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Jan 12 '15 12:50

Dutch fashion designer Frans Molenaar, whose wide range of work earned him the reputation of “creative centipede”, died on Friday from complications of a household accident. He was 74.

Jan 8 '15 12:31

An exhibition of items from one of the most popular television series in the world, Game of Thrones, is returning to Amsterdam. The returning expo offers the fans an exclusive chance to the peek into the fascinating world of the series based on the books of George R. R. Martin.

Jan 2 '15 07:50

The postcode area 1107 in Amsterdam Zuidoost won the postcode lottery of 43.7 million euro. That was announced yesterday during a broadcast of the television program Koffietijd.

Dec 30 '14 12:55

Millions of households' televisions will soon loose signal. Ziggo is adjusting its network because of the merger with UPC. Customers will therefore have to set their TV or decoder again.

Dec 29 '14 10:02

Albert Heijn has stopped making the TV commercials with the supermarket manager in the lead. Harry Piekema, the actor who played the manager, was the face of Albert Heijn for 10 years. He quit because his work for Albert Heijn left him insufficient time for other things.

Dec 26 '14 13:05

The game show Lingo will return to television next summer. The earlier talk of a summer edition has been confirmed, says presenter Lucille Werner in an interview with De Telegraaf.

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Dec 25 '14 00:49

Dutch charity radio marathon Serious Request pulled in a record breaking €12,380,438 for the Red Cross this week. The money will be used to help sexually abused girls and women in war torn regions around the world.

Dec 23 '14 22:46

With the Dutch fundraising campaign Serious Request in full swing and over 6.3 million euros collected through Tuesday evening, NL Times takes a seat inside Het Glazen Huis, the glass house on Haarlem's Grote Markt, to chat with two of the 3FM disk jockeys broadcasting the 2014 fundraising effort. The main characters of this years’ event are girls and women in war-struck regions who have fallen victim to sexual abuse. Three 3FM radio DJs are giving them a voice by locking themselves up and broadcasting twenty-four hours per day for a full week.

Dec 22 '14 11:25

The OBOS (Open Paving Victorious Snow Shovel) won the program Het Beste Idee van Nederland (The Best Idea of the Netherlands) on Saturday night.

Serious Request
Dec 21 '14 16:51

Dutch foreign trade and development minister Lilianne Ploumen showed three radio DJs into their confined space, a glass room in Haarlem’s Grote Markt and promptly locked the door behind them Thursday evening. The 3FM personalities, Gerard Ekdom, Coen Swijnenberg and Domien Verschuuren will sleep and work in the house for one week as they raise money for charity, with the theme “Hands off Our Girls.” 

They do not get to eat for the week, getting only nutrition shakes instead of food. Over 2.4 million euros has already been raised through Sunday afternoon for this year's campaign.

Dec 18 '14 11:06

About 200 aid workers who were involved in the aftermath of the flight MH17 crash, received a commemorative medal at the town hall of Hoofddorp yesterday to thank them for their service

Dec 16 '14 21:38

Rotterdam Miniworld has recreated the infamous scene of the wedding proposal-gone-wrong in IJsselstein, where a crane tipped over and smashed a neighbor's roof when it was supposed to lower the prospective groom down to his waiting girlfriend. The miniaturized model was quickly recreated by staff at Miniworld's studio once they knew there were no injuries in the incident.

Dec 16 '14 12:51

At the end of each year Google compiles lists of popular search queries for each country based on the more than 3 billion worldwide queries the search engine handles every day. The most asked question in the Netherlands is "How does Tinder work?".

Dec 15 '14 23:11

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has found Google in breach of several provisions of the Dutch data protection act with its new privacy policy, according to a press release by the CBP. Google could face a €15 million fine because of the alleged violations.

Dec 15 '14 19:55

Tickets for the two extra U2 concert dates at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam were sold out within seven minutes. The Irish rock band will now perform four times in the Netherlands in September, 2015.

Dec 15 '14 13:25

The new National Military Museum in Soest seems to be a crowd pleaser from the start.

Dec 15 '14 12:42

Despite Friday's cancellation, the annual Christmas Market in Dordrecht was a success. An estimated 250 thousand people visited the market.

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Dec 15 '14 12:41

There has been a steep drop in the number of people who donate funds to environmental organizations; research by the VARA-radio program “Vroege Vogels” reports that membership numbers of hundreds of organisations have dropped by a few thousand in the last year.

Dec 12 '14 08:23

The organization of the Ziggo Dome has announced that U2 will give two extra performances in Amsterdam. The extra shows will be on September 12th and 13th in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.

Dec 11 '14 14:29

Trijntje Oosterhuis announced her Eurovision Song today in the TROS Gouden Uren. The song is called Walk Along and according to Trijntje, it is a fresh and catchy number.

Dec 11 '14 13:26

The first day of the Christmas Market in Dordrecht has been cancelled following the severe storms that are predicted for tomorrow. The rest of the three day event will continue as planned on Saturday and Sunday.

Dec 11 '14 11:34

It is the time of year for top ten lists and YouTube has joined the party. The most watched YouTube video of 2014 in the Netherlands is the summary of Netherlands-Spain at the World Cup.

Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum
Dec 9 '14 18:52

A new documentary telling the story of Amsterdam’s famous Rijksmuseum, and the years of construction work that went on while it was shuttered, took the award for Best Dutch Documentary at the International Documentary Film-festival Amsterdam over the weekend. Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum: De film will be screened in theatres across the Netherlands beginning December 11.

City Slide Amsterdam
Dec 9 '14 17:34

City Slide plans to build a 500-meter water slide to Amsterdam next summer, the group said on Facebook. The company plans to charge twenty euros to plunge down the Slip 'N Slide-style ride.