Oct 2 '15 17:45

Our weekly collaboration with Guys Love Cooking features an interesting take on the "cappuccino," after the guys pick their mom's brain. This 30-minute dish serves four.

Last weekend we had some guests over for dinner and we wanted to create something a bit different, something to impress.

Oct 2 '15 13:53

Fans of mixed martial arts in the Netherlands will likely rejoice next year as one of the leading MMA promotion companies, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) plans to promote their events heavily in the Netherlands. “Holland is a key market for us and it’s somewhere we want to be,” new UFC vice-president and EMEA general manager James Elliot told MMAfighting.com.

Sep 29 '15 14:25

The Emmy award ceremony, for both American and international newscasters celebrating the best international news stories, took place on Monday night in New York. The Dutch broadcaster NOS, who was nominated for the airing of the National Day of Mourning after the downing of Maylasian Flight MH17, was competing with three other non-American contenders for the award. NOS received its nomination for the July 2014, hour-long broadcast on the arrival of the first victims of the plane crash in the Ukraine.

Egg-and-Onion-Pastry 2
Sep 24 '15 18:30

Puff Pastry, called pâte feuilletée or feuilletage in France, is a light, flaky pastry made by repeatedly layering pastry dough and butter to form a thin dough that puffs in the oven (for this recipe we bought an already made version)

Summer is officially over, we can now start thinking what to buy for Sinterklaas and for Christmas. The recipe of today goes absolutely the opposite way, it boasts energy, it has a colorful summer look which brings pleasure to the eye.

Brother and Sister of the Night Watch
Sep 24 '15 18:28

The two Rembrandt paintings which the Rijksmuseum and the Dutch Government committed to buying for 160 million euros will first make an exhibition tour of all twelve provincial capitals around the Netherlands before reaching their new home at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum. The Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht won the honour as the first museum to receive the paintings, Director Stijn Huijts confirmed with Telegraaf.nl.

Sep 21 '15 16:40

U2 frontman Bono has signed on to assist with the production of a new documentary on Dutch pop artist Herman Brood. The film's director, Dennis Alink, is ecstatic to work with the musician, according to ANP.

Sep 18 '15 12:30

We love cakes, we love cakes a lot! In our blog we have experimented on a few in the last few months and we loved each one of them. However, the one we are writing about today is possibly one of our favorites.

What we do like about it:

Sep 16 '15 12:14

A-Film, one of the largest independent Benelux movie distributors, requested deferral of payment on Monday. The company is facing difficult market conditions and has a heavy debt burden.

Sep 11 '15 15:30

A few months ago we started guyslovecooking.com, a food blog. Our main goal was, and still is, to share our passion for the food we eat and for how we cook it. Since then we reached all corners of the world and connected with amazing people. We reached out to the NL Times to build on another platform and to engage with a different audience. We hope to be able to inspire you to have a great time in your kitchen.

Sep 8 '15 16:00

Jessie Jazz Vuijk has been named the new Miss Netherlands. The 20 year old woman from Amsterdam was crowned at the Media Park in Hilversum on Monday night.

Sep 8 '15 10:53

Rock band U2 was spotted enjoying a trip in a boat on Amsterdam's canals on Tuesday afternoon. The band has four concerts scheduled in the Ziggo dome this week this week.

Sep 2 '15 14:37

Construction to turn one of Sloterdijk's largest vacant office buildings - KPN Telehouse - into a massive entertainment heaven, started on Wednesday. This mega hospitality building will be called Ven and will include a hotel, a casino, a convention center, restaurants, a rooftop bar and a spa

Aug 31 '15 15:41

The arrest of young rapper Lil'Kleine in Hilversum on Saturday night nearly caused a riot when dozens of young girls stormed the police station.

Aug 25 '15 15:22

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a sandcastle, it is time to visit Oss in Noord-Brabant. The second sand castle hotel in the world has just opened at the Sand Sculpture Festival Brabant. The first sand hotel opened in Sneek, Friesland, where a sand sculpture festival is also taking place.

Aug 25 '15 14:35

Calvin Harris is once again the world's highest paid DJ on the Forbes Electronic Cash Kings list for 2015. According to Forbes, the Scottish DJ made a a massive 66 million dollars this past year. He is followed by French DJ David Guetta at 37 million dollars and Dutch DJ Tiesto and 36 million dolla

Aug 24 '15 15:18

Six houseboats that were used for prostitution on the Zandpad in Utrecht, has been put up for sale on Marktplaas for 10 thousand euros each.

Aug 21 '15 14:56

Eight men suspected of having sex with an underage prostitute being held trapped in the cellar of a flat in Schiedam are appearing in the court in Rotterdam on Friday.

Aug 20 '15 16:18

The Netherlands will have its first ever "Blood Rave" - a dance party where dancers are sprayed with 5 thousand liters of blood - in Amsterdam on Halloween night.

Kapitan Borchardt 2
Aug 19 '15 10:42

The tall ships participating in Sail Amsterdam 2015 are lined up and setting sail from IJmuiden towards the capital. The first ships started their journey at 10:00 a.m. and are expected to reach Amsterdam around 2:00 p.m.

Aug 18 '15 14:06

Netflix has announced a price increase for its Standard-subscription. New subscribers will now pay 9.99 euros per month.

Aug 12 '15 14:52

Johan de Vries, the 83 year old grandfather from Haarlem, has become an internet sensation. His smooth dance moves, most recently at Dance Valley in Spaarnwoude, has gained him the internet nickname "House Grandpa".

Aug 5 '15 11:53

The court in Amsterdam ruled on Wednesday that hip-hop festival Appelsap will be allowed to take place in the Flevopark on Saturday. The lawsuit against the permit for the festival was filed by the association Vrienden van het Felvopark

Aug 4 '15 14:12

Copyright watchdog BREIN has filed a lawsuit against a provider of streaming media players in an effort to stop the sale of these devices. The case is currently before the European court. Should this lawsuit prove successful, the anti-piracy foundation will turn its attention to other providers

Jul 21 '15 13:07

Long time sports presenter Jack van Gelder has resigned from NOS. From mid-September the 64 year old Van Gleder will be working as weekend presenter at the commercial Sport 1 Studio.