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Feb 28 '14 17:21

A man who is suspected of butchering two lawyers in Germany today was arrested just over the border in the Netherlands.

Feb 28 '14 16:39

For thieves, getting caught by police is probably one of those dangers that comes with the job. But surely it doesn’t happen that often they call police on themselves.

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Feb 28 '14 14:21

The man who rejected an applicant last year because he was Black, will be prosecuted.

Feb 28 '14 10:52

The Board for Human Rights has determined that the Amsterdam club Escape discriminates at the door.

Police Van
Feb 28 '14 07:05

The border police apprehended a man on Thursday who has an approximate outstanding fine of €320,000. The arrest was made in cooperation with the Royal Military Police.

Timothy Broas
Feb 28 '14 06:52

A scooter and a car collided in Boven-Leeuwden in Gelderland on Thursday evening. A 16-year old girl from Druten was killed.

Feb 28 '14 04:36

Safae K., convicted of exam fraud at the Islāmic school, Ibn Ghaldoun, is not planning on paying the €86,000 the Ministry of Education is presenting her and two other partners-in-crime with, according to her lawyer, Guy Weski, Thursday.

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Feb 27 '14 12:21

Police are investigating whether criminal duo Antonius Marcos van der Ploeg and Enise Merve Bircan were involved in the death of former Minister Els Borst.

The Dutch Bonnie & Clyde (Source: Twitter/@HartvNL)
Feb 27 '14 10:23

An adopted young man from Friesland, and his truant girlfriend from Enschede have wreaked havoc in the Netherlands. Antonio Marcos van der Ploeg (26) and Enise Merve Bircan (19) have been caught in Germany, but that doesn't erase what they have done to their families.

Feb 27 '14 09:28

The police in Bilthoven are doing "additional investigation" at the home of ex-minister Els Borst.

Feb 27 '14 06:59

The court of justice in Zwolle will make a ruling on Thursday in the process against ex-director of the event management company of Marco Borsato.

Feb 27 '14 06:40

A special police unit apprehended a man from The Hague who still had to serve a sentence of 197 days in jail, and pay a fine of nearly €17,000.

Feb 27 '14 04:35

Two Polish men, a father and son, were robbed Tuesday morning, by a man posing as a police officer. The robbery took place on the Landscheiding in Vuren.

Feb 27 '14 04:34

The prisoner who was reported missing early Monday morning in the Vught penitentiary, fabricated weapons during his attempted escape. He was arrested several hours later with the help of assault teams and sniffer dogs.

Feb 27 '14 04:31

The Royal Military Police (RMP) of the border patrol apprehended a 51-year-old Dutch man Tuesday on Schiphol, when he tried to leave the country for North Africa. Upon checking his passport the RMP discovered he was wanted for acquiring unlawful benefits adding up to more than €279,000. The suspect may be detained up to 540 days if he can't or won't pay his dues.

Feb 26 '14 17:04

The fugitive Dutch couple, Antonio Marcos van der Ploeg and Enise Merve Bircan were arrested by German police Wednesday afternoon, in a hotel in Schwerte, near Dortmund, after police were tipped off about their location, announced a police spokesperson.

Feb 26 '14 11:16

In the northern provinces of the Netherlands, 675 marijuana farms have been seized in 2013.

Feb 26 '14 09:45

A woman was shot on Tuesday night during a break-in at a home on the Zijdewindstraat in the city center of Rotterdam.

Feb 26 '14 08:18

A 25-year old man from the Dominican Republic has admitted to murdering a Dutch woman last year in the Caribbean country, the Dominican police report Tuesday.

Feb 26 '14 07:28

Police officers are allowed to pose as minors on the internet to locate people who are looking for contact with children in order to sexually abuse them, the Telegraaf reports.

The Dutch Bonnie & Clyde (Source: Twitter/@HartvNL)
Feb 26 '14 06:52

Family members of the fugitive criminal twosome Antonio Marcos van der Ploeg (26) and Enise Merve Bircan (19) are urging them to turn themselves in "before more accidents happen."

Feb 26 '14 04:38

A prisoner, who was reported missing early Monday morning, was found in a shed on the premises of the prison in Vught. The prisoner was immediately transferred to the High Security Facility, also in Vught.

Feb 26 '14 04:37

Ahmed Al-J, on trial for causing a fire in his cell in the Schiphol East alien detention center in October 2005, will be compensated by the Public Prosecution for his wrongful custody, ruled the court in The Hague, Tuesday morning. The fire cost 11 lives; Al-J himself was one of the severely wounded.

Feb 26 '14 04:35

A 40-year-old Groningen gym owner was arrested Tuesday morning for suspicion of staging a robbery in May 2013. The suspect shot himself with a handgun and set fire to his gym.