Feb 21 '14 15:17

Spy Shop lawyer, Sander Jansen, is enraged about statements chief commissioner Aalbersberg made Thursday, in the program "Het Verhoor" on AT5, concerning the raid on Spy shop, One2spy in Amsterdam, Tuesday. Owner Farah el O. and twelve other suspects were arrested. Jansen was not allowed to discuss the case with anyone, but after "Het Verhoor" aired, the restrictions were immediately lifted.

Dutch Passport
Feb 21 '14 11:49

Ten Dutch youths have been denied passports because the intelligence- and security-services suspect them of possible terrorist intents.

Feb 21 '14 11:26

A 78-year-old woman from The Hague is likely facing criminal and financial charges for dropkicking a 38-year-old auxiliary policeman who fined her for not cleaning up after her dog.

Feb 21 '14 08:51

Kickboxing champion Badr Hari will hear today if he will be able to continue his fighting career.

Feb 21 '14 07:57

In October last year, mustard gas was found in the cellar of a deceased physics teacher in Ede. It is now suspected that he made the chemical himself.

Feb 21 '14 07:24

A man in Rotterdam was shot in his leg as he left his house Thursday evening at around 7:15 p.m.

Feb 21 '14 07:13

A 30-year old man from Amsterdam was shot and killed in Zaandam at around 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

Richard Reid Shoe Bomb
Feb 21 '14 06:55

Schiphol is one of the airports that has received warnings about 'shoe bombs' to flights heading for America.

Feb 21 '14 04:36

53-year-old Geert B, suspected of manslaughter of 8-year-old Semiha Metin, among other crimes, heard a sentence of 18 years imprisonment and detention with coercive psychiatric treatment against him, Thursday, in the court of Leeuwarden.

Feb 21 '14 04:32

Dutch were scammed out of a total of € 30 million over the past three years, reported the Fraud helpdesk, established in 2011, Thursday. The helpdesk received an impressive 70,000 reports of fraud or attempted fraud.

Feb 20 '14 17:34

A woman and her drug addict boyfriend are facing criminal charges for allegedly forcing the 12-year-old woman’s daughter to have sex with them.

Feb 20 '14 15:14

Police are searching for witnesses of a shooting incident in Zaandam this morning that has left one man from Amsterdam dead.

Feb 20 '14 10:29

Patrick S. has admitted to his involvement in the murder of Farida Zargar in 2010 at the court of justice in The Hague on Wednesday.

Mevlana Mosque Rotterdam
Feb 20 '14 09:38

The 19-year old student from Rotterdam involved in the exam theft at the Ibn Ghaldoun school, will be freed, the court of justice reveals.

Feb 20 '14 06:47

A 41-year old man has been found guilty of raping his underage step-daughter.

Feb 20 '14 06:30

Police in Hengelo apprehended five suspects involved in attempted armed robbery of a home on Tuesday.

Feb 20 '14 04:34

A 33-year-old man was arrested Wednesday, after police were tipped off about explosives in an apartment on the Diepenbrockstraat in Delft.

Feb 19 '14 15:28

Police have found no signs of a burglary at the home of deceased Minister of State, Els Borst, announced a police spokesperson Tuesday on Opsporing Verzocht. Another spokesperson, Bernhard Jens, confirmed this morning on Radio M Utrecht police are almost certain Borst's home was not burglarized.

Feb 19 '14 10:09

Citizens of the Netherlands have helped the police arrest 1,900 suspects because of the anonymous tips they have phoned in to the police, Elsevier reports.

Feb 19 '14 09:44

The police have apprehended a man in Beckum who is thought to be responsible for physically abusing the Meijerink couple in 1997.

Police sign
Feb 19 '14 08:26

An 11-year old boy was robbed of his phone on Monday in Haarlem.

KLM badge
Feb 19 '14 08:03

The Attorney-General in The Hague has, in an appeal, demanded a fine against journalists from the programme 'Undercover Nederland'.

Feb 19 '14 07:27

The Supreme Court has nullified the conviction of a man from Venray for the murder of his wife Kathleen Cremers.

Rechtbank Haarlem
Feb 19 '14 07:06

The Supreme Court yesterday sustained the verdict of businessman Jan Dirk Paarlberg.