Sep 19 '13 02:32

The Dutch police encountered kill lists from Afghan refugee from the seventies while conducting a criminal investigation into a war crimes suspect from Afghanistan. The lists contain the names of 5000 people who were executed by the Communist regime.

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Sep 18 '13 03:40

It’s obviously one of the most popular but also controversial tourist spots of Amsterdam. The red light district, in Dutch also called De Wallen, is situated in one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam and has around 2000 prostitutes. In 2007 the municipality of Amsterdam launched ‘Project 1012’ to fight against the high level of crime and human trafficking in the postal code area ‘1012’, where De Wallen is also located. After five years, has this initiative paid off?

Sep 18 '13 02:16

Two military policemen in training are fired for discriminating an instructor. The two men of 22 and 25 years of age, were suspended since February.

Sep 17 '13 02:49

A 52-year-old motorist from Leuth in Gelderland took place behind the wheel Sunday, unabashedly, with a bottle of wine in hand.

Sep 16 '13 06:39

The Police and rescue services had an average weekend in terms of aggression and accidents. Nevertheless, there are unfortunately enough stories which are worthwhile mentioning. Here an overview of the most notable happenings.

Jordaanfestival Amsterdam

At the Jordaanfestival, a yearly festival in the Amsterdam district ‘de Jordaan’, a man was heavily beaten up on Saturday evening. He took part in a street fight among a group of 15 to 20 boys and men who started fighting after some misunderstandings. This was reported by the police.

Sep 14 '13 02:48

The body, found Friday morning on the platform of railway station Rijswijk, is that of a local 19-year-old boy, reported police.

Sep 14 '13 02:24

Two 18-year-old twin brothers were robbed in the streets of Amsterdam last month and held hostage for two hours. They were threatened and had their mobile phones and money taken away.

Sep 13 '13 03:39

The 19-year-old Swedish woman who was stabbed to death Tuesday in Den Bosch, filed a report of threats by her ex-boyfriend in August.

Sep 11 '13 02:04

A group of riot police are looking for traces tonight in Den Bosch, following the death of a 19-year-old Swedish woman who was stabbed in a fire exit leading to the Leonardus van Veghel Street, not far from the center.

Sep 10 '13 03:11

A 47-year-old father and his three sons were found dead on Monday morning, in a bungalow park in the village of Schoonloo in Drenthe. This was reported by the police. The dead kids were two 10-year-old boys  and a 2-year-old boy.

Sep 10 '13 02:30

Six moviegoers in Pathé Arena in Amsterdam became ill from tear gas.

Sep 9 '13 05:37

Two Romanian youngsters, 17 and 19 years old, were arrested on Sunday in Blerick (Limburg) on suspicion of copper theft.

The police received a report that two vans with Spanish number plates were parked at the Otto Street in Blerick. While checking out the vans, the police found two men sleeping in one of the two vans, in which  the police found a total of 132 roles of copper wire with a total weight of 6,600 kilograms.

Sep 7 '13 02:35

The police seized to large amounts of GBL in Nijmegen and Doornenburg. High concentrations of the element is used as raw material for the party drug GHB.

Sep 7 '13 02:11

Two people were injured in a stabbing on board a train from The Hague to Venlo. On Rotterdam Central the wounded got off the train and two others were apprehended.

Sep 6 '13 04:01

The police arrested ten people on Thursday, at various places in Brabant, in connection with illegal cannabis. 14 Hemp nurseries were dismantled, two hemp dryers and there were five addresses located where the found cannabis plants.

In 12 different cities and towns in Brabant, the police went energetically to work. On the special action day on hemp, the police took action in Bergen op Zoom, Best, Eindhoven, Etten-Leur, Eindhoven, Helmond, Kruisland, Loosbroek, Mierlo, Roosendaal, Terheijden and Oudenbosch.

Sep 6 '13 02:36

The financial investigation department from North Holland found 520,000 euros in cash in the search of a house and a shed in IJmuiden. To a large extent the notes were 500 euro bills.

Sep 6 '13 02:35

Police have arrested three people, suspected of fraud involving personal budgets (PGB). The threesome committed fraud for about 2 million euros.

Sep 4 '13 01:48

The ten main suspects, involved in the Quote 500-gang robberies are on trial this week. On Tuesday they faced a sentence of up to 6 years in prison.

Sep 3 '13 03:03

There are possibly still some twenty SS men alive who never were convicted for crimes, committed during World War II. The Simon Wiesenthal Center comes to this conclusion after a poster promotion in German cities.

Sep 3 '13 02:59

The main suspects in the so-called Quote 500-gang did not respond to questions from the court in The Hague on Monday.

Sep 1 '13 01:28

A woman managed to escape two kidnappers who wanted to rape her Saturday morning in Tienray, says a police report.

Aug 29 '13 04:58

Colleagues from Romania will reinforce the Amsterdam police team to tackle pickpockets, writes Mayor Eberhard van der Laan in a letter to the council. The aid consists of the exchange of information about the perpetrators.

Aug 28 '13 03:17

Cases against drug smugglers who are arrested at Schiphol will be handled through the new speedy trial method, starting September 1st.

Aug 28 '13 01:45

A driver who was loading and unloading goods in Beverwijk on Tuesday around 18:50 hours was robbed and briefly abducted by five men wearing balaclava, according to a police announcement.