Feb 6 '14 11:08

A student from the University of Leiden has been threatening the president of the examining board for the Jurisprudence Faculty for months.

Feb 5 '14 15:57

The Tax department collected income data from all tenants in the Netherlands last year and made the information available to lessors, thereby violating the Dutch Data Protection Act.

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Feb 5 '14 15:25

It was the Netherlands and not the NSA that collected the data on 1.8 million local phone calls that is in the possession of the American security organisation.

Feb 5 '14 14:27

A 37-year-old man was arrested in Brisbane, Australia on suspicion of possession of child pornography. The suspect was caught with the help of the "Sweetie" project of Terre des Hommes.

Feb 5 '14 04:32

The Hague police arrested three more suspects Tuesday morning, February 4th, on behalf of the German authorities, suspected of involvement in a major bank robbery in February 2013.

Feb 5 '14 04:31

Police issued a warning on fake meter readers after reports came in about people posing as meter readers, in Roden, trying to gain access to people's homes.

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Feb 4 '14 11:54

Ministers Ivo Opstelten (Safety and Justice) and Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment) are cranking up the methods to detect motorists who take part in traffic while under the influence of drugs.

Feb 4 '14 04:32

After Utrecht, Nijmegen, and Maastricht, now Centers for Sexual Crimes will also open in Leiden and Leeuwarden. The opening is scheduled in May. Victims of sexual crimes can file police reports, receive psychological help and undergo a medical exam.

Feb 3 '14 15:28

A 10-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital severely wounded in Genk, Belgium, after she was attacked by a pack of dogs, that escaped from a nearby breeder.

Feb 3 '14 15:08

Following a burglary that cost the life of the 73-year-old victim, Friday evening, 25 police officers will conduct a neighborhood investigation today in Westenholte in Zwolle. The victim died Saturday from the injuries she sustained when she came face to face with the burglar.

Feb 3 '14 11:23

A mother from Rotterdam turns in her own son, a robbery suspect, to the police.

Feb 3 '14 10:54

Minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten has to investigate what percentage of marijuana cultivation in the Netherlands is being used for export.

Feb 3 '14 08:52

The Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie) wants to raise fines for small-time criminals and corrupt businesses.

Police Van
Feb 3 '14 08:11

Police in Rotterdam shot an armed man in the leg Monday morning, after he resisted arrest.

Feb 3 '14 05:00

A 36-year old male from Maastricht became a danger to the public on saturday night when he involved the police in a wild car chase through the center of his town.

Feb 2 '14 11:00

A 73-year old woman in Zwolle was injured when she found a burglar in her home on Friday. She passed away on Saturday evening, the police report.

Feb 2 '14 09:16

Philips recently stopped providing grow lights to marijuana farmers, now its employees are receiving daily threats from a big consumer.

Feb 2 '14 08:40

Another person has been arrested following the false alarm threat that saw the InHolland University in Rotterdam evacuated on Thursday.

Feb 1 '14 04:35

Georges Knubben and Cozijn Simon, two Gallery owners who were suspected of selling forged artwork by Anton Heyboer, will not be prosecuted after all. The Prosecution dropped the charges for lack of evidence.

Feb 1 '14 04:32

The Hague City Council member, Arnoud van Doorn (Partij van de Eenheid) is facing 6 month imprisonment with 2 months probation for selling weed to minors, leaking confidential information, and possession of a weapon.

Feb 1 '14 04:31

In the 24-hour period from Wednesday morning, January 29, to the following Thursday morning, the police managed to cease 750kg of Khat in three different busts.

Jan 31 '14 17:25

A man was shot dead in his car this morning around 07:45 in de Den Helderstraat in Amsterdam Noord. His identity has not yet been confirmed.

Jan 31 '14 13:31

Two 20-year-old men from Rotterdam were arrested on Wednesday January 29, for the brutal robbery of a 82-year-old woman in her apartment on the Dadeltuin in Rotterdam on January 15.

Jan 31 '14 13:15

An 83-year-old man from Doorn, suspected of killing his 86-year-old wife, has been released on probation, as ordered by the court. The suspect has been on remand since October 19. The prosecution disagrees with the ruling.