Oct 25 '13 01:38

The Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) will disclose the report on the conduct of general practitioner Tromp from Tuitjenhorn to the public after all.

Oct 25 '13 00:58

A 38-year-old man was arrested in connection with the major fire in Leeuwarden this past Saturday, announced the Prosecution on a press conference in Leeuwarden Thursday afternoon.

Oct 25 '13 00:21

One of the hackers, suspected of plundering Dutch bank accounts, worked in the financial sector.

Oct 25 '13 00:04

A special committee will compensate people who fell victim to excessive force in the Roman Catholic Church as minors, announced the church on Thursday.

Oct 25 '13 00:03

Wednesday night police arrested a suspect in the burglary at the home of Russian embassy staff in The Hague. The man broke into the property last week.

Oct 25 '13 00:01

Four Dutch hackers were arrested for suspected looting of bank accounts and conducting hundreds of fraudulent transfers by installing malicious software, reported the Public Prosecutor (OM) Thursday.

Oct 24 '13 09:02

The court in Rotterdam has sentenced two men for planning to go to Syria to join the armed struggle.

Oct 24 '13 03:25

The lawsuit against Badr Hari will likely be resumed on January 22nd and 23rd . A spokesman for the prosecution announced Wednesday the prosecution is counting on the examination of the national investigation department to be ready by then.

Oct 23 '13 16:10

Amersfoort PvdA reported embezzlement to the police. Tens of thousands of euros disappeared from the party finances over a period of time. The full extent of the fraud is under investigation, according to chairman Hinloopen.

Oct 23 '13 11:14

Romanians who has admitted stealing the multimillion-dollar paintings from the Kunsthal Museum in Netherlands last year said the museum’s security was poor and robbery was too easy.

Oct 23 '13 02:03

Last week, the police received more than 400 tips about the disappearance of the British girl Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007, announced the television program Opsporing Verzocht.

Oct 22 '13 01:12

Police are investigating whether a man who was killed and buried in a forest near a psychiatric clinic in Halsteren, was murdered by another patient. A resident of the clinic on the estate Vrederust claims he killed the man.

Oct 22 '13 00:54

At the request of the Netherlands, the German police arrested two men from Arnhem who were planning to take part in the international jihad in Syria, reports news program Nieuwsuur.

Oct 22 '13 00:03

After hearing initial sentences of 4 years imprisonment, the Haarlem court sentences three members of an organization, specialized in phishing, to up to 32 months in prison on Monday.

Oct 21 '13 01:06

The Hague police officers saw a man from the Dominican Republic literally fall from the sky Saturday morning.

Oct 21 '13 00:02

Some agents were attacked by an angry mob of several dozen people in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Roermond.

Oct 19 '13 00:04

A temporary office of Greenpeace in Murmansk, in northern Russia, was burglarized Thursday night. A cage the organization wanted to use for a protest on Friday was stolen, reports Greenpeace.

Oct 19 '13 00:02

The burglary in a dwelling of Russian embassy staff is committed by a well-known repeat offender.

Oct 18 '13 02:30

Possibly another 23 graduating students have wrongly received their diploma last school year.

Oct 18 '13 01:30

A house, managed by the Russian Embassy in The Hague, was burglarized Thursday night.

Oct 18 '13 00:01

In the Venlo district Blerick police shot a 22-year-old Polish man who threatened them with a knife.

Oct 17 '13 15:32

A 58-year-old man and his teenage daughter were shot and wounded in the Buitenveldert neighborhood of Amsterdam Zuid, according to Amsterdam police

Oct 17 '13 01:03

A video of a beheading, posted on Facebook, is causing commotion. The video shows in close up how a man's throat is cut, while his hands are tied on his back. He then falls into a pit, head first, and profusely bleeding. A Facebook spokesperson in The Netherlands could not comment on this specific post.

Oct 17 '13 00:01

The surveillance cameras at the apartment of the abused diplomat Onno Elderenbosch in Moscow Tuesday night were off, reports the building's janitor to NOS correspondent David-Jan Godfroid.