Mar 6 '14 16:13

The 45-year-old Martijn Smits, who was killed in a police shootout on Tuesday morning in Boekel, was killed by a bullet from his own weapon, announced the Den Bosch public prosecution Wednesday. The man had a license for the firearm.

Mar 6 '14 14:41

Rotterdam customs officers seized 325 kg of cocaine, packed in watertight bags, during the past weekend. The bags were possibly going to be put overboard.

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Mar 6 '14 14:24

It took him almost two decades, but a robber who shot a store clerk in her shoulder 18 years ago finally grew a conscience and came clean last week.

Police sign
Mar 6 '14 13:14

According to crime figures published by the police, there was less crime in 2013 than the previous year.

Mar 5 '14 17:59

The 'child porn' unit of the East-Netherlands police conducted a large-scale investigation on 20 addresses in February. So far nine suspects were questioned, but no arrests were made.

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Mar 5 '14 16:09

In a survey, conducted by the European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights, titled: 'Violence against women: an EU-wide survey', 42,000 women across 28 member states of the EU were questioned about violence against women, especially gender-based violence. The results were shocking and can not be overlooked.

Mar 5 '14 14:34

People in high-risk areas will receive their DigiD activation code by courier from now on, to prevent identity fraud, announced Minister Plasterk.

Mar 5 '14 12:31

Two prominent members of the Baptist Church in The Hague are suspected of having embezzled €650,000 from the church fund, the AD reports.

Mar 5 '14 07:47

The 40-year old pedophile Pascal G., who was caught in Thailand by crime reporter John van den Heuvel last December, has been sentenced to five years in jail for multiple rapes of his ten-year old step daughter by the court of justice in Leeuwarden.

Mar 4 '14 17:38

Sheldon V., an 18-year-old Amsterdam suspect of armed robberies and kidnapping does not have to go to jail, ruled the court. The suspect was shot during his apprehension and is wheelchair bound since. Instead he is assigned a probation officer from youth care.

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Mar 4 '14 16:52

Police in Rotterdam have arrested a man who has been on the run from the Belgian justice system since 2011. The man, a cocaine trafficker will now sit out his seven-year sentence in the Netherlands.

Mar 4 '14 16:39

A 35-year-old police officer, who abused a bus driver last year July on Ameland, was fired, announced the National Police in Driebergen. The officer was already suspended since the occurrence in the Summer, pending the outcome of a disciplinary investigation.

Mar 4 '14 15:00

Angelina Cobbina, a 41-year-old black former top senior lawyer at Dutch banking giant ABN Amro in Great Britain, sued her former employer for £300,000 for sex, race, and religious discrimination.

Mar 4 '14 09:30

An increasing number of people live in fear that their house could be broken into, even while the number of burglaries has not risen substantially, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) reports.

Mar 4 '14 08:36

A man died early this morning after he opened fire on police officers, who then shot back at him.

Mar 4 '14 08:10

Last month, several ministries and the police were warned about journalist Brenno de Winter who was suspected of wanting to infiltrate government computer systems via malware and phishing, the NOS reports.

Mar 4 '14 06:45

The owner of a safe that was stolen from party center Chalet Fontaine in Kaatsheuvel is so emotional after the theft, he is offering a reward of €10,000 for a tip that may lead to the safe's contents.

Mar 3 '14 17:10

A press photographer was arrested on the Lobelius street in Zaandam, in the night of Sunday March 2 to Monday March 3, after he refused to move away from a crime scene, when so instructed by the police.

Mar 3 '14 16:37

The Bastion hotel on the Adrianahoeve in Hoofddorp became the scene of an armed robbery, Sunday, when two robbers held three staff members at gunpoint around 22:50. They got away with an insignificant amount of money.

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Mar 3 '14 15:15

US rapper Kanye West has included Dutch student Robbie Hontelé in the trademark infringement lawsuit he filed against the creators of the "COINYE" digital currency.

Mar 3 '14 14:52

A Belgian ice-cream girl was robbed of her daily yield by 3 dressed-up suspects, Sunday. The thieves are still at large.

Mar 3 '14 08:52

A special control in Eindhoven on Saturday night has busted five illegal taxi's transporting people.

Saint Martin
Mar 3 '14 07:47

Three prisoners escaped on Saturday night from a prison in Pointe Blanche on the island of Saint Martin.

Mar 3 '14 07:25

A car intentionally barreled into a group of carnaval partygoers on Sunday night.