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Dec 5 '13 18:16

The Public Prosecution (OM) demanded 120 hours of community service or 60 days imprisonment against former Meerssen mayor, Ricardo Offermanns. Offermanns (VVD) participated in violating professional secrecy by receiving confidential information from former Roermond alderman Jos van Rey (also VVD), according to the OM

Royal Bank of Scotland
Dec 5 '13 08:43

A lawsuit has been filed against Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Standard & Poor’s (S&P) in the Netherlands by 16 investors over investment losses during the financial crisis.

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Dec 5 '13 04:34

The Dutch adoptive parents of the Belgian baby, Donna, were conditionally sentenced to 8 months in prison by the court of Appeal in Gent. The sentence remained the same as that of the court.

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Dec 5 '13 04:33

The Public Prosecution demanded thirty years imprisonment, Wednesday, before the court in Den Bosch against the suspect of the hotel murder in Tilburg.

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Dec 5 '13 04:32

The driver of the Sprinter that crashed into an Intercity, last year in April, near Westerpark, agreed to 120 hours of community service.

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Dec 5 '13 04:30

The police officer who is suspected of fatally shooting the 17-year-old Rishi last year in The Hague, is being threatened. The court in The Hague has taken security measures for the trial, scheduled on Monday. It will be the first time for the officer to appear before the court in the case.

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Dec 4 '13 16:36

Former Commissioner of the Queen of North Holland, Harry Borghouts, repeatedly warned former deputy Ton Hooijmaijers in the past to steer clear of the real estate sector, according to his statement Wednesday morning on a local radio station.

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Dec 3 '13 16:35

Richard O., the 40 -year-old ex-husband of child abuser Robert M., will almost certainly be released next week. He served two-thirds of his sentence without probation.Van O. was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for sexual abuse of a 15 - year-old boy and providing the opportunity to Robert M. ( 30 ) to abuse a very young child in their own home, confirmed his lawyer, Erik van Kregten, to newspapers of HDC Media.

Wikimedia commons

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Dec 3 '13 16:12

Former VVD deputy Ton Hooijmaijers was sentenced to three years' imprisonment. The 52-year-old former deputy of the province of North Holland was on trial for corruption, money laundering, and forgery.

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Dec 3 '13 14:54

The council for the judiciary has criticized the government’s immediate jail proposal for people convicted of crimes and sentenced to at least a year.

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Dec 3 '13 11:57

Marechaussees detained an American man at Schiphol Monday night, after he went berserk on board an aircraft and forced the captain to land in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam Courthouse and statue
Dec 3 '13 04:36

Whistleblower Ad Bos is finally freed from prosecution, after twelve years. The Amsterdam court put an end to the case against the 65-year-old Bos on Monday, by declaring the public prosecution inadmissible.

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Dec 3 '13 04:33

State Secetary Sharon Dijksma (Economic Affairs), labeled the practice of plucking Angora rabbits without anesthesia, recently seen on TV, unacceptable practices.

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Dec 3 '13 04:31

The Romanian public prosecution will appeal the verdict against two suspects in the case of the robbery of the Kunsthal in Rotterdam last year.

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Dec 2 '13 19:51

Heinrich Boere, a Dutch war criminal and former Nazi Waffen SS member, has died in a German jail.

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Dec 2 '13 18:26

A 9-year-old girl has helped Amsterdam police in arresting three burglars, the AD reports quoting Reuters news agency.

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Dec 2 '13 15:42

A gang of criminals has robbed Rabobank clients for hundreds of thousand, since July, by scamming them out of internet banking codes, announced the police Monday.

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Dec 2 '13 15:13

Three Australians, suspected of mistreating the Dutchman, Henk van Oosterom, attacked him jointly and are therefore legally equally responsible for his death, argued prosecutor Brian Nitschke Monday before the court in Adelaide, reported Australian media. The three pleaded not guilty during preliminary hearings.

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Dec 2 '13 14:42

An Amsterdam pub boss last week became victims of senseless violence . When he parked his bike on the main road two guys beat him mercilessly . It reports the program today ..

The wife of bar owner Jasper Bax tells her unsuspecting husband put down the bike. The two boys said nothing and struck the man full in the face . "My husband now has a broken nose , broken teeth and a concussion ," says the woman. " For him, this is very dangerous , because he has a blood clotting disorder ."

For the blow was no reason , there was found no place altercation , "continues the woman. A robbery can be no question , because Bax had after the blow still just his wallet in the pocket .

It is suspected that the blow comes from the knockout game . A popular 'game ' in America where passers-by to be beaten . Unconscious in one blow Jasper Bax was able to do with the police .. declaration itself

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Dec 2 '13 13:44

Police found 2300 cannabis plants, in full bloom, in four compartments, constructed of wood and plastic sheeting.

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Nov 30 '13 04:30

A bus driver for Connexxion was beaten unconscious Friday during a robbery, which took place at the bus station Spaarnwoude in Haarlem, announced the police.

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Nov 29 '13 16:40

Armed robbers fired a gun inside a store on Amsterdam's Osdorpplein after they tried to smash a jewelry case. Nobody was injured during the robbery.

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Nov 29 '13 16:26

A man held on Wednesday with 66 kilograms of amphetamine was lead in front of a Judge of Instruction on Friday. Marechaussee officers had arrested him while combing the area around the Belgian border for a suspicious car.

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Nov 29 '13 11:01

Investigators at Schiphol arrested seven people attempting to transport nearly 30 kilos of cocaine in their hand luggage. The drugs were seized by the Royal Marechaussee, a branch of the Dutch armed forces that handles security at the airport.