€800,000 cash and 10 kilos cocaine found in a delivery van pulled over on Vekenoord in Breda, 1 May 2020
May 1 '20 15:10

The police discovered 10 kilograms of cocaine and around 800 thousand euros in cash in a hidden compartment while checking a delivery van in Breda on Friday. Three men were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking and money laundering, the police said in a statement.

Domestic violence helpline
May 1 '20 09:04

From this month, victims of domestic violence can use the code word "mask 19", or "masker 19" in Dutch, to ask for help at pharmacies. The pharmacist will say the mask is out of stock, but to leave a number and address so that the mask can be delivered. Instead, the pharmacy will alert the authorities or aid agencies that someone at that address needs help, NRC reports. 

Two people seen filling a Jerry can 30 minutes before a telecom mast was set on fire in Dronten.
Apr 30 '20 19:42

Two men arrested separately this week in connection with setting a transmission mast on fire are brothers who have denied any involvement in the case, reported newspaper AD based on sources.

The Royal Line from left to right - Crown Princess Amalia, Princess Beatrix and King Willem-Alexander, 25 February 2020
Apr 30 '20 16:26

A 31-year-old man from Zwolle has been sent for forensic psychiatric observation after threatening to sexually and physically abuse Princess Amalia and her school friend in January. Prosecutors presented details of their case against Wouter G. at a court status hearing on Wednesday.

The former member of the military stands accused of using messages, images and audio on Instagram to threaten to rape the 16-year-old Dutch princess and murder her friend between Jan. 9 and Jan. 14. "Yes girl, there is no escaping it," he wrote in one message.

4,500 kilos of cocaine found in a banana shipment at a Vlissingen company, 29 April 2020
Apr 30 '20 12:20

A company in Vlissingen that was concerned about irregularities in a banana shipment stumbled upon a batch of cocaine worth roughly 180 million euros. The company grew concerned during a quality check of its shipment from Costa Rica on Wednesday, and asked Customs officers to inspect the cargo.

“Further investigation by Customs revealed that the issue concerns more than 4,500 kilograms of drugs,” said Dutch tax officials involved in the case. They believe the cocaine was sent from a group in the Central American country to the Netherlands, but an investigation is ongoing.

Transmission mast
Apr 30 '20 09:35

The police arrested a third suspect in connection with a series of fires on transmission masts throughout the Netherlands this month. There was another attempt to set fire to a mast on Wednesday night, this time in the Noord-Brabant village of Standaarbuiten.

Erxinio Luntungan
Apr 29 '20 17:30

The police released video footage of the night 24-year-old Orpheo Gefferie was shot dead in parking garage The Bank on Amstelstraat in Amsterdam. The video shows suspect 20-year-old Erxinio Luntungan first entering the garage with three other people, then getting into an argument at the payment terminal, and then running out of the garage.

14 Dutch arrested for smuggling 1,400 kilos of cocaine found in a warehouse in Antwerp, April 2020
Apr 29 '20 15:08

A shipment of squid was what reportedly led Belgian authorities to a major discovery of 4,100 kilograms of cocaine in a bust at the port of Antwerp that led in the arrest of 14 Dutch citizens last week. Eleven of the suspects were remanded into custody, the Belgian Public Prosecution Service confirmed in a statement. The arraignment hearings for the other three suspects was expected to take place on Monday.

Vincent van Gogh's De Lentetuin
Apr 29 '20 13:30

The police are calling on people who visited the Singer Laren museum to send them photos taken in the museum. Investigators hope that these photos will help them track down the perpetrator who stole a Van Gogh painting from the museum late last month. 

An area cordoned off by police
Apr 28 '20 19:45

Police have expressed their thanks to a 79-year-old Roosendaal man who chased down a bicycle thief on Sunday using an electric bicycle with a passenger behind at his back.

According to police, the man had given chase to the thief, a 27-year-old resident of Eindhoven, at around 4:30 p.m. after witnessing the man stealing his friend's bicycle at the Dijkcentrum in the town center. While trying to chase down the thief along with another man who wanted to help, the elderly man alerted a police officer along the Chromietdijk, who had himself just spotted the thief whiz past.

Demonstration at the Tweede Kamer in The Hague against coronavirus measures, 5G and vaccination, 28 April 2020
Apr 28 '20 15:45

A group of spirited protesters gathered in front of the lower house of Parliament in The Hague on Tuesday, demonstrating against the lockdown, vaccinations, and the 5G wireless network. About 200 people outside the Tweede Kamer were heard chanting "freedom now", and holding banners with slogans like "Vaccinations: Inaccurate Mess," "Stop5G," and "Stop the Lockdown."

Apr 28 '20 11:30

Following homophobic statements by Ali Erbas, the director of the Turkish institute for religious affairs Diyanet, during a sermon at the start of Ramadan on Friday, the hashtag #YallahHollandaya was trending on Twitter in the country. The hashtag translates to "Go to Holland", a popular anti-LGBTQ slur in Turkey, NRC reports.

Hague police officer
Apr 28 '20 09:21

Someone set fire to a transmission tower in Swifterbant, Flevoland on Monday night. Emergency services managed to quickly extinguish the fire and the damage to the tower remained limited. The police did a trace evidence investigation at the scene. No arrests were made, reports.

Apr 28 '20 07:33

While the coronavirus crisis brought massive parts of society to a halt, organized crime continues unhindered. There is no visible reduction in the amount of trafficked drugs discovered in Rotterdam, and a first batch of cocaine has already been found in a shipment of medical supplies that was shipped to the United Kingdom, according to Rotterdam police chief Fred Westerbeke. "Criminals adapt very quickly," he said to AD.

A police dog celebrating King’s Day at home. April 27, 2020
Apr 27 '20 19:06

Police in the Netherlands issued 719 fines for social distancing violations over the long King's Day weekend, authorities said at the end of Monday afternoon. More fines were handed out on Saturday, 345, than on Sunday, when 309 people were ticketed.

Officers followed that up by giving out just 65 tickets on Monday, as of 4 p.m. Police said the normally bustling holiday was "very quiet" this year.

Hague police officer
Apr 27 '20 18:38

A 34-year-old man died in police custody in Amsterdam early Monday morning, police said in a statement. He was being kept in a holding cell on suspicion of stabbing an older woman in Amsterdam-Noord, and later died at a hospital.

The 73-year-old woman was heard calling for help Sunday morning at about 10:10 a.m. She was found with knife wounds by local residents on the Kometensingel, who called police for assistance.

The younger man was taken into custody at a house nearby, with police saying the case was likely domestic in nature.

Dutch police car
Apr 26 '20 10:04

Two shootings in Dordrecht left one person dead and another injured in separate incidents overnight. In the initial investigations, police were not able to find a connection between the two shootings which took place less than two kilometers apart.

"Two terrible incidents in our city last night, where regrettably one person is dead," said Wouter Kolff, the city's mayor. 

Domestic violence
Apr 25 '20 15:00

The Dutch government has launched a nationwide campaign in an attempt to address the prevalence of domestic violence, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic response when more people are spending more time at home, two government ministries jointly announced on Saturday.

Dutch police at the scene of a crime
Apr 25 '20 11:51

Police in Apeldoorn broke up a group of over a hundred people who had converged on a caravan park in defiance of the country’s social distancing rules. “Too many people, too close together,” was how police described the scene at Laan van Zodiac on Friday night.

Officers arriving on scene began enforcing the rules, meant to slow the spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands. Authorities on the ground were aided by a police helicopter circling above monitoring the scene. 

Two people seen filling a Jerry can 30 minutes before a telecom mast was set on fire in Dronten.
Apr 25 '20 08:00

A second suspect was taken into custody on Friday as part of the investigation into a series of arsons targeting telecommunications transmitter masts across the Netherlands. Hours after the arrest was announced, another mast was set on fire in Waddinxveen, Zuid-Holland.

At least 19 masts have caught on fire in various locations over the past few weeks. Police believe arson to be the cause of most if not all of them.

Hague police officer
Apr 24 '20 16:50

The police in Arnhem are turning to the public for help in catching the perpetrator or perpetrators behind ten car fires in the Gelderland city over the past week. All locals signed up to Burgernet will receive an email on Friday, with information about the crimes in the hope that this triggers information that leads to an arrest.

Suspect wanted for setting a transmission mast on fire on Koningsweg in Groningen, 10 April 2020
Apr 24 '20 09:45

The police arrested a 34-year-old man on suspicion that he set a transmission mast on fire on Koningsweg in Groningen earlier this month. Tips from the public after surveillance camera footage of the arson was shared on Opsporing Verzocht, led investigators to the suspect, the police said.

Dutch trucker caught with 140 kilos of cocaine at the port of Dover in the United Kingdom, 22 April 2020
Apr 23 '20 20:00

A 62-year-old Dutch truck driver was arrested in England this week, accused of trying to smuggle 140 kilograms of cocaine into the United Kingdom. Gerrit van E. was caught at the port of Dover after border officers discovered the drugs in a hidden compartment in the floor of the large goods vehicle he was driving.

An area cordoned off by police
Apr 23 '20 19:00

Police in Friesland said a woman in the village of Oppenhuizen was found murdered in her home on Thursday. A person of interest was taken into custody in the vicinity of the woman's home soon after her death, police confirm. The man and the victim knew each other, police said.

The incident was reported to police at around 2:30 p.m., after which a trauma team was dispatched to a home on the H.S. Reinardastrjitte along with an ambulance. Once on scene, officers and paramedics found the victim still alive, but in critical condition.