Dutch police cap
Jan 15 '14 04:33

Some 200 police officers and detectives carried out an organized offensive, early Tuesday morning in The Hague, arresting 11 criminal youth, the core of a gang of 70. 'Crime paid for these youth,' said criminologist Henk Ferwerda from the University of Groningen to NOS.

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Jan 14 '14 18:29

Along with everybody else Katja, the girlfriend of William R., suspected of killing his ex-wife, Claudia Oskam, can not comprehend what transpired over the weekend in Zevenbergen.

interest rates
Jan 14 '14 15:12

Three former traders of Dutch bank Rabobank are facing charges in the United States for their supposed role in the Libor interest rate-rigging scandal.

Jan 14 '14 14:39

Mouad Ben S. the suspect police in Amsterdam arrested last week on a tip from the community, is also suspected of being charged with attempted manslaughter. Mouad (27), a notorious robber who is also held responsible for sexual offenses, was held on Thursday night January 9, after his picture was aired by police in the TV program Opsporing Gezocht (Wanted); police released his unconcealed picture in hopes that this would help speed up his arrest and prevent him from committing more crimes. Mouad, they said, had committed several crimes in Amsterdam in early December.

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Jan 14 '14 14:23

The Hague police arrested eleven members of a youth gang early Tuesday morning in a large-scale operation, according to police reports.

Jan 14 '14 13:47

The court in Maastricht received a "powder" letter Tuesday morning, announced the court on her website. The central hall downstairs was closed down for a short while, as a precaution.

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Jan 14 '14 13:06

Four Groningen locals were arrested Monday evening for threatening two passengers and a ticket collector.

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Jan 14 '14 12:59

Four guys, on trial for setting another on fire in The Hague last year heard demands for up to five years in jail today.

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Jan 14 '14 04:35

About 24,000 pounds of French horse meat from 200 slaughter horses that did not pass the health inspection, was sold on the Dutch market, reported State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Economic Affairs to Parliament on Monday.

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Jan 14 '14 04:33

A group of Zevenbergen locals is organizing a silent procession for Claudia Oskam, who was murdered by her ex husband. The town supports the initiative. Date and time, as well as the route the procession will take have yet to be released.

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Jan 13 '14 19:39

Volunteers steal millions of euros from the organizations they work for every year, according to researcher Maarten den Ouden in the "Reformatorisch Dagblad."

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Jan 13 '14 17:20

Police in The Hague manhandled 17-year-old diabetes patient Yosra Aajir because she was caught injecting insulin in a HEMA.

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Jan 13 '14 15:09

Police are still looking for clues to solving the murder of psych clinic manager, Rob Zweekhorst, on new year's day in Amsterdam. Divers have searched two trenches in Berkel en Rodenrijs for items that may be connected to the murder.

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Jan 13 '14 13:39

Convicts of criminal acts will be required to contribute in the cost of their investigation, prosecution, sentencing and jailtime.

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Jan 13 '14 12:45

Judging by the 8,500 kilograms of coke they confiscated in the first ten months of 2013, authorities in Rotterdam have probably set a new record for the city.

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Jan 13 '14 11:41

A man who kicked a police officer in the head on old year’s day in Amsterdam was sentenced to six months in prison on Friday. Another man who bit two officers received two months conditionally.

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Jan 13 '14 04:35

A 23-year-old man was shot by the police on the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam Saturday night, when he took off in his car, after a breathalyzer showed he was intoxicated.

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Jan 13 '14 04:33

A 16-year-old boy was run over by police Sunday morning in the Noorderpark in Utrecht, when he tried to escape.

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Jan 13 '14 04:32

The ex-husband of Claudia Oskam from Zevenbergen, who has been missing since Friday, was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of involvement in her disappearance, reported the police.

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Jan 11 '14 04:32

Michel S., a 40-year-old Amsterdam local, is suspected of sexually abusing about 400 children, using a webcam. The police received five reports so far, the first dating from 2012, according to a spokesperson for the prosecution to NRC.

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Jan 10 '14 15:37

The Royal Marechaussee arrested two Bolivian nationals on Thursday at Schiphol who were trying to take more than €105,000 out of the country.

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Jan 10 '14 15:00

It took him a trip to the Middle East, but in the end Mark Stroop from car rental agency Silverline in Ijsselstein retrieved his cars that thieves had taken to northern Iraq; and they even bought him lunch and compensated him for his troubles.

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Jan 10 '14 11:32

The Public Prosecution East Netherlands demanded prison sentences against three members of a criminal youth gang from Culemborg, Thursday, before the Amsterdam court.

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Jan 10 '14 11:31

Police arrested three burglars Wednesday night in Utrecht. One officer had to go to a hospital for treatment after he was bitten by one of the suspects.