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Nov 26 '13 13:44

A survey reveals that one in three police officers face work-related violence when they are off duty, BNR reports.

Ajax Celtics disturbances in Amsterdam
Nov 26 '13 09:00

Amsterdam police will have to answer for 25 claims that they were too heavy handed against supporters from Glasgow football club Celtic.The club has hired Amsterdam lawyer Jeroen Soeteman, who has since said that an admission by authorities that "something went wrong" is the top priority.

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Nov 26 '13 04:36

A 25-year-old woman from Diemen is sentenced to nine months in prison for scamming Marktplaats visitors. The fraudster offered tickets for sale, for shows like Soldaat van Oranje, Bruno Mars, and Lowlands. She collected the money, but never provided the tickets.

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Nov 26 '13 04:35

The mayor of Amersfoort closed down a coffee shop, effective immediately, after a shootout. It was the second shootout at the coffee shop in a short time span.

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Nov 26 '13 03:40

The Belgian authorities have issued a 'missing person alert'. 4-year-old toddler Caroline Lennertz from Eupen may be in The Netherlands with her ​​father, Roger.

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Nov 25 '13 16:24

The risk of sexual abuse decreases when parents teach their children to say no or to cry at inappropriate intimate contact. Potential child abusers more easily interpret responses that are not clearly dismissive, as consent, according to research in which psychologist Inge Hempel will get her PhD Wednesday at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.

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Nov 23 '13 15:39

The number of burglaries in Amsterdam increased exponentially this year, and may reach eight thousand in 2013, which is an increase of fifteen percent, compared to last year.

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Nov 23 '13 14:46

The national police prevented the assassination of crime reporter, John van den Heuvel, reported de Telegraaf.

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Nov 23 '13 13:42

The military police arrested two children Friday, during a surveillance on the A67 at Venlo, who had a large amount of jewelry and gold with them, hidden in clothing and bread.

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Nov 22 '13 17:59

Amsterdam will be keeping a close watch on its entertainment sector next week Tuesday, when the city hosts the Champions League football match between Ajax and Barcelona. Two separate letters went to businesses on Friday –one on behalf of Mayor Eberhard van der Laan and one from the police officers in charge of the Wallen Area-, asking them to be watchful as well.

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Nov 22 '13 17:40

A 49-year-old Emmen resident was freed by police Thursday, from a company warehouse in Urk. The fish trader was taken hostage by three men from Urk after a business conflict, reported the police.

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Nov 22 '13 12:37

A court in Amsterdam has sent five Celtic supporters to up to two months in prison on for open violence against the police prior to the Champions League match between Ajax and Celtic on November 6 in Amsterdam, Xinhua reports.

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Nov 22 '13 04:38

The Angolan ambassador invited Powned president, Dominique Weesie, to discuss the assault on a reporter from the broadcaster.

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Nov 21 '13 04:33

An elderly couple was robbed in their home Wednesday morning on the Cornelis Outshoorn street by a fake police officer and his accomplice.

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Nov 21 '13 04:31

PowNews-reporter Danny Ghosen was assaulted Wednesday afternoon, by the ambassador of Angola and three of his colleagues, announced PowNed director, Dominique Weessie

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Nov 20 '13 12:43

New Zealand students are shocked by a Facebook movie with a rape threat, sent by an unknown man

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Nov 20 '13 04:35

A 41-year old Dutchman was shot and killed in Poland on Sunday, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The man was shot by the ex of his partner, reported Polish media

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Nov 19 '13 14:59

So who’s the dumb ass now? Some might say it’s the lawyer who on Tuesday was ordered by a court in Breda to pay €75 in damages to a policeman he had called “sukkel!”, the Dutch word for dumbass!

The policeman had taken the stand in 2009 during the hearings of a drug case that got thrown out because (other) policemen had botched a crucial statement by a suspect. The cop faced four lawyers and appeared to be having difficulty responding to their barrage of questions.

Suriname Embassy in The Hague
Nov 19 '13 13:14

Police ordered an immediate evacuation of the Embassy of Suriname in The Hague on Monday, following a phone call that there was a bomb in the building.

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Nov 19 '13 04:45

An increase in the number of home prostitutes in Amsterdam concerns the CDA and SP deeply. The two parties asked Mayor Van der Laan to explain how he plans to address the problem, reports Metro

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Nov 19 '13 04:36

A liquidation attempt, a shooting incident and a murdered man in a burned down house will be covered in "Opsporing Verzocht" Monday. All three cases take place in Amsterdam

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Nov 19 '13 04:35

Seven Hungarian suspects of human trafficking heard a prison sentence of up to nine years. The men, aged between 24 and 36 years, exploited prostitutes, according to the Public Prosecutor in The Hague

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Nov 18 '13 04:50

Many more cars were destroyed in Heemstede in the night from Friday to Saturday than was initially known to the police

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Nov 18 '13 04:45

An argument over a mobile phone escalated into a big brawl Saturday night between clubbers and the police at the Hoogezoom in Renesse