Steve McQueen
Mar 3 '14 12:43

12 Years A Slave has won three Academy Awards at the Oscars this year.

Mar 2 '14 04:33

"A sailing trip to reward students with excellent results is a bit overboard," ruled an attendance officer, when he denied the request of the Rotterdam Hugo de Groot pre-University school, Saturday.

Mar 2 '14 04:31

Tomas Ross, a famous Dutch thriller writer, who has won the prestigious 'Golden Noose' three times so far, is going to make a movie about the criminal duo, Marcos van der Ploeg and Enise Merve Bircan, announced the writer, Friday, on BNR radio.

Mar 1 '14 06:00

"I want to do give something back to the country where I lived for so long". Dutch-Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad is working on a movie about Willem van Oranje.

Feb 27 '14 16:24

The Lowlands festival, scheduled this year from August 15 to 17 in Biddinghuizen, keeps adding to its line-up. Portishead, Boy & Bear, Milky Chance, and Janelle Monáe were just added.

Feb 27 '14 07:57

After a mild winter, the upcoming carnival weekend is going to be colder.

Feb 23 '14 04:31

Drawings and paintings from Professor of Art History, I.Q. van Regteren Altena, the oldest private, Dutch owned collection, will be auctioned. The artwork will be auctioned in four auctions in Amsterdam, London, and Paris, starting July.

Feb 20 '14 04:33

The Rock Werchter 2014 program is still being added on to, even with all the combi-tickets already sold out. Wednesday seven new names were added to the poster, all of them dance acts.

Catshuis in Den Haag
Feb 20 '14 04:32

In celebration of the 200th birthday of the Constitution, the public will be allowed to take a peek in Prime Minister Rutte's official residence in The Hague on March 29.

Feb 19 '14 04:31

The "Heartvertising" project aims to act as a wake-up call to people who live their lives on automatic pilot, and encourage them to follow their heart and live their dreams. Boomerang cards, posters at bus stops, a billboard and an exposition bring the message across from February 18-24.

Feb 18 '14 04:32

The seal sanctuary in Pieterburen is going to return seals to their natural habitat sooner than they have done so far, going against the founder Lenie 't Hart's vision. The staff laid down work since Saturday and threatened with a lawsuit if the supervisory board would not step down.

Feb 15 '14 04:31

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features the death of former Minister Els Borst, Minister Plasterk has to explain himself to Parliament for tapping 1.8 million phone calls, the threats to a Moroccan woman who opened a wine bar in Rotterdam, a Veenendaal football fan who dies in a fireworks accident, grieving dads who plead for mandatory carbon monoxide detectors, and a bus accident in the Filipines that killed 14 people, among whom one Dutch.

Feb 14 '14 19:22

State Secretary of Health, Martin van Rijn, made agreements, Friday, with music halls, and organizers of dance parties, festivals, and concerts to cap the volume at 103 decibel in the Netherlands.

Feb 12 '14 10:10

The BankGiro lottery will give €62.5 million to cultural institutions the Netherlands next year.

Pepper Spray
Feb 11 '14 06:21

She may be in her twilight years, but that doesn't mean Larissa Olkhovsky can't punch someone's lights out.

Feb 10 '14 15:03

The NS hired a "flirt" coach for four short courses in the train from Amsterdam to Maastricht on Wednesday. The coach will teach travelers to flirt with fellow passengers during their trip.

Feb 8 '14 04:30

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features police finding 750 kg of Khat in several busts, Philips employees threatened over weed lamps, Timmermans calling attention to arrested plane spotters in UAE, a Dutch journalist who escaped from Egypt, Dutch to investigate a whale wars collision, and Rabobank not selling part of their American business.

Mario D.
Feb 6 '14 10:19

Communal hot-tubbing. Seems like a relic trend from the 70s, right? But a new cinema seems to think it'll make waves in Amsterdam today.

Feb 5 '14 08:01

The crisis has also hit Amsterdam concert halls, which has forced Bimhuis to add pop music to the line-ups.

Feb 4 '14 15:57

The Amsterdam district South presumable threw out 46,000 guilders with the trash, when it disposed of discarded furniture that was stored in a former district office.

Feb 4 '14 04:34

The slave trade exhibition, "The Dark Chapter," in The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam has already drawn over 100,000 visitors, announced the museum Monday.

Feb 4 '14 04:33

Toosje Kupers had no idea how valuable the marbles were she had stored in a cabinet for dozens of years: Anne Frank's marbles, who were given to her when the Franks had to move to "het Achterhuis."

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Feb 3 '14 10:09

The Dutch director of the recently released film 'A Most Wanted Man' mourns the loss of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Feb 3 '14 07:50

Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans has asked his colleague from the United Arab Emirates for clarity on the three Dutch plane spotters who have been arrested there, a spokesperson for the ministry said yesterday.