Dutch police at the scene of a crime
Apr 25 '20 11:51

Police in Apeldoorn broke up a group of over a hundred people who had converged on a caravan park in defiance of the country’s social distancing rules. “Too many people, too close together,” was how police described the scene at Laan van Zodiac on Friday night.

Officers arriving on scene began enforcing the rules, meant to slow the spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands. Authorities on the ground were aided by a police helicopter circling above monitoring the scene. 

Two people seen filling a Jerry can 30 minutes before a telecom mast was set on fire in Dronten.
Apr 25 '20 08:00

A second suspect was taken into custody on Friday as part of the investigation into a series of arsons targeting telecommunications transmitter masts across the Netherlands. Hours after the arrest was announced, another mast was set on fire in Waddinxveen, Zuid-Holland.

At least 19 masts have caught on fire in various locations over the past few weeks. Police believe arson to be the cause of most if not all of them.

Hague police officer
Apr 24 '20 16:50

The police in Arnhem are turning to the public for help in catching the perpetrator or perpetrators behind ten car fires in the Gelderland city over the past week. All locals signed up to Burgernet will receive an email on Friday, with information about the crimes in the hope that this triggers information that leads to an arrest.

Suspect wanted for setting a transmission mast on fire on Koningsweg in Groningen, 10 April 2020
Apr 24 '20 09:45

The police arrested a 34-year-old man on suspicion that he set a transmission mast on fire on Koningsweg in Groningen earlier this month. Tips from the public after surveillance camera footage of the arson was shared on Opsporing Verzocht, led investigators to the suspect, the police said.

Dutch trucker caught with 140 kilos of cocaine at the port of Dover in the United Kingdom, 22 April 2020
Apr 23 '20 20:00

A 62-year-old Dutch truck driver was arrested in England this week, accused of trying to smuggle 140 kilograms of cocaine into the United Kingdom. Gerrit van E. was caught at the port of Dover after border officers discovered the drugs in a hidden compartment in the floor of the large goods vehicle he was driving.

An area cordoned off by police
Apr 23 '20 19:00

Police in Friesland said a woman in the village of Oppenhuizen was found murdered in her home on Thursday. A person of interest was taken into custody in the vicinity of the woman's home soon after her death, police confirm. The man and the victim knew each other, police said.

The incident was reported to police at around 2:30 p.m., after which a trauma team was dispatched to a home on the H.S. Reinardastrjitte along with an ambulance. Once on scene, officers and paramedics found the victim still alive, but in critical condition.

Apr 23 '20 14:46

With reporting by Jamie de Geir.

A raid in a warehouse at the Port of Antwerp turned up nearly four thousand kilograms of cocaine. The cocaine, with an estimated street value of 200 million euros, was found hidden inside a sea container full of fish.

Students walk past a rainbow flag flying above the University of Amsterdam’s Science Park campus, 8 Jan 2019
Apr 23 '20 10:25

Last year the College of Human Rights received 4,730 questions and reports related to discrimination, breaking 2018's record of 4,583. Hundreds of those reports were about the Nashville declaration, that caused an uproar in the Netherlands early last year. The figures show that discrimination is still  "major, serious problem", according to Adriana van Dooijeweert, chair of the College, NOS reports.

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
Apr 23 '20 08:44

The number of registered crimes in which an asylum seeker is a suspect increased by over a quarter last year, from nearly 4 thousand in 2018 to nearly 5 thousand cases in 2019, the Telegraaf reports based on an incident overview by the Ministry of Justice and Security that the newspaper has in its possession. The number of asylum seekers increased by three percent to nearly 55 thousand last year.

Apr 22 '20 20:30

Insurance providers in the Netherlands should not pay ransom on behalf of organizations which fall victim to ransomware, Justice and Security Minister Ferd Grapperhaus advised on Wednesday. In a letter addressed to parliament over issues of cybersecurity, Grapperhaus advised insurance providers to instead pay out the cost of damages organizations incur by not paying the ransom, believing that paying the ransoms themselves will only incentivize further criminality.

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
Apr 22 '20 17:35

A 22-year-old man was shot and wounded by police on Wednesday after he allegedly attacked and injured an officer with a knife, the police confirmed. Both men were hospitalized, and neither had life-threatening injuries.

The incident took place at around 12:30 p.m. on the Moergestelseweg in the Noord-Brabant village of Haghorst, after officers responded to reports that a man had been walking around the village carrying multiple knives. When approached by police the suspect attacked one of the officers, stabbing him with a knife.

Fire at a transmission tower on Sluiskade in Almere, 13 April 2020
Apr 22 '20 12:10

Since early April, a total of 16 transmission masts in the Netherlands were set on fire. On Tuesday evening, the police released new footage of suspected perpetrators.

During the early hours of April 18th, a transmission mast on the roof of Q-Park on Van Bleiswijkstraat in Amsterdam was set alight. Surveillance cameras caught two men forcing the gates of the Q-Park parking lot to get inside:

Vincent van Gogh's De Lentetuin
Apr 22 '20 08:32

Security cameras at the Singer Laren museum captured images of the early morning burglary in which the suspect made off with a prized Van Gogh painting. The artwork, titled “De Lentetuin”, was stolen from the museum in Laren, Noord-Holland at about 3:15 a.m. on March 30.

Police first showed the video on a broadcast of Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday night. No suspects have been publicly identified in the case.

Gavel with lady justice in the background
Apr 21 '20 13:48

A doctor may administer euthanasia to a patient with advanced dementia, even if they no longer have the mental acuity to confirm a previous written request to do so, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday in a case brought by the Public Prosecutor in order to get a clearer explanation of the euthanasia law. When a patient is suffering hopelessly and unbearably, "a doctor can follow through on a written request for euthanasia in people with advanced dementia," the Dutch Supreme Court ruled.

An area cordoned off by police
Apr 20 '20 19:50

Police in Oss have arrested a 25-year-old man on suspicion of stabbing to death a teenager from Nistelrode over the weekend. The 18-year-old victim found gravely injured on a cycle path was the victim of the knifing, police said.

As of yet, there is no indication either that the victim and the suspect had known one another, or what the events were that preceded the stabbing incident.

A fake NL-Alert was sent as a scam, health agency RIVM said on April 20, 2020
Apr 20 '20 15:19

Health agency RIVM warned the Dutch public of a cyber scam disguised to look like an emergency alert that was blasted out to mobile phone users Monday morning. The message started with the phrase "NL-Alert", the name of the country's national crisis communications system, and was sent out to phones via SMS.

The RIVM does not itself send out NL-Alerts, a spokesperson told NL Times.

Apr 20 '20 11:10

Schiphol is very vulnerable to cyber attacks, the Court of Audit concluded after investigating the cyber security of the border control systems the Koninklijke Marechaussee uses at the airport. Two of the three systems are not properly protected against cyber attacks, NOS reports.

Automatic firearms seized from a home in Beverwaard, Rotterdam, 24 February 2020
Apr 20 '20 08:29

The police and Public Prosecution Service (OM) released a joint statement expressing concerns about the increasing number of incidents involving firearms in the Netherlands. Last year there were 646 firearm incidents in the country, compared to 557 in 2018.

A total of 31 people died in shootings last year, and people were injured in 131 shooting incidents. In 2018 there were 34 deaths and 120 injuries. 2019 also saw an increase in incidents involving hand grenades. In 2019 there were 61 incidents with a total of 82 hand grenades, compared to 43 incidents in 2018 and 22 in 2017. 

Stock image of a card player with a stack of poker chips
Apr 18 '20 16:50

An illegal poker tournament involving people from all over the Netherlands was broken up by police in the early hours of Saturday morning, with officers dishing out fines of 390 euros to each of the 53 attendees for violating the social distancing guidelines around Covid-19. "It is remarkable that the attendees came from all over the Netherlands," the police commented on the subject.

The fines for social distancing violations totaled 20,670 euros.

A portion of nearly a million euros in cash and luxury clothing found in an Amsterdam money laundering investigation. April 16, 2020
Apr 18 '20 16:03

Nearly a million euros in cash and designer clothing was seized by police last week in a money laundering investigation that led to the arrests of three men. Two of the men were taken into custody at gunpoint in an Amsterdam parking garage, police said.

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
Apr 18 '20 12:23

Police in Groningen shut down a party in the early hours of Saturday morning in a building belonging to student association Vindicat, allegedly for violating social distancing rules around Covid-19. A total of fifteen people were found gathered inside the building on the Grote Markt in central Groningen after officers arrived at the scene at around 12:30 a.m., police said.

Authorities were tipped off about the party, which brought them out to the Grote Markt."We then went on site and found 15 people in the building," police said in a statement on social media.

Mark Rutte speaking at a press conference on April 17, 2020
Apr 17 '20 17:46

The spate of arsons connected to telecommunications transmission masts in the Netherlands "is literally life-threatening," said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at his regular weekly press conference on Friday.

Apr 17 '20 15:10

The police are investigating a fire at a transmission mast on Veldweg in Rijswijk. The aftermath of the fire was discovered on Thursday morning, but as the transmission mast is located in a quiet area, it is not clear when the fire was set. The police are hoping for witnesses, De Stentor reports.

Dutch police car
Apr 17 '20 10:08

The police acknowledged that they "did not respond well" to multiple emergency calls from a mental healthcare institute in Wageningen in February, reporting that a 27-year-old patient was attacking staff. The stabbing incident ended with the patient dead and two employees injured. Despite promising to send someone, it took a long time for the police to arrive, reports.