Police sign
Apr 7 '14 08:00

Six people have been arrested in Rotterdam on Saturday after a knife fight broke out, the police reports. At least one person has been injured and is in hospital.

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Apr 6 '14 19:46

Police have closed the investigation into the deaths of former ABN AMRO Manager Jan Peter Schmittmann (57) and his family.

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Apr 6 '14 18:10

Police say they arrested a 64-year-old woman this morning who threatened and assaulted an employee of national railway company NS.

Apr 4 '14 14:17

Police, Prosecutor's Office and the Foundation Against Mortgage Fraud SFH are joining forces in Zeeland/West Brabant in the fight against marijuana plantations in purchased dwellings.

No Surrender
Apr 4 '14 14:06

Notorious murder suspect Lau G. will become the head of a new fraction of the motorcycle club No Surrender in Venlo on Tuesday, according to De Telegraaf.

Apr 4 '14 09:42

Minister of Justice, Ivo Opstelten, has been criticized for not informing Parliament about the whitewashing scandal involving Fred Teeven closing a deal in 2000 with drugs baron Cees H.

Apr 4 '14 09:08

Surviving relatives and supporters of the two robbers who were shot and killed in the jewelry store in Deurne last week Friday need to be shown the security footage, according to the jeweler-couple's lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers.

Apr 3 '14 16:22

Khalid K., the jihadist from Almere who appeared in an online picture with five severed heads, has been banned from the Netherlands.

Apr 3 '14 15:24

The second robber that was killed in the robbery on the jewelry store Goldies last week in Deurne was not in The Netherlands illegally, but was actually here on holiday.

Apr 3 '14 09:32

Police and the Department of Justice in Drenthe have been busy for almost one-and-a-half years with unsolved murder cases due to there being insufficient links. These cases may now finally have been solved.

Apr 2 '14 14:45

A shooting at the Snack Point snack bar in Eindhoven has resulted in the death of its Turkish owner, Adem Cokicli. Another person was lightly injured, according to a co-worker of the business.

Yvonne B
Apr 2 '14 07:42

In Utrecht, Yvonne B. has played €557,000 on internet gambling sites, according to the Public Prosecution Authority. The woman is the creator of the foundation 'Vriended van Tom' (Friends of Tom), which is where she got the money that was meant for children with behavioral problems.

Apr 1 '14 18:26

Two young men who were driving under the influence of marijuana narrowly escaped serious injuries when they slammed their car so hard into the back of a truck that it dragged them along for a while.

Apr 1 '14 15:08

An 18-year old man from Amsterdam died on Monday after stealing a car and driving it into the Amstel river.

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Apr 1 '14 13:51

The National Meeting of Moroccans LBM in the Netherlands has condemned the protest last weekend in Deurne against the woman who shot two Moroccan men who reportedly were robbing her husband's jewelry store.

Apr 1 '14 13:23

There seems to be a possible third suspect in the Duerne jewelry store Goldies heist on Friday last week. This comes from the sister of 20-year old Abdel H., one of the robbers who was shot and killed that day. She gave a statement to De Telegraaf newspaper.

Apr 1 '14 10:46

Police have confiscated 84 kilograms of cocaine found in two separate freight containers that arrived at a distribution center in Veghel in Brabant.

Apr 1 '14 10:20

A taxi driver in Otterlo lost his way while trying to drive a woman to her destination. After a collision, the cabbie lost his driver's license. The police is saying he may have been driving under the influence of drugs.

Apr 1 '14 08:32

The wife of the jewelry store owner who was burgled in Deurne on Friday evening did not have a weapons license according to head officer of justice Bart Niewenhuizen in an announcement on Monday. It is also still unclear if it was her who shot the gun.

Police Van
Mar 31 '14 14:51

Police in Zeeland apprehended two men on Monday, in suspicion of involvement in the death of photographer Henry Meye, who was killed in 2011.

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Mar 31 '14 14:40

A woman from Oosterhout near Breda died this morning after a fight with her partner. The partner has been arrested.

Police sign
Mar 31 '14 08:08

A 75-year old woman has been heavily injured after being pushed off a train station platform on Saturday evening in Den Haag Centraal Station. Three men have been apprehended as suspects of heavy assault, the police announce.

Mar 31 '14 07:54

Police in Dordrecht have apprehended a 27-year old man from Rotterdam, who is a suspect in a fatal shooting that happened on Friday in Hoogvliet. A 34-year old man, Ulrig, was killed.

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Mar 30 '14 10:19

Police in Deurne stepped in and stopped a protest against the jewelry store-owner's wife who on Friday shot and killed two men robbing her husband.