Nov 24 '15 13:25

Rapper Ismo appeared in the court in Breda on Tuesday to answer for anti-Semitic and anti-gay lyrics in his song Eenmans. In court the rapper stated that the lyrics were not aimed at Jewish people or gay people.

Nov 24 '15 13:00

Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros will be headlining the Lowlands festival next year, the festival organization announced on Wednesday.

Nov 24 '15 12:10

Dutch actor Maarten Heijmans was awarded the International Emmy Award for best actor in New York. He won the prestigious award for his role as Ramses Shaffy in the Avrotos miniseries Ramses, which aired in 2014.

Nov 20 '15 16:20

The festive season officially kicked off with the light festival Turn on the Lights in cities across the Netherlands on Thursday night. The Bijenkorf festival of lights spectacle started out in Amsterdam eight years ago and has since spread to many other cities, including Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven and Maastricht.

Nov 20 '15 15:55

The Eagles of Death Metal documentary The Redemption of the Devil will no longer be showing at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. The documentary was scheduled to screen on Friday

Nov 19 '15 18:40

When David Bernet set out in 2009 to direct Democracy, a documentary that throws a spotlight on the inner workings of the European Parliament, he knew he needed a topic that would be relevant for years to come. It was still four years before Edward Snowden leaked classified information about the United States government’s global surveillance, and accused the Netherlands of kowtowing to U.S. spying demands (the Dutch denied the accusation).

Nov 16 '15 13:41

Silence fell across the Netherlands and other European cities as noon struck on Monday, in honour of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday.

Nov 16 '15 12:37

Sinterklaasjournaal host Dieuwertje Blok thinks that Zwarte Piet's traditional blackface appearance has to be phased out. "The Piet discussion has opened my eyes", she said

Sinterklaas arrival Meppel 2015
Nov 14 '15 13:44

Sinterklaas officially arrived in the Netherlands on Saturday, accompanied by his controversial helper, Zwarte Piet. Though the assistants are mythologized as having dark smudges caused by soot, the character more closely resembles minstrels in blackface with nappy-haired wigs, large hoop earrings, big red lips and a buffoonish demeanour.

Nov 12 '15 14:50

Prince has plans for an intimate performance at the Carre theater in Amsterdam during his upcoming European tour. The proposed tour list has not been confirmed yet, but the Carre might well be hosting the artist in December.

Nov 6 '15 09:03

Kids and adults alike will soon no longer be able to watch Sesame Street on NPO 1 in the early evening. The popular kids show will be making way for Time for Max in January. Long time host Mister Aart Staartjes may retire following this decision.

12. Annet Gelink Gallery - Low Res
Nov 2 '15 16:04

The schedule for the upcoming Amsterdam Art Weekend was released, with this year's event focused on the diversity and dynamism of the contemporary art scene. Art lovers and professionals will be able to explore the Amsterdam art scene from Thursday, November 26 until Sunday, November 29.

Nov 2 '15 15:52

The new James Bond movie Spectre has broken the record for best opening weekend in the Netherlands. The film brought in 3.4 million euros between Thursday and Sunday, and if the previews on Wednesday are included, that amount goes up to 3.6 million euros.

Oct 30 '15 08:38

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is very happy as a 48 year old bachelor. Though he finds it "sweet" that people think he can be even happier in a relationship.

Oct 27 '15 16:00

Legendary Sex-Bomb singer Sir Tom Jones will be appearing on RTL Late Night tonight with Humberto Tan. The heart-breaking star will talk about his auto-biography, marriage and the release of his new album, “Long Lost Suitcase”.

Oct 27 '15 14:20

A trio of filmmakers from Amsterdam have attempted to embarrass Russia in a playful satire on Vladimir Putin. The trio planted the Dutch flag on the exact same spot the Russians placed their flag in the North Pole several years earlier. They planted the flag on the exact location where the Russian flag is sitting, under some 4,200 meters of ice.

Oct 27 '15 09:50

A massive 643 thousand people tuned in to watch transgender Loiza Lamers win Holland's Next Top Model on Monday night, making the finale the most watched episode of the season.

Oct 22 '15 14:47

Princess Beatrix will be opening fourth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival this year. The festival kicks off on November 28. This year’s festival is dedicated to the theme of Friendship, which focuses on the existence of mankind and the universal language of light to allow expression.

Oct 22 '15 13:00

Theaters, stages and cinemas around the Leidseplein in Amsterdam donated the proceeds of ticket sales on Wednesday to refugee charity VluchtelingenWerk Nederland. This amounted to some 37 thousand euros.

Oct 21 '15 17:05

In commemoration of 15 years of LegoWorld in the Netherlands, they will attempt to break the world record for the largest Lego tower ever built. The finished tower is to stand more than 35.05 meters, the previous best recorded in Milan this summer. The Netherlands, in 2004, went to the height of 27.7 meters with their last tower.

Oct 21 '15 15:13

On this day, back from 1989, Marty McFLy, Dr Emmet Brown and the infamous DeLorean, will again touch down in the future, this time at the Leiden International Film Festival. Tickets to tonight’s screening of the hit movies, “Back to the Future 1&2”, sold out in no time. The films will again make a big screen appearance at the Trianon movie theatre.

Oct 20 '15 15:43

The organizers of the Blood Rave scheduled for Amsterdam on Halloween have released a statement to make one thing very clear: rave attendees will be sprayed with synthetic blood, not real blood.

Oct 19 '15 08:50

The anniversary edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event was extremely successful, with 365 thousand people attending the 1,001 events with 2,289 artists and 485 speakers.

Oct 19 '15 08:18

The 75-year-old legend John Cleese has announced that he will be putting five stops in the Netherlands as part of his, “The Last Time To See Me Before I Die” tour. The comedian/writer/actor/director will be telling anecdotes about his career and personal life, and audience members will have the opportunity to ask him questions as well.