Feb 25 '15 14:29

Anouk will perform at Pinkpop for the 6th time in June this year, Metro reports.

Feb 25 '15 12:04

University of Amsterdam's (UvA) humanities building, the Bungehuis, is scheduled for development into an exclusive, membership-only Soho House club, real estate developer Aedes announced.

Feb 12 '15 07:48

The world's first drone entertainment show Air will be taking place in the Amsterdam Arena this fall.

Feb 11 '15 14:58

American Graduate student Jeff Nichols uncovered lost footage of the SS Eastland disaster in the archives of Amsterdam film institute EYE. Nichols found the film clips Thursday on an EU-funded website. The clips from the incident were lodged between other news items on a digitized Dutch newsreel.

Feb 10 '15 14:33

For the first time in more than 20 years Mysteryland will again be a multiple day festival, AD reports

Feb 9 '15 08:53

DJ Tiësto (real name Tijs Verwest) won a Grammy in the category Best Remix Recording for his version of John Legend's hit All Of Me.

Feb 4 '15 17:32

Headliner Iggy Pop is one of several artists announced for Down the Rabbit Hole music festival in Flevoland this summer.

Feb 4 '15 17:19

Dating app Tinder started testing the new features of enhanced app Tinder Plus in the Netherlands this week, prompting excitement, annoyance and indifference from its users.

Feb 3 '15 17:45

Music discovery service 22tracks announced their first-ever music festival, 22Fest, scheduled for July 18. The Amsterdam-based company is holding the outdoor event in the nearby Diemerbos in Diemen, near Amsterdam Southeast.

Feb 2 '15 16:19

The 2015 Flying Dutch festival kicks off on May 30 in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. The star-studded line-up includes Dutch DJs Afrojack, Armin van Buuren and Fedde Le Grand.

Feb 2 '15 14:17

The court in Amsterdam ruled that UPC does not have to hand over the names and addresses of customers who allegedly downloaded a porn movie illegally to the alleged copyright owner.

Jan 30 '15 17:36

The hostage incident from last night has led to a confession. 19-year old Tarik Z. held a security guard hostage with a fake gun demanding airtime at NOS. The severe situation led to tightened security measures at Hilversum Media Park and boosted the public safety debate around the country. However even serious incidents have their flip sides.

Jan 30 '15 17:20

The Dutch national lottery, Staatsloterij, deceived the public between 2000 and 2008, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday. The lottery was found to have included misleading statements about ticket-holders' odds, and both the number and size of prizes up for grabs.

Jan 28 '15 12:49

Amsterdam's annual Holland Festival will feature a new slate of programming to help shed its image as an "elitist" event. The 68th edition of the festival, running from May 30 to June 23, is the first to take place under the leadership of Ruth Mackenzie.

Jan 28 '15 12:48

The German electronic band Kraftwerk will play at the launch of the Tour de France in Tivoli Vredenburgh in Utrecht on July 3rd, 3voor12 reports.

Jan 27 '15 18:47

American pop icon Lionel Richie will appear at the 40th North Sea Jazz Festival. It will be his first performance at the annual event.

Jan 27 '15 15:44

An almost disaster became an internet sensation when Zwier Spanjer's quad-copter captured its own heroic rescue by the 26-year-old Amsterdammer.

Jan 27 '15 11:53

A few dozen people demonstrated against the film Michiel de Ruyter at the film's premier at the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam last night. The museum built a movie theater with 1,200 seats for the occasion.

Jan 26 '15 14:00

Pharrel Williams will perform at Pinkop this year. The artist has been added to the lineup along with the Flemish band Oscar And The Wolf, the organization of the three day music festival in Landgraaf, Limburg announced today.

Popcorn Time logo (Source: Wikimedia/popcorn-org
Jan 26 '15 12:15

No other country in the world shows as much interest in Popcorn Time as the Netherlands. In a letter to its shareholders, Netflix states that it is "sobering" that Popcorn Time is almost as popular as Netflix in the Netherlands

Jan 26 '15 11:28

Yasmin Verheijen from Amsterdam won 4th place in Miss Universe 2014 on Sunday in Miami. The winner is Paulina Vaga from Colombia. She received the crown from the hands of the Venezuelan Gabriela Islar, who won the Miss Universe title last year.

Jan 23 '15 13:16

A massive 730 thousand people visited the Amsterdam light show this year. During the 53 day event, light sculptures of national and international artists were to be seen all through Amsterdam.

Jan 23 '15 12:08

A new trailer for the American adaption of the Heineken kidnapping Kidnapping Mr. Heineken has been released.

Jan 22 '15 13:55

The well-known Dutch cartoonist, Peter Pontiac (born Peter Pollmann) died on Tuesday. The 63-year-old had suffered from severe liver disease, and decided to cease treatment late last yea