Nov 26 '14 17:03

“I was worried my movie about a group of elderly people from New Zealand wouldn’t resonate on a global scale,” says documentary director Bryn Evans, in an exclusive interview with the NL Times. The film has four more screenings at the International Documentary Film-festival Amsterdam.

Nov 25 '14 11:32

In New York Bianca Krijgsman won the Emmy for best actress. Krijgsman was nominated fore her role in the TV move De Nieuwe Wereld, in which she plays a grouchy cleaning lady in the immigration center at Schiphol airport.

Nov 21 '14 13:59

Many people panicked when Ansel Elgort, protagonist of the American hit movie The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS), posted pictures on Instagram of what seemed to be the Amsterdam bench, made famous by the movie, in the grounds of 20th Century Fox Studios in Hollywood.

Nov 18 '14 12:30

The Foo Fighters will be performing at Pinkpop next year. The organization has announced that the band will be closing the festival on Sunday June 14th.

Zwarte als roet
Nov 13 '14 15:08

Dutch filmmaker Sunny Bergman was met with stunned looks and stern words from Londoners when she dressed up as Zwarte Piet to gauge reaction to the character abroad. A three-minute clip of her documentary, Our Colonial Hangover, was posted to YouTube featuring the director's day out in blackface.

Dordrecht doctors ebola
Nov 11 '14 17:10

For one day last week, broadcasters in the Netherlands worked to drum up support for giro 555, a program that sees the country's radio and television firms team up behind a single cause. The effort appears to have paid off, with viewers and listeners contributing €1,450,779.

Nov 10 '14 17:45

Trijntje Oosterhuis will represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Festival in Wenen next year. She confirmed the rumors this morning.

Nov 4 '14 14:15

Lena Dunham has cancelled the rest of her European tour.

Nov 4 '14 13:40

Michelin awarded the Bib Gourmand award to 22 Dutch restaurants for 2015.

Nov 3 '14 14:02

Illegal house parties held in a clearing in the woods, in an old warehouse or an industrial estate are making a comeback in Brabant.

Nov 2 '14 15:30

Talk about good fortune. Participants at a mock treasure hunt in Wilp (Gelderland) have ended up finding real buried treasure yesterday.

expatica 2
Oct 31 '14 14:10

Learning Dutch, finding a house, experiencing Dutch culture, making connections, solving immigration and tax issues… Everything is possible at Expatica’s eleventh “i am not a tourist” Expat Fair in the heart of Amsterdam on Sunday, 2 November.

Oct 31 '14 09:17

The cultural institutions in Rotterdam will continue the Rotterdam Museum Night themselves.

Oct 24 '14 14:05

Fewer people went to the Movies in the Netherlands so far this year than in the first three quarters of 2013.

Oct 22 '14 10:08

On the upcoming Museum Night in Amsterdam on November 1st, the Stedelijk Museum will launch the so called "Mood App".

Oct 21 '14 12:36

Spotify is introducing a family bundle to encourage household members to get their own subscription to the music service.

Oct 20 '14 10:49

DJ Hardwell from Breda has once again been named the best DJ in the world. The 26 year old Robert van de Corput got first place on the DJ MAG Top 100.

Oct 16 '14 15:35

The Belgian LEGO builder Dirk Denoyelle used 100 thousand LEGO bricks to build life size models of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. The end result can be seen in LEGO World in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht from today.

Oct 16 '14 12:57

About 900 jobs will disappear with the merger of cable operators Ziggo and UPC Netherlands in November. This is about 20 percent of the total number of employees.

Oct 15 '14 14:13

The new roller coaster that Efteling will open in the summer of 2015, takes visitors to the period of the Dutch mining in the 19th century.

Oct 15 '14 11:11

Tomorrow, during the Red Bull Studios Playrooms in the Wallen, iconic clubs of the 80's and 90's will be brought back to life, with the DJ's of the time behind the turntables.

Oct 14 '14 12:24

According to Endemol (producer of Miloenenjacht) the participant who claims he was wrongly eliminated, is not entitled to compensation.

Oct 13 '14 13:42

Lawyer Peter Plasman is suing Endemol Nederland for the damages suffered by a participant of Postcode Loterij Miljoenenjacht due to his unjustified elimination in the broadcast on September 28th.

Oct 13 '14 12:14

Netflix has increased the price on their Ultra HD subscription by about 30 percent.