who was racing around her kitchen trying to prepare dinner was briefly startled when she found a gecko stowed away inside her shrink-wrapped package of broccoli. The lizard was still alive when Annelies van de Waterbeemd, from Nuenen, Noord-Brabant made the find

Jan 28 '16 14:00

Three Michelin star restaurant De Librije in Zwolle will soon be catering for a crowd quite unlike what they are used to. The restaurant is working with singer Theo Lens on a special event for the homeless - a concert combined with a delicious meal of stamppot

Jan 12 '16 10:51

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority issued a health warning over Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars with hazelnut. According to the Authority, the chocolate bars may contain traces of peanuts, even if it is not stated on the packaging, which can be dangerous to people with peanut allergies.

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Jan 11 '16 15:55

A total of 100 thousand Dutch people signed a petition asking restaurants in the Netherlands to put tap water on the menu. Star chef Richard van Oostenbrugge of two star restaurant Bord'Eau Restaurant Gastronomique in Amsterdam will be handing the petition over to Martijn Naberman, who represents the fuure of the hospitality industry as director of Tio Hotel School in Amsterdam, on Monday, tap water company Dunea announced.

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Jan 11 '16 09:33

People are finally eating at Dutch restaurants and staying over in hotels again after the financial crisis in 2008, but bars and pubs are still struggling. Most parts of the traditional hospitality industry are seeing recovery in their turnover volumes, but bars are more than 25 percent below the level of 2007, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands on Monday.

Jan 6 '16 11:15

The first classical music pub in the Netherlands is opening its doors in Utrecht this weekend. The brains behind the Muzieklokaal are Utrecht women Sanne van Buuren and talitha Verheij, and the money for their dream was raised through crowdfunding

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Dec 29 '15 14:35

Every year over December Dutch people use 5 million liters of oil to make millions of their New Year's snacks oliebollen - tennis ball-sized lumps of fried dough smothered in powdered sugar. Reest and Wieden and other water boards are concerned about how much of that oil end up in the drains.

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Dec 29 '15 08:10

The three largest supermarkets in the Netherlands - Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Lidl - will no longer be selling battery farm chicken from early this year, Wakker Dier announced in a press release on Monday. According to the animal rights organization, this means that nearly half of all Dutch poultry consumption will be battery farm chicken free

Dec 24 '15 15:35

World restaurant Atlantis in Gouda refused access to 29 year old Gwen Vermeij and her service dog Sakje when she tried to make a reservation for dinner with her parents. The restaurant would not allow the service dogs because he might transfer fleas onto the carpet

Dec 24 '15 08:27

Eindhoven councilor Ferry van den Broek launched a special exchange program for V&D vouchers, which are no longer usable given the company's financial troubles. Anyone in possession of a now useless V&D voucher can exchange it for a coupon of the same value from Van den Broek's own company MysteryDining

Dec 21 '15 13:40

The police arrested a 54 year old man and a 41 year old woman from Roosendaal with a car containing 250 cans of baby formula powder at the Westerschelde tunnel toll plaza in Borsesele on Saturday night.

Officers first noticed the heavily loaded car driving through the Westerschelde tunnel towards Zuid-Beveland around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday. The car was pulled over at the toll plaza and officers found the 250 cans of baby formula. The man and woman in the car claimed that they bought the formula, but could not show receipts.

Pumpkin Cake2
Dec 18 '15 19:34

Before the Guys head off for the holiday season, they left us one more sweet indulgence for this installment of our weekly collaboration. Our friends at Guys Love Cooking plan to use this Pumpkin Cake to settle any ongoing family squabbles over Christmas.

Dec 16 '15 12:28

Online games advertising food make children eat more, according to a study done by Frans Folkvord, a behavioral scientist at Radboud University. Kids who played an online game with food advertisement hidden in it ate 55 percent more of the offered sweets than the kids who played games advertising toys.

Chicken Curry2
Dec 11 '15 17:35

It's easy to think the Guys are simply taking us back to Vietnam in this installment of our weekly collaboration. In reality, Guys Love Cooking note the complexity of this seemingly simple dish, with inspiration from all over South Asia.

Dec 11 '15 17:10

After years of not serving any food on economy class, American airline United Airlines are reintroducing the snack. And they chose a very delicious snack indeed - Dutch stroopwafel cookies.

Dec 10 '15 15:15

A chef working at restaurant Toscanini was "pleasantly surprised" to find a dead baby shark inside the fresh squid she was preparing on Wednesday. The teeny-tiny shark is estimated to have been about a month old when the squid swallowed i

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Dec 7 '15 15:35

Companies guilty of the biggest violations on the rules regarding food safety, will soon have to pay massive fines. From June 1st next year, the worst food fraud offenders will have to pay 10 percent of their annual turnover, instead of the current maximum fine of 20 thousand euros.

Dec 7 '15 15:05

Food watchdog Foodwatch announced their nominees for the most misleading product awards. Their list includes several store brands, including Albert Heijn's cranberries and mini butter almond bar.

Dec 7 '15 13:25

Not a single restaurant in the Netherlands lost its Michelin stars this year. Fiver restaurants were given their first Michelin star, two restaurants got their star back and one received a second star at the ceremony in the De La Mar theater on Monday,

Ricotta Pear Cake_1
Dec 3 '15 18:22

The Guys try to bring peace to the weary warriors of Black Friday in this installment of our weekly collaboration. Now, Guys Love Cooking want to know what could be better than a ricotta and pear cake to restore harmony to mankind?

Dec 2 '15 07:43

The PvdA wants supermarkets to stop selling meat at very cheap prices. According to the party, it puts too much pressure on farmers to raise their animals as cheaply as possible, which in turn puts pressure on sustainability.

Alessandra Cak5
Nov 26 '15 18:35

Nothing warms up the chilly days of late autumn like a delicious cake. In this week's Guys Love Cooking recipe, the guys bring us one inspired by top pastry chef, Ernst Friedrich Knam, who named the dessert after his wife.

Nov 24 '15 16:00

KFC is the winner of WakkerDier's "Liar Liar" award - the annual prize the food watchdog awards for the most misleading product, statement or advertisements. The fast food chain is not happy with the award and denies all accusations.