Mark Rutte speaking at a press conference on April 17, 2020
Apr 17 '20 17:46

The spate of arsons connected to telecommunications transmission masts in the Netherlands "is literally life-threatening," said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at his regular weekly press conference on Friday.

Apr 17 '20 15:10

The police are investigating a fire at a transmission mast on Veldweg in Rijswijk. The aftermath of the fire was discovered on Thursday morning, but as the transmission mast is located in a quiet area, it is not clear when the fire was set. The police are hoping for witnesses, De Stentor reports.

Dutch police car
Apr 17 '20 10:08

The police acknowledged that they "did not respond well" to multiple emergency calls from a mental healthcare institute in Wageningen in February, reporting that a 27-year-old patient was attacking staff. The stabbing incident ended with the patient dead and two employees injured. Despite promising to send someone, it took a long time for the police to arrive, reports.

Illegal shisha lounge found in a home on Jufferstraat in Rotterdam, 17 April 2020
Apr 17 '20 08:06

The police discovered what appeared to be a shisha lounge in a home on Jufferstraat in Rotterdam this week. Official reports were filed against all eight people found inside. Five of them were arrested for failing to identify themselves, the Rotterdam police said on Instagram on Friday. 

Hague police officer
Apr 16 '20 19:20

Police in the Netherlands said they saved a woman who was being sold as a sex trafficking victim, and managed to arrest the two people responsible for the scheme. The 27-year-old Bulgarian woman was rescued from a home in The Hague while at the same time the arrest took place at a hotel 25 kilometers away in Vlaardingen.

Authorities took a 34-year-old woman and a 30-year-old man, both originally from Bulgaria, into custody on Wednesday. "Police tracked down the two suspects because of an online sex advert," law enforcement said on Thursday.

A fire swept through a Purmerend warehouse, which left two injured
Apr 16 '20 15:01

A large fire at a Purmerend warehouse left two people injured on Thursday. Several explosions were heard during the incident, with firefighters needing several hours before they were able to issue an all-clear signal.

Gregori Lindomar Maduor, 31, from Aruba. Found killed on April 7
Apr 15 '20 18:00

The remains of a man found wrapped in plastic and sealed with duct tape was identified as the body of Gregori Lindomar Maduro, police confirmed on Wednesday. A crime resulted in the Aruban man's death, with authorities looking to piece together the days leading up to Maduro's death.

Anel Bijedic (L) and Azzeddine A. sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder.
Apr 15 '20 15:30

The police are urgently looking for 29-year-old Anel Bijedic, convicted last week of the murder of a 25-year-old man in Breda in 2018. Bijedic was convicted along with 28-year-old Azzeddine A., and both were sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Both had disappeared after the convictions, but A. turned himself in on Wednesday. But Bijedic, originally from Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was nowhere to be found. Police said he was of average height and build, 

Bicycle accident
Apr 15 '20 14:50

Last year a total of 661 people died in traffic accidents in the Netherlands, a 2.5 percent decrease compared to 2018, according to Statistics Netherlands. The number of fatalities among people in their twenties and thirties increased by nearly a quarter, from 147 in 2018 to 183 in 2019. Half of the people who died on Dutch roads last year were older than 60, the stats office reported on Wednesday.

Domestic violence
Apr 15 '20 09:20

Social distancing measures in place to curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 are making the victims of domestic violence increasingly invisible, aid workers said to NRC. With the schools closed and everyone at home, police and teachers can't spot signs of abuse. Social workers can't visit vulnerable families at home. And victims have less opportunity to call for help with the perpetrator at home all the time, they said.

Dutch police crime scene tape
Apr 15 '20 08:37

Possible human remains were found in a sewage it during work on Zeebergweg in Amsterdam on Tuesday afternoon, the Amsterdam police confirmed on Twitter. The police conducted both criminal- and forensic investigation at the scene.

The first point of order is to identify whether the remains are indeed human, a spokesperson for the Amsterdam police said to NOS. If that turns out to be the case, the next steps are to identify the victim and investigate how they died.

Fire at a transmission tower on Sluiskade in Almere, 13 April 2020
Apr 15 '20 08:23

The perpetrator behind a fire at a transmission mast in Groningen on Friday, was caught on video. The video showing the an pouring liquid on the telecom tower and setting it alight was released on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday evening. Over the past two weeks, 13 transmission masts in the Netherlands were set on fire, the police revealed on the show.

Dutch police car
Apr 14 '20 21:38

Foul play was suspected in the death of a 52-year-old man, whose body was found in his own home on Easter Sunday. Martin Griep was found dead at about 8:45 p.m., police said, in the home on Ridderspoor in the Noord-Holland town of Zwaag.

"It is now clear that he was killed by a crime," police said, without specifying the cause of death.

Rainbow flag
Apr 14 '20 18:30

A 15-year-old boy who was accused of harassing a gay couple outside an Amsterdam Oost grocery store on Sunday turned himself in to police on Monday evening. He said he does not harbor hatred toward homosexuals and offered to apologize to the men, newspaper AD reports.

Dutch police crime scene tape
Apr 14 '20 17:45

Authorities should be "imposing house arrest" on people who receive fines for violating Covid-19 social distancing measures, Gerrit van de Kamp, chairman of police union ACP, said on radio program 1op1 on Tuesday. In the event that the current measures remain in place for much longer, Van De Kamp explained that house arrest "could be one example" that police should be allowed to consider when planning for longer-term enforcement of the measures.

Ecstasy pills found in a Disney puzzle delivered to a Niedorp woman's home four years ago, 13 April 2020
Apr 14 '20 15:10

A woman from Niedorp in Noord-Holland recently opened a Disney puzzle delivered to her door four years ago only to discover that in addition to puzzle pieces, the box also contained 530 ecstasy pills. The police are investigating, community police officer Bas Dirkmaat said on Instagram.

According to the police, the puzzle was delivered to the woman's home four years ago. She hadn't ordered it, and her family and friends also knew nothing about it. As it had no return address, the puzzle ended up in the garage.

17 people caught barbecuing on a roof in Rotterdam-Carlois, despite coronavirus social distancing measures, 12 April 2020
Apr 14 '20 11:10

Some Rotterdam residents found it difficult to adhere to the social distancing measures in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus over Easter weekend. A group of young people attacked enforcement officers when they were fined, hurting five enforcers. And a barbecue on a Rotterdam roof ended up costing the 17 attendees a total of nearly 7 thousand euros in fines. Rotterdam is using camera equipped cars to find groups faster.

Apr 14 '20 07:57

Two telecom transmission masts were found burning in Almere overnight, one at Sportpark de Marken and one on Sluiskade. The fires were small and easy to extinguish, but the extent of the damage caused to the transmission masts is not yet clear, NOS reports.

A sign warning people that they may be fined 390 euro for standing too close to other people.
Apr 13 '20 18:48

Over the long holiday weekend, police in the Netherlands handed out roughly 1,800 fines to people for violating physical distance rules. Officials had been particularly concerned because of the warm weather predicted for Saturday and Easter Sunday, but police said no large-scale interventions were necessary.

"In most places it went well and many people followed the rules that exist because of the coronavirus," police said. Most of the times police cautioned people they responded understandingly, and kept more of a distance.

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
Apr 13 '20 14:50

A gay couple was spat on and insulted by a group of young people as they walked to a supermarket on Molukkenstraat in Amsterdam on Sunday. Among other things, the group of teenagers called Daniel and Fabio "kankerhomos", which directly translates to "cancer gays", the couple said to AT5.

The two have faced discrimination before, and always just ignored it. "At some point you've just had enough," Daniel said to the Amsterdam broadcaster. "And now the whole group seemed to support it, they were so worked up."

Attempted ATM bombing on an ING machine at an Albert Heijn on Oostelijke Eilanden in Amsterdam, 13 April 2020
Apr 13 '20 13:40

A Rabobank ATM on Osdorpplein in Amsterdam was blown open early on Monday morning. There was also an attempted ATM bombing on an ING machine at an Albert Heijn on Oostelijke Eilanden. The police are investigating both incidents. 

The bombing on Osdorpplein happened at 4:22 a.m. Photos from the scene show a hole where an ATM used to be, and a second ATM severely damaged. Whether any cash was stolen, is unclear.

Exactly what time the attempted bombing on Oostelijke Eilanden happened is not clear. Alarms went off at 4:42 a.m. and then again at 6:31 a.m. 

Dutch police officer
Apr 13 '20 08:49

The police are investigating a fire at a transmission mast on Centaurusweg in Tilburg. The already burnt-out fire was discovered by a passerby on Saturday. "Because there have been more fires like this lately, we are doing forensic investigation," a police spokesperson said to Omroep Brabant. According to the broadcaster, seven transmission towers have been set on fire in the Netherlands over the past days.

The fire was relatively small and the police believe it went out by itself. The fire brigade did not have to be called in. The police can't say exactly when the fire was set. 

Apr 13 '20 07:43

Prison guards at the Penitentiary Institution in Lelystad used pepper spray to put an end to a protest by prisoners on Sunday, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice and Security confirmed to Sources told RTL Boulevard that the prisoners rebelled because of the measures against the coronavirus in the institution.

The Justice spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny whether Covid-19 measures were behind the protest. Due to the risk of contamination, detainees have not been allowed visitors for nearly a month. Their day program was also limited for the same reason.

Schiphol Amsterdam
Apr 12 '20 15:00

Two men, including one carrying a loaded gun, were taken into custody by authorities at the Schiphol Airport train station on Saturday. A day later, authorities said the men were not suspected of attempting to carry out a terrorist plot, but that they were coincidentally wanted in a separate investigation.

A witness on the train saw one of the two loading a firearm while the train was headed towards the airport. Emergency services were notified, who then contacted the Marechaussee, a branch of the Dutch military which guards airports, seaports and borders.