Dec 23 '14 12:55

Two teenagers from Zoetermeer were arrested on Sunday for fraud. They went door to door as newspaper deliverers and collected money from residents. The money was eventually donated to Serious Request.

No image available
Dec 23 '14 12:38

The 44 year old man for Zeist who was murdered on Duurstedelaan in Utrecht on Friday, was not in his own car. The car is registered to a woman who was born in 1978. She knew the man, but according to a family member, does not know what led to the shooting.

Dec 23 '14 11:43

A 13 year old boy from Hardewijk was seriously injured in a fireworks incident on Friday, December 12th. A 15 year old boy has been arrested.

Dec 23 '14 11:18

A 19 year old teenager from Maastricht who traveled to Syria in September to join terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS), died in Syria last week.

Dec 23 '14 10:44

A strange form of Christmas snow appeared on the beach of Egmond aan Zee this weekend.

Dec 23 '14 09:59

More than a million Dutch people have been the victim of internet fraud in the last two years. In total the victims have been scammed out of more than 5 billion euros. This is evident from research done by the Fraud Help Desk, the national reporting point for questions and reports on fraud.

Dec 23 '14 09:42

RTL Nieuws have photos in their possession that give more information about the circumstances of the disaster with flight MH17. According to the news agency, the photos and an interview with the man who took them prove that the disaster was very likely caused by an anti-aircraft missile fired from a separatist region in eastern Ukraine.

Dec 23 '14 09:14

The police have received an important tip about the murder of former minister Els Borst. Crime journalist Peter R. de Vries received information about someone with a duty of confidentiality, who can not talk to the police him-/herself. De Vries gave the tip to the police.

Dec 23 '14 08:16

An eleven year old boy was injured while lighting a firework in Breda yesterday afternoon. He was taken to the Amphia hospital by ambulance. He injured his right hand and right thigh.

Dec 22 '14 13:41

A large escape attempt from the only prison on Curacao was stopped, reported the director of the Center for Detention and Correction Curacao (SDKK).

Police sign
Dec 22 '14 11:54

A 44 year old man from Zeist was shot and killed in a car on Duurstedelaan in Utrecht on Friday night. The police suspect a murder.

Dec 22 '14 11:40

A 43 year old man was taken to the police station for a breath test in the early hours of Sunday morning after police officers found him driving a golf cart in the middle of Hoogboomlaan in Renesse.

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Dec 22 '14 11:33

The Security Service AIVD tapped the offices of Prakken d'Oliveira attorneys, Home Affairs Minister Ronald Plasterk has confirmed according to the lawyers.

Dec 22 '14 11:08

An elderly lady's bag was stolen on Adriaan van Bergenstraat in Breda at around 12:45 on Friday afternoon. The bag contained her last money intended for Christmas dinner with her sick husband.

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Dec 22 '14 11:05

Eddy Hekman (61) from 't Zandt in Groningen is writing a book about the circumstances that led to his daughter Renke’s death in 2011 in Baflo; and Renske's killer is contributing.

Police sign
Dec 22 '14 09:51

Two of the three suspects arrested for the shooting incident in Enschede on Wednesday, were released on Sunday. The remain suspects in the investigation.

Dec 22 '14 09:34

The police are looking for the 21 year old Tore Grodem from Norway, who went missing in Amsterdam. He has been missing since about 02:00 a.m. Friday morning, December 19th.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Dec 22 '14 08:19

The people who were robbed a their home in Bilthoven on Saturday night, appears to be the Wolff couple. The couple, former owners of the Utrecht cinema company Wolff, was attacked in their home on Soestdijkseweg Zuid in Bilthoven.

Dec 22 '14 07:55

The nearly 100 rioters who were arrested last year in Veen for the New Year's eve riots, will get 200 euro for every night that they were unjustly imprisoned, reports the Algemeen Dagblad.

Police sign
Dec 19 '14 13:23

The Twente region was shaken by two murders yesterday. A corpse was removed from the Twentekanaal at Markelo and the 24 year old Joey Moes was shot and killed in Enschede.

Dec 19 '14 10:11

On Wednesday the police found more than 2,300 kilograms of illegal fireworks on Vlietweg in Leiden. A 31 year old man from Voorschoten was arrested.

Dec 19 '14 09:56

According to the Public Prosecutor's Fireworks Barometer 2014 - 2015, 29,428 kilograms of illegal fireworks have been confiscated since October 1st of this year.

Stolen Luxury Merchandise
Dec 19 '14 08:59

Four men have been arrested following an investigation into the theft of luxury goods worth "several tens of thousands of euros" from an airliner's passenger jets, the Marechaussee military police say. Two of the suspects are employed by the airline, while the other two were caught after trying to sell the goods online.

Dec 18 '14 21:20

Alternative taxi service Uber, is now offering a 100 euro sign-up bonus to new UberPop drivers. The campaign comes as a surprise, seeing as the rideshare taxi-service was deemed illegal by the court in The Hague.