Oct 1 '14 14:31

Queen Maximan opened the Artis microbe museum yesterday afternoon. This afternoon she will open the Market Hall in Rotterdam.

Sep 30 '14 13:51

The British comedian John Cleese will by in the Netherlands on October 21st and 22nd to bring attention to his Autobiography "So, anyways..."

Sep 26 '14 15:40

For the first time in his career, Dutch film director Paul Verhoeven will be making a French film.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.34.07 PM
Sep 25 '14 17:35

Daytime American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful is coming to Amsterdam, as the drama films a romantic story along the canals. Executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell made the official announcement after cable outlet Soap Opera Network started the rumour last Monday.

Sep 25 '14 16:36

After announcing his intentions to run a ()marathon around Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum on Twitter last week, American film-actor-turned-artist Shia LeBeouf ran 144 laps around the museum in collaboration with artists Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö, joined by local fans.

Sep 25 '14 13:11

The film 2/11 - Het Spel van de Wolf (The Game of the Wolf) will premier tonight at the Dutch Film Festival. The film deals with the aftermath of Theo van Gogh's murder.

Sep 23 '14 15:07

American actor turned art-house performer Shia LaBeouf, who came to fame as the star of the hit Disney Channel series Even Stevens, has announced a staging of his performance art piece, “meta-marathon”, at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam on Thursday afternoon. The actor has described the piece as “a multi-platform meditation on celebrity and vulnerability”, and will perform alongside Finish performance artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö, and Manchester artist Luke Turner.

Sep 23 '14 11:03

Tuesday the 23rd of September is the tenth anniversary of the death of Dutch folk singer and national institution André Hazes. In commemoration of the star's mark on the Dutch music landscape, there will be various opportunities for fans to remember him, RTL Nieuws reports.

Sep 22 '14 16:49

A second Sting and Paul Simon concert had been organized. This was decided because the tickets for the concert in the Ziggo Dome sold out so quickly.

Sep 22 '14 14:45

The boardroom on the 32nd floor of the Rembrandt Tower has temporarily been transformed into a restaurant, Hemels Rembrandt.

Goerge Sluizer
Sep 22 '14 08:31

In Amsterdam, internationally recognized Dutch film director and producer George Sluizer has passed away at 82 years of age. The film maker has been sick for some time, his condition brittle after only narrowly surviving a ruptured artery in 2007.

Sep 19 '14 15:17

Madame Tussauds reopens after investigating how much the clothes of the wax figures have been damaged by smoke after the fire Thursday afternoon.

Museum Night
Sep 19 '14 10:58

This year, the Amsterdam Museum Night will celebrate its 15th anniversary by offering the opportunity for innovative projects for a young public to receive cash prizes of €20,000 or €10,000, Het Parool reports.

Sep 18 '14 16:48

The municipality of Groningen had to invest almost 33 thousand euros for the Biblical television spectacle The Passion, as there were too few sponsors.

John de Mol
Sep 18 '14 12:01

Media tycoon John de Mol is selling off his media company Talpa. Potential buyers are already announcing themselves at Bank of America Merill Lynch, the Financieele Dagblad reports.

Sep 18 '14 11:21

The Natural History Museum in Rotterdam has expressed its wish to exhibit the wild boars that were shot dead by a hunter last week. The hunter himself is the rightful owner of the cadavers, and will have to make the call whether the museum can buy the boars or not, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Photo: Tinker Tailor Soldier Sky (2011 Focus Features)
Sep 17 '14 15:45

As actor Daniel Craig returns to the role of secret agent 007, director Sam Mendes has tapped Dutchman Hoyte van Hoytema to be the next cinematographer of the 24th installment of the James Bond series. The BAFTA-nominated Hoytema has in recent years built a name for himself in Hollywood, showcasing his work on films like The Fighter, Let The Right One In and Her.

Sep 16 '14 09:59

Dutch online shop Bol.com is going to work together with Canadian e-reading service Kobo to expand its online e-book range. Bol.com announces in a press report that clients will have access to two million e-books, rather than hundreds of thousands, thanks to the partnership, the nrc reports.

Tomatofest, Amsterdam
Sep 15 '14 13:27

Inspired by the annual La Tomatina in Bunol, more than 1,000 people took to Dam Square on Sunday armed with tomatoes to protest against Russian sanctions. At 3 p.m a shipping container was emptied into the square and participants pelted each other with the 120,000 pieces of the overripe fruit bought from growers left in the cold by Russia’s boycott of Dutch fruit and vegetables.

Sep 12 '14 15:26

The National Committee 4 and 5 May has put together an app and a website which is made to follow the course of the liberation of Limburg and then the rest of the Netherlands.

Sep 12 '14 15:11

The Dutch rapper Typhoon was awarded in Amsterdam last night with the 3voor12 Award 2014. This is the prize for the best Dutch album of the past year. He received this award for his album "Lobi da basi"

Northern Lights
Sep 12 '14 10:57

The spectacular light show that is the Northern Lights may be visible in Dutch skies in the coming days after a huge solar flare on Tuesday. Normally, these lights are only visible closer to the North Pole, the NOS reports.

Sep 11 '14 16:19

Concilor Johnas Lambs of the Party for the Animals says that festivals in parks and natural areas must be reduced. Then Amsterdam residents may again find peace in nature.

Sep 11 '14 15:18

A fight has erupted between the organization of Sail 2015, some former partners and a former board member of the renowned five-yearly event in the port of Amsterdam.