Dec 29 '14 12:37

A woman and two children were injured in an explosion and subsequent fire in their home in Sterrendaalders in Den Bosch last night. The police suspect that someone threw a firework bomb into their home through the letterbox.

Dec 29 '14 07:43

A Dutch tourist was shot and killed in the early morning hours of Saturday in Panama City, the capital of Panama. Another Dutch tourist was injured, the Panamanian newspaper La Prensa reported on Saturday.

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Dec 26 '14 14:03

A 39 year old man died during a stabbing incident in Amsterdam east yesterday afternoon. He was stabbed to death by his 41 year old brother, who turned himself in to the police.

Dec 26 '14 13:16

The police arrested four Groningen residents (aged 30, 31, 35 and 52 years) after a brawl on Pleiadenlaan last night. Shots were fired during the fight.

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Dec 25 '14 16:02

Two of the four jihad suspects who have been on a hunger strike since Sunday, have started eating again. At least one of the four is still on the hunger strike, his lawyer said today.

Dec 25 '14 09:51

The Public Prosecutor of the district of Maastricht is investigating fraud in the construction of the A2 tunnel. The general manager of Avenue2 and another manager have been custody for some time. The Dagblad De Limburger and the Limburgs Dagblad reported this on Wednesday.

Dec 25 '14 09:35

The financial investigation police have arrested three women and one man in Noord-Holland during a money laundering investigation.

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Dec 25 '14 09:20

The Chinese Consul General in Curacao has called on the police to do all in their power to stop the violent robberies. This follows the death of a 30 year old Chinese supermarket owner, who was the victim of a robbery on Sunday.

Dec 25 '14 08:47

The person who was injured in Zoetermeer on Tuesday evening after a firework bomb destroyed three cars, is a 52 year old man. He was injured when he tried to bring his car to safety.

Dec 25 '14 08:39

Istanbul was shocked by another execution on Wednesday. The victim is Vedat Sahin, the brother of top criminal Sedat Sahin - a well known name in the Turkish underworld. Sahin was from Rotterdam and was allegedly good friends with Ali Akgun, who was executed earlier on Wednesday.

Dec 25 '14 07:28

The police have released photos of a violent home robbery that occurred on Thursday, October 2nd, 2014. They hope that the released photographs will lead to a breakthrough in the case.

Dec 24 '14 16:10

A court in Den Bosch denied a request by defense attorneys to dismiss the judges assigned to the trial of Jos de G. The man is accused of the 1995 rape and murder of 15-year-old Nicole van den Hurk.

Dec 24 '14 13:07

On Tuesday the police arrested a 15 year old boy in Nieuwerker aan den IJssel for joyriding.

Police sign
Dec 24 '14 12:59

Yesterday a man through a corrosive liquid, possibly acid, over a woman in a parking garage in Haarlem. The woman was taken to a hospital. The man was arrested.

Dec 24 '14 11:22

The court in Cambodia today sentenced a homeless man to 13 years in prison for the murder of a Dutch woman and her baby daughter during an attempted robbery at their home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Dec 24 '14 10:48

The GroenLinks Member of Parliament Linda Voortman from Utrecht has been exonerated. According to the Public Prosecutor, she did not leak information on who was a candidate for the National Ombudsman position to the media.

Dec 24 '14 10:26

Three cars completely burnt out in Zoetermeer on Tuesday night after a firework bomb exploded nearby. One person was injured and taken to the hospital.

Dec 24 '14 10:17

The man who is wanted by the police for allegedly assaulting a bus driver in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 11th, has contacted news agency AT5 to tell his side of the story.

Dec 24 '14 09:40

The man who was murdered on Duurstedelaan in Utrecht on Friday, December 19th, at about 19:45, has been identified as the 44 year old Mohamed Boulaaouin from Zeist.

Dec 24 '14 09:26

ABN Amro has replaced 430 thousand debit cards, because they did not meet the safety requirements. It was possible to remotely guess the PIN number of those cards, which are capable of making contactless payments.

Dec 24 '14 08:28

The Moroccan judge yesterday sentenced Hamza B. to 20 years in prison. B. was involved in a double homicide and triple attempted murder in Staatsliedenbuurt in Amsterdam on December 29th, 2012. The prosecutor demanded the death penalty earlier that day, which in practice means life in prison.

Dec 23 '14 14:03

A prisoner escaped from the Hoogvliet prison in Rotterdam on Tuesday Morning. The police are looking for the prisoner.

Dec 23 '14 13:52

Mark van N., known as the "horror dentist", can be extradited to France, the court in the Hague ruled. Van N. initiated the lawsuit because he felt that he would not receive the same mental health care in France as in the Netherlands. The judge did not agree, and therefore the extradition can continue.

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Dec 23 '14 13:02

A 19-year-old woman from Steenbergen was admitted to the hospital in Groningen on Sunday afternoon, after a 90-year-old motorist crashed into her bicycle.