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Jan 31 '14 04:37

Eindhoven police are investigating a drive-by shooting that occurred Thursday morning around 07:50 at the Arnaudiplein. Police are looking for possible witnesses.

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Jan 31 '14 04:35

The Royal Military Police from the Police and Security Brigade, arrested a 55-year-old woman and her 27-year-old daughter on Schiphol, Wednesday afternoon, on suspicion of money laundering.

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Jan 30 '14 19:50

The InHolland University in Rotterdam is under lockdown. Police received a report around 18:00 of an armed person on the sixth floor of the location Posthumuslaan.

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Jan 30 '14 18:00

Diabetes patient Yosra Aajir who was arrested on January 13 as she injected insulin in a fitting room of a HEMA in The Hague, has been arrested a second time; this time at an H&M branch in the city.

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Jan 30 '14 12:45

A cat narrowly survived being shot with a pellet gun in Nijkerkerveen on Monday.

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Jan 30 '14 04:33

Two street robbers on a scooter were arrested by military police after a chase in the night of January 29, around 02:00 am, on the Van Ostade street near the Amsteldijk.

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Jan 30 '14 04:31

Kenneth Renaldo Richards (58), owner of night café Casanova in the Lootsstraat in Oud-West Amsterdam, was found dead, Saturday afternoon, in his apartment on the Jeltje de Bosch Kemperpad, not far from this café. Police suspect a crime.

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Jan 29 '14 16:29

Inspection of football fields of two football clubs in Nieuw-Weerdinge in Drenthe, just prior to a match, turned up half-buried broken beer bottles, sticking out of the grass just barely. Nobody got hurt.

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Jan 29 '14 15:22

Aijman El B., a 16-year-old former student of Ibn Ghaldoun, heard a sentence of 1 month probationary youth detention and 60 hours community service against him, Wednesday, for using and distributing stolen exams.

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Jan 29 '14 13:11

A 46-year old man was held by police yesterday in Koningsbosch. The man is being held on charges of car- and cargo theft as well as laundering, and handling stolen goods.

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Jan 29 '14 11:26

A bundle of stolen exams from the Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam is reported to be worth €200, according to case suspect Annas B.

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Jan 29 '14 08:44

Police in The Hague have received neighborhood complaints about excessive violence, intimidation and discriminatory behavior.

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Jan 29 '14 07:36

Students at the ROC college in Amsterdam stole exams and then offered them for sale via sms and WhatsApp.

Volkert van der G.
Jan 29 '14 04:32

The Public Prosecution is going to evaluate the psychological condition of Volkert van der G., who assassinated politician Pim Fortuyn on May 6, 2002 in Hilversum. Van der G. will have served two-thirds of his sentence by May and qualifies for early release.

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Jan 28 '14 13:19

Upon hearing the news that a suspect in Nicole van den Hurk's murder was arrested nearly 20 years after the crime, her stepbrother was cautious to show any happiness about the arrest, or even optimism that police caught the right guy.

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Jan 28 '14 12:40

The Netherlands has revoked the passports of eight people who had intents to travel to Syria to join the rebellion against President Assad.

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Jan 28 '14 11:55

It must have been quite a party that the man from Enschede was brewing, when he was arrested Friday night with 200 stunguns, 6,000 Viagra pills, narcotics, fake brand-name merchandise and  €5,000 in cash.

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Jan 28 '14 11:21

A police investigation is underway after three people were beaten up in the center of town in Rosmalen, central Netherlands, last weekend.

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Jan 28 '14 04:34

Police are looking for 50-year-old Henk Vierwind, who has been missing since December 6. Apeldoorn police searched his home and property on the Mildert in Nederweert for clues on Monday. Witnesses are requested to come forward.

Badr Hari
Jan 28 '14 04:33

On the last day of Badr Hari's trial he made his closing statement, promising the court he would never be back. Hari stands trial for 9 violations, including a series of assaults in the Amsterdam nightlife scene, businessman Koen Everinks assault in the ArenA being the worst.

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Jan 27 '14 22:18

A 74-year-old woman from The Hague was assaulted on the Lisztstraat in The Hague on Saturday January 25, when she was walking her dogs. Police arrested a 35-year-old suspect on the Louis Armstrongkade in The Hague the next day.

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Jan 27 '14 13:22

The case starts on Monday in the District Court of Rotterdam against 11 youngsters accused of exam fraud last year at the Ibn Ghaldoun school.

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Jan 27 '14 12:38

An aircraft traveling from Scandinavia to Great Britain was diverted to Schiphol Sunday afternoon, after a passenger became too much to handle up in the air.

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Jan 27 '14 10:34

Expats with diplomatic status have, since 2010, committed 85 indictable offenses in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuZa) confirmed a report about this from RTL Nieuws.