Dec 8 '14 17:52

Two men were in police custody on Sunday suspected of assaulting a pair of NS train workers protecting a female passenger. The men, aged 20 and 30, are accused of first harassing a woman at the Rijssen station and on the train to Almelo, then attacking the train conductor that assisted the women once in Almelo, Overijssel.

Geert Wilders
Dec 8 '14 16:35

PVV leader Geert Wilders told the national Police today that he meant every word of the "fewer Moroccans" statements he made during an election day rally on March 19. The controversial politician also cited American activist Martin Luther King jr. in Wilders' own fight against what Wilders calls the "Moroccan problem."

Dec 8 '14 12:55

The company Uber has to stop the taxi service UberPOP. The Board of Appeals for businesses has determined that drivers transporting people in their own car for a fee with UberPOP, do so illegally if they do not have a taxi license.

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Dec 8 '14 12:00

The widow of the murdered mental health director Rob Zweekhorst made an appeal to the public to share any information that could lead to solving the murder on television on Saturday night.

Dec 8 '14 10:23

Lawyer Bob van der Groen, who represents 20 relatives of an unknown number of flight MH17 victims, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte criticizing the fact that there is still unclaimed items on the disaster site in the Ukraine.

Dec 8 '14 09:40

The European organization for the safety of air navigation Eurocontrol urged the Ukrainian authorities to close the airspace for passenger flights a few days before the disaster with flight MH17.

Dec 8 '14 09:04

Family members of Dirk Klaas M. have no idea why he extorted John and Linda de Mol. "For us it is a mystery."

Dec 8 '14 08:18

The man who was found dead in the water in Gouda on Saturday has been identified as the 43 year old Ewoud Siegers from Gouderak, a town near Gouda. The police suspects a crime.

Mayor Eberhard van der Laan (Source: Wikimedia/Mirande Phernambucq)
Dec 5 '14 19:30

Mayor Eberhard van der Laan is furious about the decision to shut down the Juvenile penitentiary, Amsterbaken in 2016, and has repeatedly urged State Secretary Fred Teeven en MP Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) to reconsider their decision.

thom karremans
Dec 5 '14 18:11

The Arnhem court decided in a preliminary judgement on Friday that the Public Prosecution (OM) should provide insight into the investigation of a destroyed film roll associated with the Srebrenica massacre in 1995. The OM suspects that the film was intentionally destroyed by the military.

Dec 5 '14 18:03

Three more victims who perished in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 disaster flight were identified this week, one of whom was Dutch. At the request of the relevant embassies, the other two identified victim's nationalities are not being disclosed at this point.

Luigi C
Dec 5 '14 17:19

The man accused of secretly recording videos of hundreds of underage girls in locker rooms apologized for his actions in court Friday, but it was not enough for a judge to release him from detention. Luigi C. was arrested over the summer, accused of planting videocameras in field hockey locker rooms of clubs HGC in Wassenaar and HDM in the Hague.

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Dec 5 '14 14:38

Police are on the lookout for a burglar accused of breaking into a food bank and stealing gifts meant for children from low-income families. The incident happened overnight in Dodewaard, Gelderland at a facility run by the Kinderen van de Voedselbank, a charity that supports children with clothes, shoes, day trips to the zoo and presents on birthdays.

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Dec 5 '14 12:12

A 70 year old man from Zeist has confessed that he extorted and threatened John and Linda de Mol for more than a year. A police spokesperson confirmed that the man was arrested on Wednesday.

Dec 5 '14 08:46

Sinterklaasjournaal presenter Dieuwertje Blok received threats before the new season was broadcast. She said this on the program De Wereld Draait Door.

Policia Local
Dec 5 '14 08:27

Spanish brothers, Juan and Julio C. have confessed to the murder of Dutchman Martin Verfondern, six months after the victim's remains were discovered. Over fours years ago, Martin Verfondern, and his car, suddenly disappeared from the village Santo Alla do Monte in Spain.

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Dec 4 '14 21:19

Lau. G's ex-wife and son have been arrested for perjury, as the prosecutor believes that the mother and son have made contradictory statements. Lau G. is a notorious criminal and the main suspect in a double-homicide that occurred in Venray in 2006.

Yassine Hari
Dec 4 '14 19:13

Yassin Hari, younger brother of kick-boxer Badr Hari, is being tried for perjury and assault in the court of Amsterdam. The prosecution seeks a sentence of six months imprisonment for the 26-year old.

Dec 4 '14 17:33

As the city of Amsterdam continues its fight against street drug dealers passing off white heroin as cocaine, heroin testing kits are now being sold at over thirty smart shops in Amsterdam.

Dec 4 '14 14:32

A baby was found dead in Rekerhoutpark in Alkmaar on Wednesday night. The child in question was probably a newborn baby.

Dec 4 '14 11:36

On Monday the police arrested two people on suspicion of involvement in the kidnapping of a 17 year old girl in mid-November.

Dec 4 '14 11:00

According to military experts, the Ukrainian authorities should have closed the airspace over the eastern part of the country before flight MH17 crossed it.

Dec 4 '14 10:05

On Friday the police searched the home of Wesley and Yolanthe Sneijder in Vleuten in Utrecht.

Dec 4 '14 09:54

One of the largest international webcam-sex cases could have been solved much earlier if the Dutch police had done an more intensive investigation, television programme Zembla reported.