Nov 19 '13 04:35

Seven Hungarian suspects of human trafficking heard a prison sentence of up to nine years. The men, aged between 24 and 36 years, exploited prostitutes, according to the Public Prosecutor in The Hague

Nov 18 '13 04:50

Many more cars were destroyed in Heemstede in the night from Friday to Saturday than was initially known to the police

Nov 18 '13 04:45

An argument over a mobile phone escalated into a big brawl Saturday night between clubbers and the police at the Hoogezoom in Renesse

Nov 18 '13 04:33

An 11-year-old girl from Ermelo was assaulted by an unknown man with a baseball bat, Friday November 15, just before 12:30 on the Groeneweg

Nov 18 '13 04:32

Three people were injured in Rotterdam Sunday morning when the car they were driving crashed into a lamppost during a police pursuit, reported RTV Rijnmond

Nov 18 '13 04:31

A drunk driver his car into a yard Saturday night in Ulft, Gelderland. When the occupant (37) came out to seek redress, the motorist bit and beat the man, according to the police on Sunday

Nov 17 '13 04:40

A 14-year-old drove more than 1300 kilometers in a stolen car. He drove from Beieren to the Netherlands and was pulled over on the way back. The driver stood out because he was speeding and he had a fake license plate

Nov 16 '13 04:47

Firefighters found a corpse after a raging fire burned down a house on the Elizabeth Boddaerstraat in Amsterdam West on Saturday November 9th around 5:00

Nov 16 '13 04:46

In The Hague possibly dozens of applications for allowances were filed for people who were not entitled to them

Nov 16 '13 04:45

Haaglanden Police pay for the costs of the funeral of the 17-year-old Rishi Chandrikasing, who was shot a year ago at Hollands Spoor station by an officer in plain clothes.

Nov 15 '13 14:54

The father who killed his 3-year-old daughter last week in Reuver, committed suicide an hour and a half later, determined the forensic doctor, based on the difference in body temperature

no image
Nov 15 '13 05:00

Police have released images of a woman who is suspected of a very serious abuse in Amsterdam. The woman stabbed another visitor of the café in her face with a glass.

Nov 15 '13 04:44

Till the end of this year visitors to the Red Light District are informed about the abuses in the Red Light District and other red light districts. The CDA wants the trafficking in women and prostitution to be denounced, reports Metro

Nov 15 '13 04:40

Police arrested four men from Geldrop , Terneuzen , Best and Turnhout for the large-scale laundering of profits from illegal online gambling, announced the National Prosecution Thursday

Nov 15 '13 04:31

The Royal House is investigating whether there is looted art in the art collection of the royal family. An expert will study the origin of the collection, belonging to the Royal Collections since 1933

Nov 14 '13 15:39

Thanks to the popular German investigative show "Aktenzeichen XY Ungelöst," police received twenty tips about the murdered 'Heul' girl . Among them are also five possible names of the murdered girl, who was found in 1976 in The Netherlands

500 euro notes
Nov 14 '13 14:40

“It kept coming out of them …” a spokesperson for the Marechaussee said Thursday in a report about two women from Ecuador who had been held at Schiphol Airport with an impressive sum of money heaped within and upon their bodies.

Nov 14 '13 13:11

AMSTERDAM—An Amsterdam based minter, arrested by police last week, was apparently living the high life while ducking from creditors, and reneging on promises he was making to clients. “Patrick O.

Nov 14 '13 04:35

A 29 - year-old The Hague resident was arrested for systematic exam fraud . He transmitted the correct answers of a safety exam for contractors to participants, using transmitting equipment

Nov 14 '13 04:30

Police received twenty tips after the broadcast of "Opsporing Verzocht" on the Heul Girl, who was murdered in 1976. A spokesperson calls it an excellent result

Nov 13 '13 05:05

The police assumes the Heul Girl was possibly kidnapped and held captive for some time. They came to this conclusion because the girls went hungry for a long time before she died

Nov 13 '13 05:03

A group of about 25 people stormed the office of housing association Woonwenz in Venlo on Tuesday afternoon

Nov 12 '13 14:04

For a group of children from Nieuw Vennep St. Maarten turned into a nightmare last night. The children were robbed of their honestly earned candy by four youth. One of the robbers wore a mask

Nov 12 '13 13:05

The police launched a campaign against illegal fireworks online orders, RTL reports.